Top 10 Best Dog Bed for German Shepherd in 2020


German Shepherds are just big softies at heart and love nothing more than sleeping or dozing for hours, so making sure your lovable hound has the best dog bed for German Shepherd dogs is important for his well being, and to keep him off the sofa!

Adult German Shepherds are large, heavy dogs, and even the puppies aren’t light, so finding a bed that will give their bones and joints support, as well as being comfortable, is an important consideration while choosing the right bed for your hairy hound.

Another important consideration is hygiene. The truth is that our German Shepherds are notorious shedders, they shed hair all year round, so it is important to make sure the bed you choose is easy and practical to clean, otherwise your hairy four-legged friend’s bed will be permanently covered in hair, and the room could develop that Eau de dog smell!

1. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge

This luxurious German Shepherd dog bed is sure to appeal to your comfort-loving hound. The base has a water-resistant liner, and the mattress is made from a combination of pressure-relieving memory foam and durable support foam giving great head, hip and bone support to ensure your hound gets a good night’s sleep or morning nap!

Key Specifications

  • Size – 44”L x 34”W x 10”H  (XL)
  • Material – Human grade mattress foam and water-resistant fabric
  • Colors – Pewter. Cocoa. Vanilla
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Comes with a poly-fil bolster and waterproof liner; has human-grade orthopedic mattress foam. Available in 4 sizes. 1-year warranty

The poly-filled bolster cushion gives added comfort and provides a pillow whichever way he sleeps. The orthopedic mattress makes this bed ideal older dogs suffering from joint pains or arthritis, but equally for the younger dog, to help them rest comfortably after a good long walk.

As we know, our German Shepherds shed a lot of hair, so the fur and hair resistant cover is a bonus, meaning you can easily hoover away the hairs, to keep that dog smell at bay, and when you need to give the cover a wash, it is simple to unzip and machine wash. The anti-tear fabric has a soft suede feel, with a non-slip, non-skid bottom, so the bed stays safely in position.


  • Orthopedic mattress
  • Fur and hair resistant cover
  • Great for pets with arthritis or joint and muscle issues
  • Comes with a removable, machine-washable cover
  • Anti-slip
  • Waterproof liner on mattress
  • Other sizes available


  • Outer cover is not waterproof
  • Some mention of the zips breaking
  • Occasional tearing of the cover

One of the things your four-legged friend will really appreciate should you decide to get him the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa, is that it is, as the name suggests, a dog lounge sofa! Much as we love them, German Shepherds are large, and take up a lot of space when we’re trying to relax on the sofa, with one of these beds, he has his own!

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2. KOPEKS Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

KOPEKS Deluxe Orthopedic Dog Bed

Our loveable German Shepherds like nothing better than to have a good, long lie down after they’ve been out exercising, and this Jumbo sized bed is definitely large enough for him to have a good stretch out in comfort after all that exertion, and with plenty of room for him to wriggle around while dreaming of chasing rabbits.

Key Specifications

  • Size – 50”L x 34”W x 7”H
  • Material – Memory foam and water-resistant fabric
  • Colors – Grey and Chocolate Brown
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Comes with a pillow and waterproof liner; has a memory foam orthopedic mattress

 Incidentally, if the dimensions of this bed seem a little large for your house, it does come in two smaller sizes.

The Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed has a comfortable, supportive 7 inches thick foam orthopedic mattress, with a 3-inch pillow for extra comfort. The mattress has a removable waterproof liner, and the outer, zippered soft plush suede cover is machine-washable and has an anti-slip bottom.

It’s worth mentioning that you can buy spare covers separately so your pampered German Shepherd can still rest comfortably while you are washing the bed cover, and you can also then have the choice of both color options.

Being a memory foam mattress, when you remove your new bed from the packaging, it is recommended that you leave ii for up to 24 hours to allow the bed to puff out to its full size before letting your lucky hound try it out.


  • Orthopedic foam mattress
  • Waterproof inner liner which is removable
  • Removable and machine washable outer cover
  • anti-slip base
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Has a pillow for extra comfort


  • Outer cover is not waterproof
  • Cover is not very durable
  • Some reviews have said the mattress doesn’t fully puff up

This German Shepherd dog bed is a very comfortable option, but the outer cover is not as durable as some, so if your dog is prone to chewing or digging in his bed, this may not be right for you.

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3. BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

Whilst German Shepherds are loyal, intelligent, curious, and active hounds they also enjoy their rest – around 16 hours a day – so finding a comfortable, therapeutic bed for your special man to curl up in is very important, as he will be spending many relaxed hours in it! The BarksBar large grey orthopedic dog bed could well fit the bill.

