Top 5 Best Dog Beds for Australian Shepherds in 2020


The Australian Shepherd dog breed dates back to the 1840s.

Although the name of the breed references Australia, the breed originated in the United States during the Gold Rush era.

This beautiful dog was originally bred to herd livestock but is known today as an excellent family dog.

Australian Shepherds are active and need a place to rest.

Pet parents often find themselves searching for the best dog beds for Australian Shepherds.

Finding the right bed that suits your Australian Shepherd can be overwhelming. This dog breed can grow to 1 foot 11 inches high and weigh up to 65 pounds.

You want to focus on the size of the bed as well as the comfort level.

Generally, you want to find a dog bed that will be at least one inch longer than your dog to provide enough room for your dog to stretch out and sleeps.

The following dog beds are best suited for Australian Shepherds.

1. HappyCare Textiles Dog and Pet Bed

HappyCare Textiles Dog and Pet Bed

Does your Australian Shepherd like to curl up when he or she sleeps?

If so, this dog bed is the one you have been looking for.

The raised edges provide your dog with comfort and a place to rest his or her head.

Your dog can also use the soft raised edges to block wind or drafts that make them feel cold when they sleep.

It provides a secure feeling as well as being warm and comfortable.

The outside of the bed is stylish and features a dog bone on the front of the bed.

The color compliments almost any home décor.

The bottom is anti-slip to prevent the bed from sliding across flat surfaces such as tiled and wood floors.

Australian Shepherds love to be outdoors and if your dog enjoys jumping and running through dirt and mud then tracking into the house and eventually their bed, you need to wash the bed frequently.

You will be happy to learn this dog bed is easy to wash.

You can clean the entire bed by placing it in the washing machine and washing it on the gentle cycle then tumble dry on low.

You can also air dry it outdoors in the sun.

This bed is lightweight and easy to carry from room to room.

It’s also great for traveling.

It fits in the backseat for your dog to use during a road trip or in storage in the trunk of the car or back of an SUV.

This dog bed provides a comfortable safe feeling for your dog.


2. BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

Your beautiful Australian Shepherd will sleep comfortably in this soft orthopedic dog bed.

It measures 40” X 30” X 10” and provides plenty of room for your dog to find his or her perfect sleeping position.

This dog bed is excellent for dogs of any age but especially beneficial for dogs who are older and suffer from arthritis or joint pain.

The bed is made of high-quality materials that provide comfort and balance that helps reduce joint pain.

The raised edges are perfect for neck and head support as well as cuddling if your dog likes to cuddle up inside the bed.

The bottom of the bed has a built-in non-slip feature to prevent the bed from sliding on flat surface floors such as wood or tiles.

If your dog makes a mess or tracks dirt into his or her bed, you will be happy to learn this bed is easy to clean.

It’s as easy as removing the bed cover and tossing it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Allowing it to air dry is recommended.

It’s also easy to remove pet hair and spot clean in between washings.

This lightweight bed is easy to carry from one area to another.

It’s also easy to travel with and store in the trunk of a car or SUV.

Overall this bed is comfortable, reduces pain in joints, helps your dog sleep better, and is easy to travel with.

If you have an older Australian Shepherd that experiences joint pain, this is the dog bed for you.


3. American Kennel Club Pet Sofa Dog Bed

American Kennel Club Pet Sofa Dog Bed

Does your dog need extra support when sleeping?

Dogs that experience illness, pain or old age often have a difficult time finding a good sleeping position in their dog bed.

If you have observed your dog circling his or her bed several times to find a comfortable position, this is the dog bed you need for your dog.

It measures 40” W X 8” H X 30” D.

It is created with eco-friendly high-quality materials, including memory foam.

This incredible foam provides support to your dog’s body when he or she is lying in any position.

The foam supports the body as well as forms to your dog’s current sleeping position.

When your dog gets up from the bed it resumes its original form.

The bottom of the bed comes with a built-in non-skid feature that prevents the bed from sliding on flat surfaces such as wood or tiled flooring.

The slightly raised soft edges of the bed provide the ultimate comfort for your dog.

This bed is easy to carry from one area to another.

This is helpful when your dog likes to be in the same room as you so it’s easy to carry from the kitchen to the living room and any other room.

If you enjoy traveling in the car with your dog around town or on road trips, this bed fits on the back seat of most cars and in the back of SUVs.

Overall this is the best dog bed for Australian Shepherds because of the comfort level, support, and high-quality memory foam.


4. AKC Sweet Dreams Large Bed

AKC Sweet Dreams Large Bed

Australian Shepherds enjoy being active outside.

If your dog is running around in the yard most of the day and needs a sofa of his own when he or she comes inside the house, the comfortable orthopedic sofa dog bed is an excellent choice.

It measures 35” X 27” X 8.”

This bed provides the ultimate in comfort due to its 3” layer of orthopedic egg crate foam.

It provides support and helps relieve pressure which is very helpful for dogs that are exhausted from being physically active outdoors.

This bed is also beneficial for older dogs that experience joint pain or arthritis.

The non-skid bottom prevents it from sliding on wood or tiled floors.

The dog bed comes in a few different colors which makes it easy to match your own furniture or choose a color that complements your home décor.

The color options for this sofa dog bed are; brown, grey and tan.

If your dog prefers his or her own place to sleep or takes up too much room on your sofa, this dog bed will provide your dog with a sofa of their own.

The bed is soft, comfortable and large enough, so your dog can stretch out and rest.

It’s easy to move from one area of the house to another.

Plus, it’s also easy to travel with when on a road trip.

Overall, this sofa dog bed for Australian Shepherds is supportive, comfortable, soft, provides plenty of room, and helps relieve aching muscles and joints.


5. Animals Favorite New Rectangle Pet Bed

Animals Favorite New Rectangle Pet Bed

Did you just welcome an Australian Shepherd into your family?

If you are searching for the perfect dog bed for your puppy, you have just found it.

This adorable bed is soft and comfortable for your sweet little puppy to enjoy.

The interior of the bed has material that is so soft and warm it makes your puppy feel like he or she is still sleeping next to their puppy siblings.

The tan exterior and light interior easily match with any home décor.

The cute dog bones printed on the bed add a fun style.

The raised edges of the bed allow your puppy to rest his or her head comfortably or cuddle up inside the bed for extra warmth and protection from a draft.

This bed is ideal for your Australian Shepherd puppy to grow into from puppyhood to adulthood.

Chances are your energetic puppy is going to track dirt into their bed.

As a pet parent, you will be happy to learn this bed is easy to clean.

You simply toss the entire bed into the washing machine then tumble dry.

This dog bed is lightweight and fits in almost any room in the house.

You can also use it in the back seat of most cars and SUVs to provide added comfort for your dog during road trips.

This amazing dog bed is also beneficial for your dog when you are traveling because it helps your dog feel calm and safe knowing he or she has a piece of home with them during the trip.


Bottom Line

The beds listed above are currently the best dog beds for Australian Shepherds of all ages and stages of life on the market.

As a pet parent, you always want to choose a dog bed that supports your dog as well as provides comfort and stability.

Dogs that experience pain or illness will benefit highly from orthopedic dog beds such as the ones shown above.

Always consider the size of your dog when choosing a dog bed.

You want to make sure your dog has at least 1-inch of space in the bed if he or she is fully stretched out.

If your dog needs extra room, choose the next size up for added comfort.


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