Top 5 Best Dog Crates for English Bulldogs in 2020


The English bulldog is a veritable king amongst dogs.

With a gentleman’s manners but a ruffian’s outlandish looks, there’s plenty to love about these fellows.

Being a good pet parent means providing for all your dog’s needs, including sourcing the best crate for English bulldog.

They have a reputation for having a dependable temperament and are amazingly tolerant with children (and those little fingers that love to fiddle with ears or tails.)The English bulldog ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to what many pet parents desire in a dog.

These dogs are partial to snoozing on the coach, but at the same time are bold enough to see off intruders that dare to invade their patch.

But just like any dog you need to lay down ground rules for them to work to.

Especially important is potty training, and with a stubborn dog like the bulldog this can be a challenge.

A great tool to help with house breaking is a crate.

However, finding the best crate for English bulldog is important, especially with a bulldozer of a breed that could force his way out of inferior equipment.

For those new to the concept of crates, the idea is to provide a den or safe place that is uniquely for the dog.

This is his patch and somewhere he can retreat to if the world gets busy and he wants a breather.

Crate training is an art in itself, and is based around encouraging the dog to enter by hiding treats inside.

Only once the dog is happy and relaxed with the door closed should he be left in a locked crate.

Crucially, it should never be used as a prison or as a place of punishment.

The dog should only associate the crate with good things…not bad.

Again, choosing the right crate is important.

It needs to be well-made and sturdy so the dog can’t bust out.

It should have no sharp edges where the dog could cut himself, and ideally should have a removable tray inside for ease of cleaning.

It takes a lot of time to find the right crate, so to save you time and effort here are our favorites choices in the category of best dog crates for English bulldogs.

1. MidWest Life Stages Heavy Duty Crate

MidWest Life Stages Heavy Duty Crate

This is a great starter crate for a bulldog puppy, but the news gets even better because it will also see your four-legged baby grow through into adult hood.

This is because the crate comes with a divider.

The advantage being you can divide off a smaller space within the larger crate so that it’s a suitable size for the puppy.

Why not let the puppy have plenty of room?

Potty training, that’s why!

If the pup has too much space in the crate he’s liable to use one corner as a toilet, which sets house training right back.

A better idea is to have a crate that is big enough for the pup to stand upright without lowering his head, and lie down with his legs stretched out.

This then triggers his natural instinct not to soil his den, which is a great aid when it comes to teaching bladder and bowel control.

However, as the puppy grows, so you need a bigger space, which is where having a divider comes in so useful.

That aside, we particularly like this crate as it comes with a manufacturer’s one-year guarantee, plus it has other great features such as rubber feet to protect the floor and a removable inner tray.

We recommended this tray because so many pet parents, who have bought crates before, love this product!

They found it sturdy and well made.

Other great factors that went in its favor are that it’s easy to construct and stores flat.

In the interests of balance, we hunted around to speak with someone who was less than thrilled.

Well, we did find someone and their beef was with the plastic liner tray.

Whilst they were satisfied with the crate itself, the liner tray cracked within a week and proceeded to break apart.

However, this certainly doesn’t seem to be a common or widespread problem.


2. MidWest SUV Dog Crate

MidWest SUV Dog Crate

Let’s face it; bulldogs aren’t a fan of exercise.

If you’re going any distance then the chances are your best buddy would prefer to ride in style than hike it on his paws.

However, for his safety and that of passengers, it’s best to confine the dog in transit.

Your options include a travel safety harness or a crate.

A good option is a crate in the trunk of a SUV as it stops the dog from being a distraction whilst you’re driving.

This MidWest model comes in two sizes, with dimensions that are optimized to fit into a trunk.

As you would expect it’s made from good quality materials, with metal bars and a plastic floor tray.

It has two doors, to allow you access to the dog from outside and inside the vehicle.

However, much as we love this crate, a few words of caution.

Never under any circumstances leave a dog unattended in a car.

This is especially true for bulldogs with their infamous breathing problems.

The bulldog is especially vulnerable to overheating and heat stroke, even on just a warm day.

So be aware and just don’t go there.

Unlike our other MidWest crate, this one does divide opinions amongst pet parents.

Don’t get us wrong, there are many, many satisfied users who find this crate is the answer to keeping their dogs safe in transit.

However, on the downside, several customers found the crate to be poorly welded together and in some cases the door locks were missing.

But balancing good against bad, the odds are you are going to be delighted with a product that improves your fur-family safety on the road.


