Top 5 Best Brushes For Maltese in 2020


The Maltese dog breed is quite bubbly and playful and if you have one you’ll know they are one of the best dogs to have as a pet. Taking care of this dog can be quite a task. With all the brushing and general grooming you have to do, it is clear you will need a quality grooming kit.

How do you choose the best brush for Maltese? While most brushes can work for your little furry friend, it is essential to consider the quality of the bristles. Also, the comfort of the handle for convenient use is a factor to keep in mind. The size of the brush also plays a role in how effective you get the hair groomed.

1. K9KONNECTION Dog Brushes for Shedding

K9KONNECTION Dog Brushes for Shedding

If you are looking for a suitable brush to add to your dog’s grooming kit, then this one from K9konnection is a handy one. It is ideal for different hair lengths and will work for your Maltese.

The brush is designed to allow convenient use regardless of the length of your dog’s coat. It gently massages the skin, through to the hair removing undercoat dander and dirt. It is designed to help with detangling for a smooth coat with minimal effort. It is a handy brush for shedding and eliminating loose hairs that tend to tangle and collect dirt.

The pin brush with the rubber side backing works for different dogs with the same desired results. It is essential for combing through short or long hairs and therefore suits your hairy or shaved Maltese. The pin brush side helps to untangle out flaky hair while the rubber side helps to remove excess fur. The rubber side also helps to pick up loose hairs from car seats, carpets, beds, etc.

The brush has safe to use bristles to ensure your Maltese does not get hurt in the process. The edges are rounded, so there are no sharp edges that would prick your furry friend. The rubber side of the brush is easy to clean and dry after use. The handles are designed for comfort and an excellent grip while brushing your dog. They are gel-infused for an anti-slip feature to prevent wrist pressure.


  • 2-in-1 brush
  • It is soothing for the dog
  • The bristles are durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfortable handle


  • Bristles are too soft

The K9konnection dog brush is a handy grooming tool for its 2-in-1 use. It brushes out the dog’s hair for a smooth coat and helps in picking loose hair on surfaces.


2. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

If your Maltese is one of those that love to roll on surfaces, then you might need a slicker brush to remove tiny pills it picks up from different surfaces. This slicker brush from Hertzko is an ideal choice for its efficiency in grooming and ease of cleaning.

The brush is designed to safely remove mats out of your Maltese’s fur without hurting the skin. It removed loose hair, trapped dirt, knots and tangles leaving your dog with a smooth coat. It works well on dogs with long hair as well as those with trimmed hair. The size of the brush is perfect for puppies as well as older dogs.

The bristles of this brush are fine bent wires designed to penetrate the coat. They help to remove the toughest of undercoat dirt while ensuring the dog does not get hurt in the process. The results are well-straightened fur less of knots and tangles. Also, the brush will give your dog a gentle massage on the skin while removing any lodged dirt.

The brush has a mechanism that allows easy cleaning. There are high chances of your Maltese shedding some hair while brushing. This brush is the ideal choice for the hairy types; the button on it helps to clean effectively. You only need to press the button to retract the bristles back into the brush. It leaves the hair out which makes it easy to remove leaving the bristles clean.


  • Effective in removing tangles and knots
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comfortable handle
  • Soothing on the dog’s skin
  • Suitable for all dogs


  • Only works with the button down

The Hertzko dog brush is a suitable choice for dogs that tend to have tangles and knots. It can work well for a Maltese that has long hair for a smooth finish.


3. Oster Combo Brush for Dogs

Oster Combo Brush for Dogs

A Maltese dog brush that comes as a slicker and pin brush such as the Oster Combo works excellent for effective grooming. This particular one will save you the hassle of choosing separate brushes for your dog’s grooming days.

You agree that the right brush for your Maltese should be safe for the skin and still brush out the hair thoroughly. This particular brush is designed to ensure you get quality results without straining or hurting your little furry friend. One of the sides has round-tip pin bristles for detangling and getting rid of knots that your dog could be having.

The soft bristles on the slicker side are essential in smoothening your dog’s hair while removing dirt that could be lodged in the hair. Also, this side of the brush helps to gently massage your dog’s skin while scrapping of undercoat dander. This brush works for any length of dog’s hair including the curly type of the Maltese breed. It leaves the coat shiny and lustrous.

