Top 12 Best Automatic Dog Feeders


Do you sometimes work late at the office?

Do you want to stop vermin getting at your dog’s chow?

Are you away overnight and your dog needs a meal of wet food?

There are many reasons why an automatic dog feeder could be the answer to your dog’s feeding schedule glitches.

The good news is that there are a surprising variety of models across a wide price range which means there is a best automatic dog feeder to meet your requirements out there.

From inexpensive basic devices to iPhone compatible remote-activated feeders let’s take a look at what’s available so that you can choose the best auto dog feeder to satisfy your chow hound’s needs.

1. PetSafe 2-Meal Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

PetSafe 2-Meal Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

Let’s say you have a late meeting or you’ve gone into town for the day.

The dog needs to be fed while you are out but you don’t want the expense of hiring a pet sitter.

When it’s a case of covering a gap in the feeding schedule then you don’t need anything more complex than a basic “Does what it says on the label” automatic dog feeder.

This inexpensive device has the capacity to cover two meals over a 48 hour period.

There’s nothing complex about the Petsafe auto feeder which has two feeding stations, covered with a flap that opens according to a pre-set timer.

Unlike more complex feeders, the pans mean it’s suitable for wet and dry food.

If you wish to feed two meals of wet food at different times, it’s a good idea to freeze the second meal so it defrosts over the course of the day and is fresh when the lid pops open at chow-time.

The strengths of the Petsafe auto feeder are its simplicity and value.

The drawbacks are its relatively small capacity and it’s not 100% tamperproof if you have a determined dog.

However, for the smaller dog that isn’t driven bonkers by the food he can’t get to, then this could be the best dog feeder for your needs.


2. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

PetSafe Healthy Pet Dispenser

Also from Petsafe but at the other end of the scale is the Healthy Dog Automatic feeder.

This device is unusual for a large capacity feeder in that it can deliver semi-moist food, not just dry.

This product is sturdy enough to resist even the most determined Labrador and has a storage large capacity.

Its strong point is that it is programmable to dispense up to 12 meals as well as different portion sizes.

Indeed, for meals larger than 1/8 cup the food is released over 15 minutes which helps slow up greedy eaters, reducing the risk of serious complications such as bloat.

Like any mechanical device the Petsafe Healthy Pet isn’t totally without problems.

The main source of dissatisfaction is the programming isn’t intuitive and the conveyor jams occasionally.

It certainly seems wise to do a test run with the machine before relying on it to feed your pets, but this is a good idea for any device.


3. Automatic Feeder

Automatic Feeder

Sticking with high-end product our next device with awesome dog automatic feeder reviews is from Pyrus.

A relatively new product it has the enviable reputation of having totally positive feedback to date.

With a large 5.5-liter storage capacity (dry food only) the Pyrus has neat features such as the ability to record a 10-second voice message so you can still tell your pet that it’s chow time even though you’re not home.

The minimum amount dispensed is a ¼ cup (contrasted with a 1/8 cup for the Petsafe Healthy Feeder) at three intervals in a 24-hour period.

The bowl is easy to remove and dishwasher safe for cleaning, and the food hopper is tough and durable, made from ABS plastic materials.

If you don’t require the smaller portion size and increased frequency of feeding of the Petsafe Healthy Pet, then the Pyrus is definitely worth considering, winning out on the ease of use.


4. Petnet SmartFeeder

Petnet SmartFeeder

Continuing to get our teeth into hi-tech feeders, let’s now look at the PetNet Smart Feeder.

If you are au fait with the benefits of automated stock control then you’re on message with the PetNet.

As well as dispensing food this feeder calculates how much food has been consumed and is smart enough to know when to re-order more.

Not only that, but it will place the order for home delivery so your dog’s bowl need never stand empty.

This clever device is compatible with certain iPhones, but not with smartphones – so check carefully before you purchase.

If you worry that an auto feeder may malfunction whilst you’re out, then the PetNet Smart Feeder can put your mind at rest because it updates your phone with details such as a meal just fed or a low battery warning.

This best automatic dog feeder to technology geeks can also guide you as to the most appropriate food given your dog’s age, size, and activity level!

If you like the idea of a feeder you can control remotely (it’s almost like being there) the PetNet Smart Feeder holds up to 7lb of food, has a dishwasher safe stainless steel bowl, and runs on rechargeable batteries.


5. Qpets 6-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Qpets 6-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Coming back down to earth and down in price range there is the Qpets automatic pet feeder.

Sometimes the best auto dog feeder is also the simplest. This no-frills device has six pans for six meals.

A rotating lid reveals each meal at the allotted time. Whilst there is no hopper and the portion sizes are limited, it does give you the flexibility to feed a small dog wet food.

