Top 5 Best Grooming Clippers for Havanese in 2020


Havanese are full of fluff, long, silky fluff. It can be long and straight, but some Havanese have curly fur, think about what how your hair gets in humid, tropical weather. Coming from Cuba, it makes sense that some have frizzy fur. Regardless, if your dog has silky straight hair or more curly and frizzy, you will want to find the best clippers for Havanese to best manage their luscious hair.  

We understand that grooming clips can be a foreign topic, I mean until you had your Havanese you probably never once thought about grooming clippers, and now you may be feeling overwhelmed with the research. But alas, not to worry, we have compiled a list to help you choose the best pair of grooming clippers for your Havanese.

1. Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper and Grooming Kit

Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe

As well mannered as your Havanese is, they will likely get fidgety after a few minutes of grooming. We love the Wahl Deluxe kit, at speeds up to 7,200 strokes per minute the job will be done before your dog even notices what is happening. No matter how speedy this tool is, it does not get too loud or hot; the advanced motor provides increased power, and overall offers a better, more efficient cutting experience.

While some customers may be professionals groomers, there many looking for Havanese clippers to cut expenses and time-consuming trips to the groomers. We have seen our groomers go to work and think, “hey we can do the same!” then the time comes, we purchase our clipper and then suddenly feel overwhelmed with absolutely no idea where to start.

Fortunately, Wahl offers an informational DVD on grooming and styling as well as an instructional book. These extra goodies will make customers feel at ease and comfortable taking this new step.

In addition to the instructional freebies, these clippers come as a 16-piece-kit and include other useful grooming tools to clip, trim, and groom your Havanese. You really won’t have to stop at the groomers, as all the tools and instructions will be right at your fingertips.

This kit, of course, includes the clipper blade, as well as a blade guard, colorful, plastic attachment guide combs, a finishing comb, scissors, apron, cleaning brush, and blade oil. 


  • Free DVD for grooming and styling
  • Instruction book
  • two-year limited warranty
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Not designed for international use – works only in the US


WHY WE RECOMMEND – We like the Wahl Deluxe kit because it comes with everything needed to start out and shows you how. We recommend this to anyone new to grooming their Havanese or to anyone who is looking for new clippers that do not already have the provided tools.

2. Andis UltraEdge Clipper

Andis UltraEdge Clipper

We love the Andis Ultra Edge clipper and so do the pros. We not only recommend this piece of kit to dog owners but to professionals alike.

A good clipper gives you options and is versatile, and this one offers you exactly that – with both high and low speeds you can adjust the speed to your grooming needs.

Additionally, this clipper offers professional performance with its powerful motor and works on all types of coats and breeds – an important factor if you have multiple dogs with different types of coats, or if you are in fact a professional and deal with new coats every day.

The blade is detachable which makes cleaning and changing possible – vital to maintaining professional levels of cleanliness and safety. Also, it makes these clippers longlasting – if a blade gets too old, simply change, and the clippers will be good as new.

Another feature that promotes longevity is that has shatter-proof housing. We understand that accidents can happen, and we know you want clippers that will last, these ones are durable and made to last.

Yet another fantastic feature with this clipper is that it has a 14’ cord. Dogs are smart, and if they are awake and know that clipping time is coming, if they hate it, they’re likely to run and hide. Sometimes the best tactic is to do it while they’re asleep.

With such a long cord, you will be able to reach them without having to bring them to the clippers. Not to mention, this tool is cool and quiet – helpful when you sneakily clip them as they sleep or in general useful with skittish dogs.


  • Fun colors to choose from
  • Quiet
  • Long cord


  • Has a cord
  • Does not include any accessories


WHY WE RECOMMEND The Andis Ultra Edge clipper is very long lasting and comes has shatter-proof housing.

3. Cyrico 5-Speed Dog Clippers

Cyrico 5-Speed Dog Clippers

A good pair of Havanese clippers really makes the difference when it comes to grooming. We don’t just look for a reliable pair with good blades, but we also look for features that make the experience more comfortable and less stressful for our Havanese. Sound is something to really consider, something loud could really scare the dog or be extremely obnoxious and even painful. We love the Cyrico clippers because they are less than 60 decibels.

Another feature we love about these clippers is that they have 5-speeds, giving you more room to meet your grooming needs and preferences. This is also great if you have more than one dog, one speed may work best for one but not the other, with 5-speeds you have much more choice.

