About Poodle Puppies


About Poodle Puppies

If you’re on the lookout for the ideal dog breed to welcome into your home, then perhaps a Poodle Puppy will be right for you!

The Poodle is an incredible type of dog, ranging in size from the Toy Poodle (under 28 cm), the Miniature Poodle (28 – 38 cm) and the Standard Poodle (38 cm and up).

Famed for their intelligence, the Poodle ranks as the second most intelligent dog breed in the world, behind only the Border Collie when it comes to smarts!

But don’t be surprised by their regal and dignified curly coated appearance, if you’ve ever owned, or even met a Poodle, then you’ll likely know that he is one of the goofiest and playful pooches on this side of the Mississippi!


Hailing from Germany, the Poodle is more commonly considered to be a French dog breed, thanks in no small part to the fact that the French were the ones to develop the breed truly, taking it from humble beginnings as a hunting dog in Germany, to a fashionable and loved companion and family pet.

The Poodle, once a famed working dog is now more commonly seen taking up residence atop a couch in his owners home or playing in the dog park.

However, in recent decades, breeders have taken it upon themselves to reclassify this breed as a must have waterfowl dog, and they’re doing a terrific job thus far.

Poodles of Paris

There is a funny misconception that the Poodle is a snooty dog for the rich and fancy ladies of Paris, but while they do have an incredibly impressive hairdo – you can expect almost the exact opposite when you welcome your Poodle puppy home.

With a goofy, and fun loving character – the Poodle thrives in a family environment, and preferably one where he isn’t left alone for hours at a time, as he does have a tendency toward separation anxiety.

While considered a high energy breed, the Poodle favors quality time with his owner, and if given the choice of running free, or walking calmly alongside his favorite human – the latter will almost always be his top pick!

Puppy Hair

When your puppy is born, and all the way up to around his first birthday, his coat will not be the same tight curl as you’ll see on his parents.

The Poodle has such a unique single layer coat, and it’s this quality that makes him such an attractive dog choice for those suffering from dog hair and dander allergies.

However, during this puppy phase, his hair can quickly become matted if left to its own devices, therefore a daily brush through with a pin brush to ensure a tangle-free, and healthy coat.

Grooming experiences as a puppy will shape your pooches opinion of having his hair handles for the long term, so it’s imperative that this is an enjoyable and pain-free experience for him.

Some owners struggle with their especially active and exuberant pups coming in with several knots after playing in the yard, but don’t worry; the solution is quick and pain-free!

A spray in conditioner or detangling spray can work wonders and have the brush gliding through your puppies hair with no fuss.

But make sure to put a puppy specific product – as their skin is far more sensitive than human skin, or adult dog skin.


Breeding plays a big role in the character of any canine, and if you’re buying your Poodle, it’s important to ask the breeder for references from previous litters.

And, of course, meeting the parents on several occasions and in different situations should give you a good idea of how your puppy may turn out.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying a puppy that doesn’t have the right temperament to fit into your family, just because he has great breeding.

If you’re looking for a high energy hiking buddy, and this specific breeder is famed for producing affectionate couch potatoes, this isn’t going to be a good match for you or your future puppy.

Obedience Training

Nature plays a big role, but so does nurture, and if you want a puppy that is well mannered and obedient, it’s a good idea to sign him up to a puppy obedience class.

This will not only be great for teaching him obedience but goes a long way towards socializing him too!

Teaching your dog the rules that he’s going to be following is so much easier if you start as you mean to go on.

There’s no point in welcoming your puppy home, letting him do what he wants for the first year, and then all of a sudden introducing all of these rules, like no going in the kitchen, or jumping on the couch.

You’re just going to confuse your poor pup, and give yourself a ton of additional work compared to if you make the rules clear and consistent from the very first day that he arrives home!

Potty Training

Housebreaking your pup can start very very early on, in fact, he starts learning from his mother that as soon as he’s able to control his bladder and bowel movements – that he is to do his business away from where he sleeps and eats.

The trick with potty training is timing, as your puppy has a teeny tiny bladder, he is likely to have accidents if you leave him for longer than he can hold it.

But the great thing about Poodle puppies is that they’re pretty easy to time!

So around fifteen minutes after your ten-week old puppy has eaten – he’ll likely need to go outside and go potty!

Adopt or Shop

If you’ve decided that a Poodle puppy is a perfect addition to your family, the next decision that you need to make; is whether to shop for or adopt your puppy!

There are arguments for both, the most common of which are:


  • You know the medical history of the parents
  • You’ll have a rough idea of their future temperament


  • You’re giving a deserving puppy a home
  • You’ll save a lot of money that would have been spent on buying your pup


Poodles are pretty active little scamps, and your growing puppy needs to have a reasonable level of activity to grow up into a healthy adult Poodle.

Two walks per day and at least two play sessions in between should be the perfect amount to keep your puppy mentally and physically stimulated!

Final Thoughts

Not only are Poodle puppies incredibly cute, but they’re easy to train and highly affectionate.

Some call the Poodle the perfect dog breed, with intelligence, looks, and a fun-loving attitude – you’d be lucky to bring one home.

But, it’s important to take this decision seriously.

When you bring a Poodle puppy home, you’re bringing them home for life.

And with a lifespan of up to eighteen years – and potential health problems that can occur along the way, you have to be fully prepared to make that commitment before you scoop up your cute ball of fluff and bring them home!


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