Indeed, this is a useful way of feeding little and often, whilst keeping the flies and ants away from canned foods.

A top tip for feeding wet food over the duration of a day is to add a little water and freeze portions down.

This means they don’t spoil but are defrosted when it comes to the next meal.

Like more expensive devices, this mid-range product can record a brief voice message, so your pet gets a warm feeling in their heart as well as their tummy.

However, the downside of the Qpets feeder is its lack of robustness in the face of a determined raid on the food hoppers.


6. Little Giant Galvanized Steel Chow Hound Dog Feeder

Little Giant Galvanized Steel Chow Hound Dog Feeder

Last but most certainly not least is the Little Giant.

This galvanized feeder is the best dog feeder for those who wish their canine pals to have access to food but deny it to critters such as rats and mice.

It is not a programmable feeder, with the dogs having direct access at all times via a magnetic flap door which they push open with their noses.

Thus, a dog has the strength to get the food but not a mouse, meaning the food is kept safe from spoilage.

The galvanized hopper attaches to a fence or wall so that it can’t be knocked over.

Be aware, this is not the ideal feeder for all dogs.

It is a basic requirement that your dog’s appetite has an on-off switch and can control his own calorie intake so that he doesn’t gorge.

However, for dogs in a yard, it can be a real problem solver as satisfied users attest.


7. WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

WOpet 7L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

If you have to be away for long periods and have no one who can help feed your pup, do not fret. With the WOpet 7L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser your dog will not go hungry and have a full belly until you return home.

Schedule up to four automatic feeding times with this food dispenser. By using the timer buttons and LCD screen on the feeder, you can select when the dispenser releases your dog’s food into the bowl below.

The portion sizes you can choose from range from 2 tablespoons to 4.5 cups per feeding. Dogs do not have the best portion control mindset, so it is not ideal for filling their food bowl when you leave and expect them to graze at it like a cat would; most likely, your dog would gobble up the food in an instant. With the portion size control, you can decide how much your dog can eat with each portion, which can prevent overeating and obesity in dogs if they were allowed to eat from a full bowl freely. Your dog will feel full longer and not risk an upset stomach or bloat.

But feeding time is surely not as much fun for your dog when you are not around. To help with that, you can record a message that can play every time the dispenser feeds your dog to help your dog know it is time to eat and to be excited about it.

This feeder is only suitable for dry food, but it can hold up to 20 pounds of food in its storage bin. You can remove the hygienic feeding tray to clean by hand or in the dishwasher, and the removable storage unit can be hand cleaned and replaced with ease.

The feeder does come with a 12-month warranty and, if you are not pleased with the product and want to return it, you have 30 days to do so to receive a full refund.


8. Automatic Pet Feeder

Automatic Pet Feeder

Make feeding time fun for your dog when you are not physically there with them by using the Iseebiz Automatic Pet Feeder. You can record your voice to be played whenever the Iseebiz Pet Feeder dispenses the food. You can record up to 10 seconds of your voice so that your dog will never feel alone when eating, even if you cannot be there with them at the time.

When it comes to customizing the portion control for your dog you have some options available to you. You can choose how much to give your dog and how much is dispensed at a time. That means, you can have their full portion dispensed at once or you can have the potion dispensed into smaller portions, in case your dog was to be a quick eater. Once you have the amount and how much to dispense at a time, you can choose how many meals for your dog to have. It can be as little as one meal and as many as four meals. Each meal will be accurately dispensed, and you will not have to worry about your dog overeating or to sneak their way into their food bin.

This feeder can handle kibble sizes measuring up to 1 cm as any bigger could clog the machine. To prevent the feeder from being clogged at all it has a Built-in IR Detector. The IR-Detector keeps the feeder at a right angle so that food flows out easily, does not get clogged, and does not overflow.

You can power this feeder in two ways. It can be powered by a power adapter, but it will need to remain next to a power outlet. Or, it can be powered by 3 D batteries, which should last about six months of use as the feeder runs as low energy.


9. WESTLINK Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder

For a hassle-free pet, feeding experience considers using the WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser. You are not limited to using this dispenser when you are away; you can use it when you are home, so you have an extra hand in helping make sure that your dog eats the proper amount they need when they need it.

This dispenser can hold up to 25 cups of dry food while keeping it fresh and dry. You are able to choose the amount and time that the food is dispensed with the handy screen and buttons on the front of the feeder than only humans can activate. You can set up to four meals per day at the same amount of varying amount. You can even choose how much is dispensed at a time so you can control your dog’s need to eat quickly. If your dog is not eating their food as fast as you assumed do not worry, a built-in infrared detector will sense is the bowl is full so as not to dispense any more food until the current food is eaten. This avoids the food spilling out and can help you adjust the feeding amounts and schedules for your dog.