Key Specifications

  • Size – 40”L x 30”W x 10”H
  • Material – Memory foam mattress
  • Colors – Grey
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Has a memory foam orthopedic mattress and padded rim

This bed is designed to provide the ultimate sleep experience for dogs of all ages. The orthopedic mattress is especially good for older dogs with joint, bone or arthritic problems as it provides both support and comfort while your special friend rests.

It is made from high-quality materials, with the orthopedic foam base covered in a quilted design, soft polyester cover. The cotton-padded rim is there to provide comfort and support for his neck and head.

The base has a built-in rubber non-slip base so the bed will stay in place even on tiled floors. It is easy to keep clean, the polyester outer cover is machine-washable, on the delicate cycle.

This bed is definitely designed with the comfort of its customers in mind, but if your dog is a chewer, or likes to scrabble and dig his bed before settling down, the fabric may not be durable enough for you.


  • Orthopedic mattress
  • Non-slip base
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Cotton padded rim for head and neck support


  • Doesn’t come with waterproof lining
  • Fabric not suitable for chewers
  • Some comments that padding in bolster cushion is on the thin side

Also, the BarksBar doesn’t come with a waterproof liner, so this could be a problem with the very young or older dogs who could have overnight accidents. If your four-legged friend is prone to either of these traits, this may not be the bed for you.

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4. Joyelf Orthopedic Dog Bed

JOYELF Medium Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

Another contender for the best German Shepherd dog bed is the Joyelf Orthopedic Dog Bed. Larger dogs can develop problems with their joints and bones, and develop arthritis, using an orthopedic memory foam bed from an early age can help to alleviate these issues. 

Key Specifications

  • Size – 38”L x 28”W x 4″H
  • Material – Quality memory foam
  • Colors – Neutral colors, one style available
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – High-quality orthopedic, antibacterial memory foam and comes with a squeaky toy

The Joyelf bed is made from high-quality materials, with a flame retardant, and antibacterial solid memory foam base designed to give your special hound maximum comfort. The base cover has a waterproof rubber coating so the bed won’t slide, and there is an inner waterproof lining to protect the mattress if there are any occasional accidents.

The outer cover which is soft and comfortable is easily removed and machine washable. It is important to follow the washing directions provided by the manufacturer. An added design feature is that, unlike a lot of dog beds, the zipper is hidden for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

This bed has a generously filled with breathable PP cotton bolster cushion which encircles the whole bed, providing either a comfortable pillow or comforting support for your four-legged friend, ensuring a restorative night’s sleep, or an afternoon nap.


  • Has an orthopedic mattress
  • Comes with waterproof inner lining
  • Hidden zipper
  • Machine washable outer cover
  • Non-slip base
  • Comes with two squeaky toys!


  • Outer cover can shed fluff
  • Not so suitable for chewers
  • Base mattress is very firm

One thing to consider is that if your dog is in the habit of chewing his bed, the Joyelf bed’s fabric is probably not durable enough for you. Equally, there have been a few comments about the fabric shedding fluff when used for dogs who like to dig or scratch their bed before settling down for the night.

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5. PetFusion Jumbo Dog Bed

PetFusion Jumbo Dog Bed

So our fifth and final contender for best German Shepherd dog bed is the PetFusion Jumbo Dog Bed. It comes in XL, Large and Small too, so don’t be put off by the size.

Key Specifications

  • Size – 50”L x 40”W x 13H
  • Material – Quality 6” memory foam & recycled ‘green’ polyfill bolsters
  • Colors – Sandstone. Chocolate Brown. Slate Grey
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – High-quality orthopedic mattress. Waterproof lining. Easy to clean. Outer cover also water-resistant. Four size options. 24-month warranty.

This dog bed offers the ultimate in comfort for your special hound, with plenty of room to stretch out, and the added support of the bolster cushions.

The outer fabric is a blend of polyester and cotton twill, which is very durable and tear-resistant and has a non-slip base. It is also ’skin contact safe’ and water-resistant to significantly slow absorption should there be any accidents.

There is also an inner waterproof lining to completely protect the 6-inch thick memory foam mattress. The bolster cushions are made from recycled ‘green’ polyfill to provide comfort and support, while your German Shepherd is having one of his regular naps.

The outer cover has two zipper compartments to make it easier to reassemble after washing – it is machine washable. Extra covers are available, so your special hound doesn’t have to wait for another rest while you are washing the cover!

This dog bed is of very high-quality, and the memory foam mattress provides a comfortably soft but supportive cushion, particularly important for the larger breeds like German Shepherds, who can develop joint and bone issues, as well as arthritis. The bolster cushions give him a soft pillow to rest his head, or the comfort of support for his neck and head.


