About Labradoodles


This dog breed originated in Australia and was specifically bred to be a guide dog that was hypoallergenic.

The concept all started in 1989 when the head of the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia brought up the idea to crossbreed a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle.

At the time Labrador Retrievers were considered the best at being trained to be a guide dog and Poodles were known for their hypoallergenic coat that barely sheds.

The combination would produce an intelligent, hypoallergenic dog with a heart of gold, which is known today as the Labradoodle.

This dog breed has become popular and in high demand as a family dog as well as a guide dog.

Due to the popularity, the International Australian Labradoodle Association and the Australian Labradoodle Association are taking measures to make the breed registered as a multigenerational breed that will also be recognized in the United States in years to come.


This adorable sociable dog is affectionate, friendly, intelligent, caring, playful, and has lots of energy.

This dog is friendly with family, children, friends, strangers, and dogs.

They are a pleasure to be around and exude joy and happiness in every environment they enter.

These fun-loving dogs are excellent family and companion dogs, as well as guide dogs.

Vital Statistics

Labradoodles belong to the Hybrid dog breed group.

An adult dog can measure 2 feet tall and weigh up to 65 pounds.

Their life expectancy is up to 14 years old. Since this dog breed is considered to be on the large side, they need plenty of room to grow and play.

A house with a yard or a large spacious apartment with access to the outdoors is suitable living environments for this sweet caring dog.

Weather Toleration

Labradoodles are capable of withstanding a variety of temperatures that range from cold to hot.

The toleration for extreme weather conditions makes them a suitable family pet for pet parents located throughout the United States and abroad.

Although this breed can tolerate harsh weather, it’s best to protect them from the elements by bringing them indoors during extreme weather days.


If you are looking for a dog that will bring a burst of energy, joy, and happiness into your life, this playful dog is the one for you.

Labradoodles are highly playful and have unique personalities that can help bring you cheer even on your worst days.

They are capable of boosting your mood and helping you forget your troubles, at least for a little while.

They love to play and require toys of all kinds.

As a pet parent, you will need to purchase toys such as stuffed animals, plastic toys, squeaky toys, rope toys and more.

This dog breed is also athletic so playing fetch and Frisbee is an excellent game that will keep him busy, occupied and entertained.

These dogs need mental stimulation so when left alone make sure you leave their toys with them in a designated safe area.

If you choose to keep this dog in a large dog crate while you go to work, always put some toys in the crate with your dog to keep him busy.

An excellent choice of toys to keep him entertained while you are away are the ones that are designed to put treats inside.

Your dog will spend hours attempting to reach the treat.


Overall, Labradoodles are generally healthy happy dogs.

Depending on their breeding and genealogy some Labradoodles can be prone to developing health issues.

Not every Labradoodle will experience health issues throughout their lifetime.

However, if they do, on a rare occasion they could develop ear infections, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, allergies, diabetes mellitus, progressive retinal atrophy, and hypothyroidism.

All of these health issues can be supervised and treated by a veterinarian.


Labradoodles are filled with happy energy that needs an outlet.

As a dog owner to this breed, you will need to take him out for a walk on a daily basis for about 30 minutes to one hour.

If you have a fenced yard, you can allow him to play outdoors for this amount of time.

Some dogs need more exercise than the daily minimum requirement of one hour.

Labradoodles also require off-leash exercise that allows them to run around as fast as they desire.

Daily walks on a leash are excellent sources of exercise, however, it limits the pace and doesn’t allow the dog to run and get out all of his energy.

For this reason, you want to provide both forms of exercise daily.

This dog breed is intelligent and becomes bored easily.

You will need to provide plenty of exercises otherwise the built up energy will cause your dog to become destructive to his environment.

This includes chewing on furniture, digging holes in the yard and other destructive behavior.


Labradoodles require a healthy diet that consists of high-quality dog food.

It’s wise to combine dry dog food with a small amount of wet dog food to create a well-balanced nutritional diet for your dog.

Plenty of fresh water needs to be available at all times.

Usually, Labradoodles eat twice a day but a veterinarian will determine the number of times and the amount of food per serving that is best suited for your dog’s health and growth.


Labradoodles are highly intelligent and enjoy pleasing their owner.

They react to positive reinforcement training methods that are consistent.

They react well to kindness and are an excellent choice for first-time pet parents since they don’t require an authority figure.

They will train easily with kind words and a treat as a reward for their good behavior.


This friendly dog breed makes lots of friends with everyone and everything.

Socializing a Labradoodle from puppyhood is recommended.

They are fearless and friendly which makes them walk up to any person or dog with a playful attitude and the expectation the recipient will be equally as playful and friendly.

Sometimes this overly friendly nature can catch him off guard when another dog isn’t as friendly or is actually aggressive towards him.

As a dog owner to this exceptional dog, you might need to carefully choose his doggie friends and avoid the dog park when more aggressive dogs are present.

This dog breed tries to make friends with everyone, so you need to be the wise one and know when you need to remove your adorable friendly dog from a negative situation or environment.


Labradoodles have tons of joyful energy and require exercise on a daily basis.

However, it doesn’t mean they should live outdoors on a permanent basis.

This dog breed requires exercise but also enjoys being close to their owner and family.

This means living indoors with their pet parents and receiving plenty of attention is best for him.

Setting up an area in the house that he can call his own that includes a comfortable dog bed and toys is recommended.

This sweet dog enjoys being by the side of their owner, so you might have to put a dog bed in your bedroom too otherwise he will jump in your bed with you.

Overall, this sweet-natured, kind, intelligent, hypoallergenic dog is a great companion and family dog that is generally easy to care for and raise.


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