Cyrico understands that cordless clippers are the way to go, our dogs can get so fussy when it comes to any sort of grooming, and it is best to find ways to do it as quickly, safely and with as few obstacles as possible.

Cordless makes all of the difference; you can find your dog, groom them and be done with it. When your clippers have a cord, you may have to bring the dog to you, the cord may get in the way, or the cord could even be a dead giveaway to the doggie who might just run and hide. As family friendly as Havanese are, sometimes a trim or shave is terrifying and will keep them away.

One of the best features with these clippers is that it has auto shutoff protection, meaning it turns off when the blade is overloaded. The LED screen also sends reminders to clean out hair and to oil the blade. These features provide a longer lifespan and safer experience.


  • Has 5 speeds
  • LED screen reminders
  • Shutoff protection
  • Cordless
  • Quiet
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Warranty only for 30-days


WHY WE RECOMMEND We like that the Cyrico clippers turn off when overloaded and that the LED screen reminds us to oil blades and empty hair.

4. HATTEKER Dog Grooming Clippers

HATTEKER Dog Grooming Clippers

Some Havanese do not have an undercoat, only their silky overcoat, with less fur, the dog has less protection, and a sharp blade could really hurt them. We recommend the Hatteker clippers because the ceramic and titanium blade does not overheat, get rusty, cut or hurt the skin, furthermore, the titanium blades will not pull on the dog’s fur.

Finding the right clippers is sometimes about finding one that is easy and comfortable for you to use. I don’t recommend getting a clipper that works well for your dog, but hurts and tires you out. We think grooming should be an experience both owner and dog alike enjoy.

What we like about these clippers are that they are easy to use, they are very light and small and can easily fit in your hard, which will minimize wrist fatigue or dropping the clippers. With its anti-slip handle, you will have a secure grip with no slips.

One of the best features about these clippers is that they are waterproof. Sometimes a dry trim is not what we want, so we recommend these clippers if you plan to give your pups a wet trim. Its waterproof feature also makes cleaning easier as the whole body is washable.  

These clippers do not come alone, but with a grooming kit. We highly recommend purchasing a kit your first time so you can start stocking up on tools needed for grooming. 


  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Light
  • Comes with kit


  • May break if you drop
  • Reviewers suggest it could be faster
  • Head blade may detach from the body


The Hatteker kit comes with an electric hair cutter, cleaning brush, 4 guide combs, a hair comb, a specification, a stand, an extra battery and a charger that connects with USB.

5. PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

Havanese are incredibly attached to their owners; often they find pleasure when their owner is happy, they are certainly people pleasers. However, like any breed, some can be shy, and a trip to the groomers could be a scary experience for them. In times like this, we suggest purchasing your own grooming kit, one that is nearly silent.

If your pups is scared at the groomers, it could partly be due to the clippers noise. We love Pet Tech because it is quiet and cordless, a loud clipper with a cord could be very distracting and induce anxiety.

Furthermore, cordless clippers make the task easier; you won’t have to worry about where the cord is, or if it will wrap around anything and it makes it easier to get hard to reach spots. These clippers are all about precision, and it is easy to do a job well done. The precision-cut titanium blades are easy to use and will never pull your Havanese’s hair.

What we love about these clippers is that it comes as a 12-piece kit, there are several blades to choose from, giving you more options and greater control and customisation.  As well, it comes with several other grooming tools such as scissors, guide combs, styling comb, thinning shear, nail clippers and nail file, oil, cleaning brush, and the power adapter. Your Havanese can feel good getting a proper treatment at home, and you can save time and money.


  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Quiet
  • Cordless
  • Comes with a kit


  • Reviewers suggest that accessories are not high-quality
  • Not great for heavy-duty fur


WHY WE RECOMMEND We love the Pet Tech Professional Kit as it is good for anxious dogs because it’s quiet and cordless.

Bottom Line

For Havanese clippers that will offer the most versatility in speed and stand the test of time, we choose the Cyrico 5-Speed Dog Clippers as our winner.

Not only do these clippers offer five different speeds, but they will do well with even the most anxious of dogs – there is no big scary cord, and it is nearly silent at less than 60 decibels.

These clippers will surely last you a long time, many clippers will not warn you when the blade is overloaded, or provide reminders to keep the tool oiled and to empty the hair, but this one does. We love this piece of kit because these reminders and the auto shutoff protection are preventative ways to ensure longevity.


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