  • 6-inch memory foam mattress
  • Water-resistant outer cover
  • Tear-resistant outer cover
  • Water-resistant inner liner
  • ‘Green’ recycled polyfill in bolster cushions
  • 24-month warranty
  • Good customer service


  • Some have had issues with the zip
  • Fabric is a bit slick
  • Block color shows dirt and marks
  • Some have found fabric not durable enough

There have been some reviews about issues with the zippers, and weakness at the seams, but these beds to come with a 24-month warranty, and the customer service appears to be very good.

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6. Premium Plush Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Dog’s Bed, Premium Plush Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed

Large breed dogs like German Shepherds tend to suffer from joint pain due to their size. To help alleviate their pain you can purchase a dog bed like The Dog’s Balls Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed.

Key Specifications

  • Size-46” X 28” X 6” (XL-Bed, four other sizes available)
  • Material-Orthopedic memory foam, suede cover
  • Colors-Brown plush, grey plush, grey with black, blue, green, orange, or pink trim
  • Easy to Clean-Yes
  • Why We Recommend-The bed is made of luxury-grade memory foam that dogs will enjoy sleeping or relaxing on top of

This premium orthopedic bed is made of premium grade, high quality, luxury memory foam that passes human-grade standards of comfort. The comfy memory foam is great for dogs who suffer from arthritis, muscle pains, joint pains, or other physical strains. Large breed dogs like German Shepherds especially benefit from the comfort memory foam beds offer.

The faux fur and suede cover is waterproof and hypoallergenic. It is resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites. If your dog were to have an accident on the bed or if it gets a bit smelly you can unzip the cover from the memory foam interior and place it in the washer on a gentle setting to avoid wear and tear. Dry on a gentle cycle and then you can put it back on the memory foam interior.

Dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds can enjoy this bed, not just German Shepherds or dogs with body pains.


  • Machine washable cover
  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes


  • Some customers have claimed that the foam insert was stiff
  • Customers have stated that the bed is more water-resistant than water-proof

Even if your German Shepherd is still young with no joint pains, they will still enjoy the luxurious feeling of The Dog’s Balls Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed on their bodies.

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7. FurHaven Pet Dog Bed

FurHaven Pet Dog Bed

Orthopedic beds are the best types of beds you can get for a German Shepherd as it provides full-body support. FurHaven Pet Orthopedic Dog Bed does just that and more for your German Shepherd.

Key Specifications

  • Size-30″ x 45″ X 6” (Jumbo size, three other sizes available)
  • Material-Microvelvet cover, memory foam insert
  • Colors-Grey, Chocolate, Camel, Cream, Espresso, Clay
  • Easy to Clean-Yes
  • Why We Recommend-This size of the jumbo dog bed is ideal for large breed dogs to be able to stretch out and relax in peace.

The ergonomically-designed curved shape of the bed cradles your dog’s body to provide full-spectrum support of their back and neck. The dense, medical-grade orthopedic foam is soft yet firm for a comfortable sleeping experience. For extra comfort, the quilted micro velvet sleeve is soft and cozy for your dog to enjoy. FurHaven’s pet bed also comes with a matching, water-resistant polycanvas base for better durability and long-lasting use.

Even though the cover is resistant to most messes, it can still get covered in fur after extended usage. If this were to happen to you not to worry, the cover is removable with an easy-to-use zipper system. Be sure to wash and dry the cover on a gentle setting to avoid damaging the cover.

Since the bed is lightweight, you can easily move it around as you need to. Before purchasing the bed, though, be sure that your dog does not have any destructive habits as the bed is not durable against constant chewing.


  • Soft sleeping surface
  • Water-resistant base
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Not recommended for dogs with chewing problems
  • Some customers have stated that the zipper breaks easily

Place the FurHaven Pet Orthopedic Dog Bed in the living room, bedroom, or den, wherever you want your German Shepherd to relax in luxury.

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8. KOPEKS – Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

KOPEKS - Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Your German Shepherd will enjoy the softcover and full-body support the KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed will give them.

Key Specifications

  • Size-37” x 10” x 10” (Jumbo XL, two other sizes available)
  • Material-Memory Foam insert, waterproof fabric
  • Colors-Chocolate brown, grey, plush brown
  • Easy to Clean-Yes
  • Why We Recommend-German Shepherds need a bed that is not only big enough for them but comfortable enough to support their body

Spoil your German Shepherd with this high-quality dog bed. The thick memory foam insert is hypoallergenic and helps your dog’s body all around. A waterproof lining provides a protective barrier between the memory foam insert and your dog in case accidents or spills were to happen.

