Top 5 Best Dog Clippers for Maltese in 2020


The Maltese dog breed is friendly, kind, gentle and fearless.

They grow to be about 10 inches tall and can weigh up to seven pounds.

This intelligent dog breed is excellent for obedience training, dog shows and more.

Their snow-white coat makes them a favorite at dog shows.

Whether your Maltese is a show dog or a loyal family member that prefers to sit on the sofa and watch television, their grooming needs to be top quality.

Top 5 Best Dog Clippers for Maltese

Nail health is an important part of the grooming process. Their sharp nails cause owners to search for the best clippers for Maltese worldwide.

Nails that are left long can cause pain and injury to the paw.

Often long nails tend to twist and bend causing the paw to adjust to long-term discomfort.

If you are looking for the best pet clippers for your Maltese consider the excellent options shown below.

1. Boshel Dog Nail Clippers with Safety Guard

Boshel Dog Nail Clippers with Safety Guard

Does fear strike you when it’s time to cut your dog’s nails?

This fear is common for pet owners.

It stems from being afraid of hurting your dog due to cutting the nail too short.

These nail clippers allow you to set your fears aside and safely trim your dog’s nails.

The nail clippers feature ergonomically designed handles, stainless steel blades, easy grip, and safety stop blade to prevent cutting the quick.

These clippers are easy to use and get the job done the first time.

Veterinarians and professional pet groomers recommend them for safe use.

Once you get your dog’s paw to stay still, the high-quality 3.5mm blades cut clean every time you use it.

The cut nail is smooth, and the process goes quickly.

The fast process is especially helpful for those who have a dog that doesn’t like to sit still for a long time.

An added benefit for owners who are afraid to hurt their dog is the ergonomic handles that are non-slip.

If you have ever experienced slipping and losing grip of the clippers causing you to cut the nail too short, you will understand how helpful the non-slip handles can be.

The clippers also include a safety stop blade that helps reduce the risk of hurting your dog.

The nail clippers come with a complimentary nail file that easily smooths any sharp edges.

Overall these nail clippers are designed with safety in mind and give the dog owner peace of mind knowing they won’t hurt their dog by cutting the nail too short.


2. Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

Do you have the talent to be a professional dog groomer?

Some pet parents feel more comfortable grooming their dog than allowing someone else to do it.

The only issue is, often the results are less than professional.

If you are a pet parent that cuts your dog’s nails on a regular basis, these are the best pet clippers for Maltese dogs.

The nail clippers feature a safety stop to prevent injury, sharp stainless-steel blades, and rubber-coated handles.

The handles allow you to get the perfect grip so they don’t slip out of your hands.

You can easily guide the clippers to the area on the nail that you want to cut.

The safety stop feature helps prevent the risk of injuring your dog’s nail.

They also glide through the nail leaving a smooth cut.

If you are looking for clippers that will last a long time, this professional style model is the one for you.

Overall, these clippers are very helpful for pet parents who want to provide professional-style nail trimming without the high cost of paying a groomer.

As you continuously use the clippers you will grow to be more comfortable and confident using them.

As time goes forward your dog will become more comfortable allowing you to cut his nails.

This trusting bond is usually due to the safety feature that prevents injuring the nail or cutting it too short and damaging the quick.

Some nail clippers that have dull blades crush the nail instead of cutting it.

These nail clippers prevent crushing and provide a sharp clean cut.


3. Gmaso Top Grade Nail Clipper for Dogs

Gmaso Top Grade Nail Clipper for Dogs

These colorful nail clippers allow you the chance to brighten up the dog grooming process.

If you are in charge of trimming your dog’s nails, these clippers will get the job done safely and comfortably.

The nail clippers feature an ergonomically designed handle, non-slip surface, high-quality stainless steel, lightweight design, a professional stop blade, and an angled blade.

If you have difficulty holding on to the nail clippers and putting force when cutting the nail, these nail clippers will improve your experience.

They are lightweight and easy to handle.

You won’t have to put the same amount of force you need to use with other nail clippers that have dull blades.

The specially designed handle is non-slip and allows you to easily cut your dog’s nails without risking injury.

If you have ever cut your dog’s nails too short due to losing grip on the clipper, this clipper is the answer to your problem.

The safety feature guides you away from the quick and the sharp blades make a sharp cut very fast.

You will be able to quickly cut your dog’s nails in a safe manner.

Your sensitive hands that prevent you from gripping will thank you when using these incredible nail clippers.

Overall these nail clippers are the best for dog owners who suffer from arthritis or other issues that prevent the ability of a strong grip.

The safety features and handles will give you confidence in cutting your dog’s nails quickly and easily.

Your dog will be happy too.


4. GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs

GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs

These nail clippers are the ultimate choice for dog owners who worry about cutting their dog’s nails too short.

These sturdy and solid clippers will guide you to perfection every time.

The clippers feature solid 2 mm thick stainless steel, easy to lock blades, non-slip coated handles and safety feature that helps prevent cutting the nail too short.

The high-quality blades remain sharp for years essentially saving you money from having to purchase a new pair frequently.

Once you cut your dog’s nails you will notice from the very first cut that it leaves a smooth sharp cut.

The cutting process is effortless preventing you from using too much strength in your hands.

This is extremely helpful for elderly dog owners who cut their dog’s nails on a regular basis.

Those with joint problems or arthritis in the hands will enjoy using these nail clippers.

An added benefit is the easy to lock blades that assure you of safe storage.

How many times have you cut your hands with your current nail clippers when you search through the drawer you store them in?

These lockable nail clippers are convenient to store and keep you and everyone in your household safe from injury.

Overall these nail clippers are easy to use and store, provide a sharp clean cut and remain sharp for many years.

If you are looking to invest in excellent nail clippers that get the job done without a lot of physical effort, these nail clippers are an excellent choice for you.


5. BISSELL Cat & Dog Nail Clippers

BISSELL Cat & Dog Nail Clippers

Cutting the quick of a dog’s nail can be highly painful.

Your dog will let you know when you hit that extremely sensitive area of the nail.

It’s essential and proper nail care to avoid cutting the nails too short.

As a pet parent to a Maltese, you surely want to keep your dog groomed to perfection.

But who wants to spend a lot of money on a professional groomer?

Nail cutting is a natural part of the grooming process that needs to be carefully done with focus.

These nail clippers feature sharp blades, a safety sensor, non-slip handles, and stainless steel one-cut blades.

An added bonus is a nail file you can use to smooth any ragged edges.

The sharp blades do an excellent job of cutting the nail clean and fast the first time.

You don’t have to worry about cutting the same nail a few times to get the desired length.

A great thing about these clippers is the safety feature.

You really feel confident in cutting the nail without causing pain or injury to your dog.

The non-slip handle allows you to get a good grip.

This is especially helpful when your dog is squirming around and you have just a few moments to hold him still and precisely cut the nail.

Overall these clippers are a great fit for dog owners who are looking for the best clippers for Maltese dogs.

They are comfortable to grasp, easy to use and provide great safety features that help prevent injury.

Maltese dogs are one of the cutest breeds around.

As a pet parent, you need to provide excellent grooming care for your dog.

Nail care is highly important for healthy nails and paws.

You will be surprised how long nails can cause a variety of issues if left long for too long.

A general rule is, if you can hear your dog’s nails when they walk on a hard surface floor, they need to be trimmed.

Imagine the pain your dog experiences due to long nails.

These nail clippers for dogs will get the job done safely and fast for years to come.



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