Top 5 Best Dog Clippers for Goldendoodles in 2020


Do you own a Goldendoodle?

Whether your dog takes after their retriever or poodle parent, one thing’s for sure: Your dog has a full coat of luxurious, thick fur.

Whether his fur is wavy, curly, or silky straight, that glorious coat is going to need regular grooming and clipping.

With this in mind here is our review of the best clippers for Goldendoodle, so you can save time by comparing the best of the best.

If you’re looking to do your pocketbook a favor by clipping at home instead of at the parlor, then it’s essential to have the right tools for the job.

Buying a good set of clippers is an investment, but one well worth making as it saves money in the longer run.

Before putting clippers to fur, it’s a good idea to have an idea of the style you want your Goldendoodle to sport as this can influence your choice of clippers.

For example, if you decide to trim ‘clean feet’ (as for a poodle) this requires taking the fur down to skin level around the toes.

It’s helpful to have a narrow-bladed clipper to facilitate getting into all those little nooks and crannies.

Also, if you decide to opt for a longer coat but neatly clipped to an even length over the body, then using a clipper with a guide cutting comb is going to be helpful, especially if you’re less experienced at grooming.

When choosing a clipper consider other factors.

This includes how sensitive to sound your dog is.

Some clippers can have loud motors, which can spook a sensitive or fearful dog, which makes a pair of ‘silent’ clippers highly desirable.

Also as a beginner, you may find a cordless clipper easier to manipulate, as there’s no electrical cable dragging behind to get caught up on things.

However, if you are a professional groomer or have several dogs to groom at one time, then a corded clipper that runs cool (doesn’t get hot despite being used for hours) is exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Oneisall Low Noise Rechargeable Clipper

Oneisall Low Noise Rechargeable Clipper

We’re featuring this Oneisall product first, as one of our best dog clippers for Goldendoodles, because it ticks so many boxes.

It’s a German engineered product which means superior engineering and performance, it runs quietly, has cut fur like a warm knife through butter, and is an amazing value.

When all’s said, if you read no further and decide the Oneisall meets your needs, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s take a more detailed look at its feature.

It’s cordless, which is ideal for the novice groomer as there’s no trailing cord to get tangled around the dog’s legs.

One potential problem with battery-operated clippers is the long charge time and short operating window, but not so with the Oneisall.

The clipper if fully charged in just three hours and then provides up to five hours of clipping time.

We defy you to have a dog that will stand still for five hours so this should be more than adequate. (Unless you have more than one dog of course, but even then if it takes a generous one hour to do a full clip, you should be able to trim five of them.)

One of our other favorite features is the quietness of the clipper.

Whilst not ‘silent’, the motor runs softly and the combination of steel and ceramic blades makes less noise that traditional steel on steel blades.

Real users of the Oneisall are overwhelmingly positive about them.

Examples include how the clippers are so quiet that fearful or anxious dogs weren’t phased by them, and just how efficient the clippers are at cutting.

It’s also nice to note that when pet parents had problems and contacted the manufacturer, they received awesome customer service and the issue was rectified with minimal fuss, which is always reassuring to know.

On the downside, some people experienced issues with the on-off switch failing or the battery not holding a charge.

However, these issues were few and far between.


2. Andis Ultra Edge Professional Clipper

Andis Ultra Edge Professional Clipper

When considering the best clippers for Goldendoodle grooming it’s only fair to take a look at a premium product as used by professional groomers.

Andis is a brand relied on in professional circles for their reliable, robust, and work-horse like clippers.

Because the Ultra Edge is a work-horse, it is a mains clipper rather than a cordless.

The unit is a moderate weight that sits comfortably in the hand to reduce the risk of arm fatigue when used for long periods of time.

Indeed, a nice touch is the shatterproof housing.

This means if the clippers get knocked off the table by a wriggling dog, the equipment shouldn’t smash on the floor.

The blades have a reputation for holding a sharp edge for a long time, whilst the two-speed motor makes them suitable for all grooming needs, from wholesale shearing to delicate trimming.

Yes, the price does make this clipper a considered purchase but balance that off against the cost of a salon visit.

How many trips to the parlor would it take to spend the same outlay as these clippers?

Another upside is that the efficiency of the unit makes grooming a breeze.

They make short work of the actual clipping, so that you can concentrate on the styling.