As much the quality of the brush is geared more towards how effective it is in brushing out your dog’s hair, it is essential to check for the handle design. It translates to comfort while brushing out the dog’s hair. This brush has an ergonomic handle that eases off the pressure from your wrist for a more comfortable experience grooming your dog.


  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to use for all dogs
  • 2-in-1 for easy grooming
  • Works on short and long hair
  • Comfortable handle


  • Only works for dogs that do not shed a lot

The Oster Combo brush is a perfect choice for your Maltese. It is recommended for its design that ensures an easy grooming time using the two sides of the brush. Also, it is ideal for its suitability to use on both long and short hair.


4. SAFARI Pin and Bristle Combo Dog Brush

SAFARI Pin and Bristle Combo Dog Brush

A 2-in-1 Maltese dog brush makes grooming easier and quicker that is you were using multiple brushes. This pin and bristle brush from Safari Pet Products is an ideal choice for convenience.

The combo brush helps to distribute natural oils under the hair for a shiny and lustrous coat. In the process, it lifts out lodged dirt and dander away from the skin through the hair. It leaves the coat smooth and clean with minimal effort. It is an ideal brush for everyday use; thanks to its double sides.

Wire pins are recommended for removing tangles and knots that are common with super hairy dogs. Your Maltese will get the benefits of the wire pins which get rid of tangled hair while removing dirt. The bristle side helps to keep the coat smooth while getting rid of finer hairs and loose dirt. These features make it ideal for quick grooming with great results.

The handles of this brush are designed to ensure a comfortable grip while brushing your dog’s hair. The brush has small rubber pads on the handle which help to ease off the pressure from your wrists for comfort. The medium size of the brush is suitable for your Maltese to remove tangles effectively. Brushing with long strokes towards the direction of the hair growth makes grooming easy and fast.


  • Works well for dogs that shed excessively
  • Effective in removing tangles and knots
  • Gentle on the dog’s skin
  • Easy-to-hold handle
  • Easy to clean


  • The pin side can be too rough for less hairy dogs

This 2-in-1 brush by Safari Pet Products is a suitable choice for your furry Maltese. The two sides work together to leave your dog with a shiny and well-kept coat.


5. Glendan Dog Brush

Glendan Dog Brush

When it is grooming time, your Maltese looks forward to getting a gentle massage. This slicker brush from Glendan is a suitable choice for dogs with long or short hair and effectively smoothens out the coat.

The brush is designed for easy use and cleaning. It works well to remove mats dander and trapped dirt leaving your dog with a smooth and shiny coat. The slicker brush is rotatable so you can use the other side to remove loose fur and dirt from surfaces. It works great for both long and short hair and brushes through the strands for a tangle-free coat.

As you brush your Maltese, you can be sure it will enjoy a gentle massage with this brush. The bristles have round edges that massage seep into the skin while removing the lodged dander and dirt. The edges of the brush do not scratch intensely to hurt your furry friend’s skin. In this process, you help to improve the blood circulation of your dog.

Your active Maltese is most likely to have dry flakes or dirt and dander under the coat from all the rolling and playing in the garden. This brush will help to remove such while distributing natural oils through the hair for a shiny coat. The brush is comfortable and durable for lasting results. It has a comfortable grip and an anti-slip handle for easy use. It prevents hand and wrist strain when you have to brush your dog for long.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Works well for dogs with thick hair
  • Deep strokes massage the dog’s skin
  • Comfortable handle
  • Can be used to clean hair from surfaces


  • Only suitable for small dogs

The Glendan dog brush is an excellent choice for your Maltese puppy. It is useful in removing dirt and brushing out hair for a clean and smooth coat.


Bottom Line

The best brush for your Maltese has to guarantee safety and effectiveness in keeping your dog’s coat clean and smooth. There is a lot of things that go into picking the right design to suit your dog. Since Maltese dogs have thick and long hair, a slicker brush would work well. But, the pin one would also work great to smoothen out the coat.

Whatever design you prefer, the goal is to ensure the brush reaches the root of the hair. It is to ensure you remove lodged dirt and dander without having to scrub your dog every other day. Most importantly, you should ensure the brush has a comfortable grip for convenient use even for long grooming hours.


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