So your dog does not feel alone, you can record up to 10 seconds of your voice calling your dog to eat or praising them for being good pups when you are away. Your dog will feel happy knowing that you are watching over them even when you are not physically there.


10. Ancaixin 6-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Ancaixin 6-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

If you do not have a big enough space to place a full pet feeding dispenser than the Ancaixin Pet Food Dispenser is what you need. This dispenser measures 12″X12″ X2.6″ and is shaped like a circle that can be placed near any space with limited floor space.

The Ancaixin Dispenser has six slots that can have wet and dry food placed in them. Do not worry about your being able to break into the food; the dispenser is fixed by three locking hols to prevent your dog from breaking into the feeder.

You can set how many meals and when the meals are dispensed. This dispenser is especially handy if you need to be away for a few days to make caring for your dog easier for your caretaker. You can set up to six days with one meal each day with this dispenser, or you can set up to six meals a day.

Special music plays when it is feeding time so that your dog will know to enjoy their meal. The more your dog hears the music the easier they can associate it with food, which makes training them to use the feeder all the more easier.

When you need to clean the feeder, the lid and food tray is removable and dishwasher safe. The remaining pieces of the feeder will need to be hand wiped, though.


11. Antblocker Automatic Feeder

Antblocker 4.5L Automatic Feeder

Having an automatic feeder is nice, but sometimes, you may worry if the feeder stops working or if it does not feed your pet on time. To avoid those instances of worry, turn to the APP powered Antblocker 4.5L Automatic Feeder.

From the APP, you can select to feed your dog whenever from wherever at the select amount that you need. This way, you can be sure that your dog is being fed the proper amount at the time that you want. But, if you are busy, you can also choose to set the feeder to dispense at certain times of the day. In the palm of your hand, you can schedule the day’s feedings and how much can be dispensed while still having control to alter feedings if you need to.

If you are worried about your dog eating their food or not, you can monitor your pet throughout the day. You can place a 128G TF card, not included, into the feeder and it can save video recordings of your pet. With the 130°-visible-angle HD camera and built-in microphone, you can watch your pet, talk to them, take pictures, and even record videos by using the APP. You will need at least a 2.4GHz wifi network and for the dispenser to be at least three feet from the router to use the video and microphone options.

For the crafty dog that tries to seek some morsels in between meals, the dispenser is pet-proof. The locking lid keeps food fresh and your pup from sticking their noses inside. When you need to clean it, simply remove the feeding tray and hand clean. And as the name states, this feeder can help keep ants from stealing away your dog’s food and causing an infestation, the white-colored one working the best.

If you are not satisfied, the dispenser comes with a 30-day warranty where you can return the dispenser for a refund.


12. PortionProRx Automatic Pet Feeder

PortionProRx Automatic Pet Feeder

If mealtime is a bit of a disaster at home because you have multiple dogs trying to steal from each other, then you may need a little help. That does not mean you have to separate your dogs from each other when they eat. Rather, you need the help of the PortionProRx Automatic Pet Feeder to make sure every pup is eating when and what they should.

You may think that it can be impossible for an automatic pet feeder to know when and what to feed each dog, but this feeder is aiming to prove pet owners wrong. Each dog in the home wears a light-weight tag that communicates to the feeder through a patented RFID system to let the feeder know which dog is looking for what portion. Each feeder comes with one tag, but additional tags can be purchased. It is recommended, though, to have one feeder per dog so as to not cause confusion and so that your pups will not be able to steal from each other.

You have the ability to customize how much and when your dog can eat out of the PortionProRx. You can customize the amount being fed from as little to a half cup to up to six cups of food. You can even separate the daily amount into multiple servings from as little to two servings a day to up to six servings a day. The multiple servings can help your dog feel full longer and keep them out of trouble until you get home. Each feeder bin can hold up to 30 cups of food and keep it fresh.

When you need to clean the bowl, the ceramic bowl can be removed and can be placed in the dishwasher or cleaned by hand. Do note that the feeder runs by AC power, so it will need to stay connected to a power outlet in order to function.


Bottom Line

So there we have it. From a small toy dog to a large working dog, for the fur friend who needs careful portion control to the self-regulating dog, there are great options for everyone.

The key to choosing the best automatic dog feeder to meet your needs is to think through what you need it to do and matching this to the product.

Make the right choice and your dog can even enjoy his master’s voice as he chows down.

Talk about having your cake and eating it!


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