As for the negatives, a few users did find the unit heated up quickly or that the variable speed switch failed after several uses.


3. Wahl U-Clip

Wahl U-Clip

So you’re feeling a little faint at the price tag attached to the Andis clipper, let’s remedy this by swinging to the opposite end of the spectrum and our cheapest best clipper for Goldendoodle.

Wahl is another well-respected manufacturer who, just like Andis, makes the top of the range professional clippers.

In this bargain-basement clipper, Wahl bring their knowledge of clipper engineering to bear in an economy-priced clipper to cut your teeth on.

This cordless clipper has a chunky handpiece, which fits nicely in the hand for a comfortable operator experience.

Wahl advise this clipper is best suited to fine to medium fur, and for light whole body clips or trimming face, paws, or ears (rather than a heavy-duty clip of a thick-coated dog.)

That said, at an attainable price these are a great clipper to have in a drawer.

Even if you don’t do a whole body clip, they will come in useful to trim away mats or knots.

And let’s face it, at this price you can afford to experiment and test out your grooming skills.

The user opinion on this clipper is divided.

Many owners found it amazing to use and thrilled by the results.

However, a significant number of pet parents had a not-so-good experience and the clippers either became hot quickly, were too noisy for their pet, or plain just didn’t do the job as intended.


4. Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable

Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable

This Smirinker clipper is low noise, operating at around 50 dB.

It also comes with some great features such as an ‘R’ shaped clipper plate so there’s less risk of nicking the dog’s skin.

The clipper blade is surprisingly good quality for the price, is made from titanium and ceramic components.

As well as being quiet, the materials of the blade make them less likely to rust.

And unbelievably, it’s not just the clippers that you are purchasing, but a while grooming set with guide heads which enable you to evenly clip the coat to different lengths, plus styling scissors.

But what’s even better is that this is a clipper that’s up to the job.

We even found a professional dog groomer who uses this Sminiker as her back-up clippers.

The clipper, whilst not being silent, is actually pretty quiet and checking in with pet parents, we found several who were very impressed.

They had dogs that are easily spooked but were pleasantly surprised at how well the dog tolerated the soft sounds of the Sminiker.

On the downside, a few people did find the clipper worked great for the first couple of trims, but the blade dulled after that.


5. FocusPet Clipping Set

FocusPet Clipping Set

Next up for consideration as the best clippers for a Goldendoodle is this FocusPet set.

We wanted to bring you a product that challenges the value for money of the Oneisall, and we think we’ve found it with this full grooming set, including clippers, which cost less than the Oneisall.

Again, this is a cordless clipper.

The manufacturer advises it takes two to four hours for a full charge, which gives four hours of clipping time.

Still pretty quick, and providing more than enough time to get your Goldendoodle’s flowing locks under control.

The FocusPet clipper also has a titanium and ceramic blade, for a quieter clip, but it also comes with a whole lot of extra grooming goodies.

All included in the package are guide combs (which help get an even finish, whatever your desired coat length), trimming scissors, a metal grooming comb, nail clippers, nail file, and a cleaning brush for the clippers.

Many users use superlatives to describe the excellent value and great job that these clippers provide.

On the downside, some owners found the accessories were cheaply made, such as the nail clippers which became blunt after a couple of uses.


Choosing the Best Clippers for a Goldendoodle

There are some great clippers out there which will make home grooming a possibility, even for rank beginners.

When selecting the right clippers for your dog, have a think about what the priorities are.

For example, if your dog is easily spooked and constantly shies away from clippers, this is usually because of the noise.

For this dog, a quiet or silent clipper should be a priority, since this usually facilitates a much calmer grooming experience.

Decide how much you are willing to spend and what features will most assist you.

If you are new to grooming, then a cordless clipper can be invaluable, as the lack of a cable gives you one less thing to worry about.

However, if you have several dogs or are a professional groomer looking for clippers, then you may want a clipper that runs of the mains but stays cool all day.

It’s a good idea to think about the likely usage the clipper will get.

There’s no need to invest a lot if you want a clipper to clip the occasional knot from your Goldendoodle.

However, if you intend to regularly do a full body clip, then spending more money on clippers with a solid reputation amongst professionals will be a wise investment.

And last but not least, before deciding a clipper is “Too expensive”, simply divide the purchase price by the average cost of a parlor trip, to work out how quickly you will recoup the cost.

Happy clipping, everyone!


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