3. Petego Car Tube Crate

Petego Car Tube Crate

Whilst on the topic of travel, we couldn’t let this innovation go unmentioned.

For bulldogs on the move we love this great travel system, which contains the dog (or dogs) whilst protecting the upholstery of your vehicle.

This innovative design consists of a fabric (scratch proof) tunnel that conforms around a metal tubular skeleton.

The whole kit and kaboosh attaches to the safety restraints of the back passenger seat to make a self-contained dog tube.

We realize this won’t be suitable for all pet parents, especially those with two-leggers who need to ride along, but for the pet owner with places to go it has potential.

We love how the ventilated mesh helps keep the dog cool, and that the dog can see out but is in their own protected world.

Heck, it looks a load of fun to us.

Well, bulldog parents, we love innovation and this travel kennel has it in spades.

Did you ever think there’d be a product that would trap dog hair on your travels?

Well, now there is.

Not only in the Petego Car Tube roomy and cozy (it provides a den like environment for your dog) but it traps shed hair.

This makes it an ideal solution for people who can’t life a heavy travel crate or don’t have room in the vehicle for one.

The only slight downside is that some pet parents remarked it was tedious to take it in and out of the car, because this involves removing and replacing securing straps.

But on the plus side, when not in use if zips down to a much smaller size for storage.

Oh yes, one last point.

Know that this isn’t a crash test approved product.

It’s not guaranteed to keep the dog safe in the event of a crash.

However, it represents a considerable safety improvement on having a dog loose in the back of the car where he can wander unrestrained and cause a distraction.


4. Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If your bulldog is a bit of a bulldozer, then you’ll want to know about the heavy duty dog crate.

This is designed for the tough guy, the bruiser who would barge his way out of less resilient crates.

The frame is made from iron, which is treated with a corrosion resistant coating.

The sturdy construction makes it suitable for strong dogs such as the bulldog.

But for his comfort there is a plastic lining tray (much more comfortable on the paws than metal bars) which you can line with a dog mattress.

The heavy duty dog crate also has wheels, to make it easier to move around as this is a weighty piece of equipment.

If your bulldog is an escape artist, then this is the crate for you.

It’s heavier duty than a regular crate and better able to cope with a strong bulldog.

However, this isn’t as heavy duty as those used for guard dogs and in theory a determined dog (especially one built like a bulldozer) could bend the bars.

A considered purchase, but as one pet parent said, it’s built to endure forever.


5. PetsFit Travel Crate

PetsFit Travel Crate

Let’s say you’ve been invited to stay at a friend’s cabin, along with the dog.

That’s great, except your bulldog’s crate would take up most of the room in the car, leaving you little space for luggage.

The answer is to get a travel crate, not for use in transit but as a super easy way to create a pop up crate in a hotel or when staying with friends.

It has a metal frame which is easily assembled, and a mesh cover which make up the walls.

The ‘doors’ are zippable flaps, and there are two, one at either end, with a zippable flap at the top.

Straight out, let’s say this PetsFit travel crate is super-convenient and makes a good bed to restrict a laid-back bulldog.

However, if your four-legger is made of tough stuff and likes to break free, then pass this one by.

It could be knocked over by a rambunctious dog or even chewed through.

But if you know your fur-friend is a placid sweetheart who just wants his own space in order to sleep undisturbed, then this is the option for you on your travels.

This portable fabric crate is a big hit with pet parents on the move.

They loved how it created a home from home when on their travels, and could be easily stowed down in the trunk, ready for overnight stays with friends.

Again, be aware this crate is fabric and so won’t cope with a rambunctious bulldog that is determined to escape.

However, the placid fur baby or one nicely tired after an adventurous day exploring, is going to sleep like a baby in this cozy nook.


Bottom Line

So there you have it, bulldog buddies.

A crate is a great way of meeting your dog’s need for a secure den to sleep in, plus it gives you peace of mind that your pet is secure when you can’t be there to supervise him.

The good news is that there’s a wonderful range of different types and styles of crate to match every conceivable need.

So whether you need a strong crate to keep the bulldog safe in transit, or a secure portable tunnel for travel, there are options for you.

Likewise from the temporary travel home to the heavy duty crate, with good quality crates in between, there’s a crate out there to suit every dog.

Just be sure your fur friend is crate trained before leaving him alone in the crate.

This means teaching him that the crate is his space and a fun place to be.

Do this by placing a comfy bed inside and hiding treats in the crate.

Soon you best buddy will be snuffling his way over and settling down for a snooze – no bother!


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