The suede cover gives your dog a soft and comfortable place to rest their body. The anti-slip rubber bottom keeps the bed in place in case your dog tends to toss and turn when they sleep, or they like to scratch at the bed before curling up on it.

For the harder to clean messes that cannot be hand cleaned you can place the cover in the washer. The durable zipper keeps any messes from seeping under the cover. Undo the zipper, remove the cover, and place it in the washer and dryer on a gentle setting to make sure the cover remains durable and long-lasting.


  • Anti-slip rubber bottom
  • Waterproof Liner
  • High-end memory foam
  • Soft suede cover
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Machine washable


  • Customers have claimed that it is not as waterproof as it claims to be

Your German Shepherd will have a long-lasting, comfortable bed that will last them their lifetime thanks to the KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed.

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9. Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products

Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed

For a plush bed perfect for large breed dogs turn to the Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed.

Key Specifications

  • Size-52″L x 36″W (largest bed option, three other sizes available)
  • Material-Plush microsuede and polyester filling
  • Colors-Black velvet, chocolate, grey velvet, navy velvet, rust, sage, stone
  • Easy to Clean-Yes
  • Why We Recommend-The donut shape of the bed provides a fun and comfortable place for your German Shepherd to rest their weary body on

The Premium High Loft Polyester filling is soft and molds to the shape of your dog so they never have to sleep on top of a hard bed. A plush microsuede cover is resistant to most messes while still providing dogs a soft texture to rest on. A bolster on the beds can help straighten dog spines if they suffer from any joint or muscle pains. To further help against spills and messes the bottom of the bed is made of waterproof 300/600 Denier.

There is no way to separate the sleeve from the filling, so the bed will have to be washed in one piece. Luckily, thanks to the material, the bed is fully machine washable on a gentle setting, but it has to be air-dried. Aside from the limitations when it comes to washing the dog bed, it still has a durable and long-lasting design that will quickly become an important addition to your German Shepherd’s life.


  • Waterproof base
  • Made of premium materials
  • Spinal support design
  • Comfortable cushion design


  • Has no bottom support to prevent the bed from losing its shape or moving around

Your German Shepherd will quickly learn how comfortable the Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed will be on their body after the first time they take a nap on it.

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10. Petlo Orthopedic Pet Sofa Bed

Petlo Orthopedic Pet Sofa Bed

Provide your German Shepherd with the therapeutic bed that their bodies need with the Petlo Orthopedic Pet Sofa Bed.

Key Specifications

  • Size-36″ x 28″ x 9″ (large bed, two other sizes available)
  • Material-Memory foam insert and fabric cover
  • Colors-Chocolate brown and slate grey
  • Easy to Clean-Yes
  • Why We Recommend-Even if your dog does not have any joint or muscle pain they will still benefit from the comfort offered by this pet bed

Petlo has your pet’s comfort in mind. The high-density memory foam insert is soft for a restless sleep while being firm to soothe pressure points and ease any joint or muscle pain. Your dog does not need to have any muscle pain to enjoy this bed, though, as dogs of any size, age, or breed can enjoy this sofa bed. It has a skid-free bottom to prevent the bed from being moved or tossed around by your dog.

For messes that cannot be cleaned with a rag or by hand, you can slip off the water-resistant fabric cover and place it in the washing machine on a gentle setting and let air dry. On the off chance that the fabric cover gets torn or destroyed Petlo sells replacement covers.

Putting together the bed is easy as well. The bolster support is already placed in the fabric over, all you would have to do is insert the memory foam, zip the bed up, and it is ready for your dog to lounge away the days on.


  • Easy to put together
  • Water-resistant
  • Skid-free
  • Removable washable cover


  • Customers have claimed that the zipper broke off easily

Your dog can enjoy the same luxurious comfort that you do with your bed thanks to the Petlo Orthopedic Pet Sofa Bed.

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Bottom Line

When choosing the right bed for your German Shepherd, it’s important to take into account his preferred sleeping position as well as his size, and this will ensure you buy him not just the comfiest bed in town, but also one that is large enough to allow him to sleep comfortably in his ideal position.

While all of the above suggestions for best German Shepherd dog bed have received rave reviews from customers, our preferred choice is the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed and Lounge Sofa. This bed not only offers your hound the comfort of the human-grade orthopedic mattress to ease any joint pain, but he will also have his very own sofa! This bed gives you the benefit of not only a washable cover but one that is hair-resistant too. All German Shepherd owners understand how important that is!


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