Top 5 Best Dog Clippers for Golden Retrievers in 2020


Golden Retrievers have become a popular choice for family pets.

This lovable dog breed makes an excellent addition to the family due to its tolerant and friendly nature and superior intelligence.

An added benefit of welcoming a Golden Retriever into your family is they are great playmates for young children.

A large part of being a pet parent to a Golden Retriever is the grooming process.

Top 5 Best Dog Clippers for Golden Retrievers

As a pet parent, you want to use the best dog clippers for Golden Retrievers when cutting his or her nails. Their long coat needs extra care and so do their nails.

Cutting your dog’s nails is an essential part of nail care health.

If nails are left too long they can cause discomfort, pain or injury to the paw.

If you are looking for the best clippers for your Golden Retriever, consider the excellent options shown below.

1. Simply Pets Large Nail Clippers

Simply Pets Large Nail Clippers

If your Golden Retriever is known for not sitting still for too long while getting his or her nails trimmed, these clippers will get the job done quickly.

They feature a protective guard, safety lock, non-slip rubber handles, and comfortable grip.

If you are searching for nail clippers that provide a professional cut every time, these are the clippers you need to try.

They are designed with comfort and safety in mind.

The rubber handles allow you to get a good grip on the clippers which helps when your dog is nervous or trying to break free.

It helps you safely cut the nail as fast as possible.

The protective guard is very helpful to prevent cutting the nail too short and damaging the quick of the nail.

This is a great feature since most pet parents have experienced that awful moment when your dog screeches in pain due to cutting the quick.

Another safety feature includes the safety lock for easy storage.

You just lock the clippers and place them in a drawer or other storage area.

The locked position lessens the risk of cutting yourself on the sharp blades when reaching for the clippers the next time you need to use them.

The clippers were designed by two Veterinarians who know the best features needed to provide a safe and easy nail cutting experience.

Overall these nail clippers are high quality, professional, get the job done fast and safe, plus are easy to handle.

They are also helpful if you have a difficult time grasping items due to arthritis in your hands.


2. GoPets Pet Nail Clippers

GoPets Pet Nail Clippers

Are you looking for nail clippers that are as strong as a sword?

Pet parents often need nail clippers that are sharp enough to cut through the nail the first time without crushing it.

Dull nail clippers are famous for crushing the nail causing cracking and discomfort.

The GoPets Nail Clippers are recommended by professional dog groomers and veterinarians.

They are made of 3.5mm high-quality stainless steel that remains sharp for years.

This means you will have a sharp smooth cut every time you use it on your dog.

The cutting action happens so quickly and easily the nail cutting session is over within minutes.

The ergonomic design and non-slip coated handles don’t require a lot of effort or strength in your hands.

The sensor safety guard makes you feel confident cutting your dog’s nails.

You don’t have to worry about cutting it too short or damaging the quick of the nail.

An added tool is the hidden file that slides out of the base of the handle.

This file is in a convenient place so you never lose it, plus it helps smooth any ragged edges of the nail.

Overall these nail clippers are long-lasting, provide a sharp cut the first time and get the job done quickly.

It helps pet parents to cut their dog’s nails safely and quickly without fear of cutting the nail too short.

If you are looking for nail clippers that get the job done and protect your dog from injury and pain, these are the clippers for you.


3. Airsspu Dog Nail Clippers

Airsspu Dog Nail Clippers

The Airsspu Dog Nail Clippers for Golden Retrievers cut quickly and evenly.

You don’t have to worry about crushing your dog’s nails like other dull nail clipper models.

These veterinary grade nail clippers are sharp and safe to use.

It features a safety stop blade that prevents you from cutting the nail too short and damaging the quick.

If you have ever cut your dog’s nail too short and hit the quick, you understand what a great asset this safety feature is to dog owners.

The ergonomically designed handle is covered in rubber to provide a comfortable grip.

This is excellent for pet owners who suffer from arthritis in their hands and lack strength.

The handles fit comfortably and easily grip into a safe position for nail cutting.

The sharp blades provide sharp even cuts that don’t require the second trim.

If you have needed to trim the same nail twice in a row in the past, these clippers get the job done the first time.

The clippers come with a nail file that is used to smooth any sharp or ragged edges.

The safety lock prevents accidents such as cutting your fingers on the clippers as you reach for them in storage.

Overall these nail clippers for Golden Retrievers cut the nail sharp the first time, has a helpful file if needed, locks into a safety position for easy storage, is brightly colored to easily find in a crowded storage space, prevents cutting the nail too short and is safe to use on your dog.


4. Pro Pet Nail Clippers

Pro Pet Nail Clippers

Are you a professional dog groomer at heart?

If you enjoy cutting your dog’s nails and like to provide a professional cut every time, these nail cutters are an excellent choice for you.

The Pro Pet Nail Clippers provide professional nail cutting as well as save you money you would spend at the groomer.

The clippers feature illustrated instructions on the package, built-in nail file, nail guard, ergonomic handle, and sharp blades.

A common fear among pet owners when it comes to cutting their dog’s nails is damaging the quick of the nail.

This sensitive part of the nail can become a painful bloody mess that never wants to be repeated.

These professional-grade nail clippers provide a safety feature that allows you to safely cut your dog’s nails without damaging the quick.

The package the clippers arrive in has detailed instructions that guide you through the process and make you feel confident in your technique.

The clippers also include a nail file conveniently placed in the handle of the clippers.

They are perfect for smoothing any ragged edges or sharp points.

In addition, the handles themselves are ergonomic and designed for easy gripping.

You don’t have to worry about the clippers slipping out of your hand while attempting to cut the nail.

The clippers stay in place and allow you to easily cut the nail.

Overall these clippers are an excellent option for dog owners who are searching for the perfect pair of professional-grade nail clippers for their Golden Retriever.


5. Safari Nail Trimmer For Dogs

Safari Nail Trimmer For Dogs

Are you afraid to cut your dog’s nails in fear you will hurt him or her?

This fear is a common issue among pet parents worldwide.

Pet parents are especially fearful after they have accidentally cut a nail too short in the past and caused their dog damage to the nail and pain.

You don’t have to be fearful any longer.

The Safari Nail Trimmer contains built-in quick guard technology.

The angled safety guard prevents you from cutting the nail too short every time.

When used properly, you will never have to worry again that you will hurt your dog.

These clippers are designed specifically with fearful pet parents in mind.

Sometimes dog owners find themselves in a place where they have to pay an expensive groomer to cut their dog’s nails or do it themselves at home.

If you have been paying for expensive nail grooming, you don’t need to anymore.

You will feel safe and confident cutting your dog’s nails using these clippers.

You will be surprised how easy it is.

As an added treat, there’s a bonus nail file that works great at smoothing sharp or ragged edges of the nail.

It works quickly and keeps the nail in good shape.

Overall these clippers are high quality, sharp and safe to use on your dog.

They are easy to grip and handle which is beneficial during the nail cutting process.

If you are scared to cut your dog’s nails, these clippers will help you gain confidence with every use.

Your Golden Retriever depends on you to provide excellent care, including nail care.

Whether you are trying to save money by limiting visits to the groomer or just prefer to cut your dog’s nails at home, these clippers shown above will provide a professional cut.

If you are fearful of damaging or hurting your dog’s nails or fearful of causing pain, the safety features on the clippers will prevent this situation and encourage you to feel confident.

If your dog doesn’t like getting their nails cut and you need a quick session, the sharp nail cutters are your best option.



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