Top 5 Best Dog Beds for Beagles


Beagles are adorable medium size dogs that will capture your heart as soon as they look at you with their big brown eyes.

They are excellent family dogs and great companion dogs.

Beagles are known for their fun personalities and stubbornness.

Adult Beagles weigh up to 30 pounds and stand 1 foot 3 inches tall with all four legs on the ground.

As a pet parent to a Beagle, you want to provide them with the very best dog food, the best harnessbest dog crate and also the best dog beds for Beagles.

If you are looking for a comfortable bed that your Beagle can relax and also cuddle up into a little ball of sleepiness, your hunt has come to an end.

The following beds are considered the best for Beagles of all ages.

Consider the excellent options shown below for your beloved Beagle.

1. Animals Favorite New Rectangle Pet Bed

Animals Favorite New Rectangle Pet Bed

Imagine your adorable Beagle in this cozy and comfortable dog bed.

The bed features anatomic design, smooth fabric, extreme support, headrest and raised sides.

It comes in two sizes in case your dog prefers extra room.

Make sure you choose the size that allows an inch space between your dog’s body and the edge of the bed to assure comfort.

Your dog will enjoy cuddling up in this warm bed, especially during the winter.

The raised side design stimulates the nesting instinct.

The bed is lightweight, easy to clean, wash and complements a variety of home décor.

Your dog will enjoy this bed so much you might have to move it from room to room just so he or she can have it close by at all times.

It’s an excellent choice as a first bed for your Beagle puppy.

The high edges provide stability and a safe feeling that he or she will enjoy.

Your Beagle will grow into it and feel just as comfortable in it when they are an adult.

If your dog tends to make a mess and gets their bed dirty, you don’t have to worry.

This soft fabric is easy to toss into the washing machine to remove stains and odor.

Overall this is one of the best dog beds for a Beagle because it is soft, comfortable, provides stability, it’s easy to wash and helps your dog feel safe and secure.

The added paw and bone decoration on the fabric adds a special touch too.


2. American Kennel Club Circle Stitch Orthopedic Cuddler Pet Bed

American Kennel Club Circle Stitch Orthopedic Cuddler Pet Bed

Does your Beagle have aching joints?

This orthopedic dog bed will provide your dog with a soft and cozy place to sleep that supports his or her body comfortably.

The bed measures 25 x 21 x 8”.

It fits perfectly in any area of the home.

The gray color blends or complements with a variety of home décor.

The bottom of the bed is non-skid and stays put wherever you place it.

It’s also easy to clean by tossing it in the washing machine.

You can even tumble dry on a low setting in the dryer.

Air drying is also good.

This lightweight orthopedic bed is great if you like to travel with your dog.

Some dog’s that experience arthritis in their joints have a difficult time getting comfortable in the car.

This bed placed on the back seat of the car in combination with a doggie seatbelt helps ease the pain of aching joints.

It’s great for long trips or just a quick trip to the local dog park.

This bed was designed and created with your dog in mind.

It is designed to provide comfort and stability with a stylish vibe.

Overall this dog bed is soft, comfortable, relieves aching joints, has high edges your dog can use as a headrest and is stylish enough to place in any room in the house.

It is a great size that accommodates a puppy as well as an adult Beagle.

It also comes in the color burgundy and taupe.


3. HappyCare Textiles Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed

HappyCare Textiles Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed

This is the best dog bed for Beagles if you are looking for comfort and easy care.

Just one look at this dog bed and it exudes comfort.

It comes in a variety of colors such as brown, coffee, blue, plus blue and white stripe.

The added paw print decoration located in the center of the bed is an added detail that complements the bed.

Your Beagle will enjoy cuddling in the cozy bed with raised edges that can be used as a headrest.

A bonus to this bed is the reversible feature. You can just turn the bed inside out and have a new look.

This feature also helps prevent the cushion from becoming flat.

You can easily keep this dog bed clean by tossing it into the washing machine and allowing it to air dry on a flat surface.

Washing it regularly also helps keep the bulky filling inside the bed at its best.

If you are a home décor fanatic that doesn’t like the dog bed to clash with the other furniture in a room, you can purchase more than one bed and choose a different color for each room your dog visits.

This dog bed is lightweight and easy to carry from place to place.

It fits in the back seat of a car easily and provides an extra boost and comfort level when your dog rides in the car.

Overall this dog bed is comfortable, cozy and provides a safe place for your dog to rest.


4. JOYELF Memory Foam Dog Bed

JOYELF Memory Foam Dog Bed Small Orthopedic Dog Bed

Senior Beagles that suffer from aches and pains require soft supportive bedding to help reduce discomfort.

This dog bed is the ultimate for dogs of any age, but especially for older dogs.

The dog bed features a solid memory foam base, built-in non-slip rubber backing, waterproof coating, PP cotton that is breathable, high-density memory foam, anti-slip bottom and a removable cover for easy cleaning.

The memory foam provides your Beagle with maximum comfort and support.

The soft fabric provides comfort and warmth for the body to relax and help relieve aches and pain.

It has superior overall comfort and allows your dog to try a variety of positions until he or she feels comfortable.

The soft raised edges act as a form of warmth and comfort as well as a headrest.

If your dog tends to be a bit messy by tracking in dirt or mud, you will be happy to learn this bed is easy to clean and remove hair.

This bed measures 27.5” x 20” x 7” with the sleeping area measuring 20” x 13”.

The soft edges of the bed provide excellent support to comfort a puppy or a senior dog and anywhere in between.

Overall this dog bed is an excellent choice for Beagles of any age, but especially beneficial to older dogs.

It provides comfort, support, soft fabric against the skin, durable memory foam that resists getting flat and a stylish design.

It is lightweight, easy to move around the house to different areas, and easy to clean.


5. Animals Favorite Checkered Rectangle Bed

Animals Favorite Checkered Rectangle Bed

Does your Beagle think he or she is royalty?

This plush dog bed is designed for a king or queen.

It measures 25” x 21”.

It’s also a great bed for puppy Beagles who enjoy cuddling against the rim of the bed.

The softness and plush material reminds a puppy of sleeping side by side next to his siblings.

It wraps your dog in comfort and soothes them to sleep easily.

The raised sides act as a headrest giving your dog a variety of comforting positions from any direction.

The front of the bed has a dipped front which makes it easy for your dog to enter or exit the bed without any problems.

This dipped front feature is especially helpful to small puppies that aren’t ready to step up on a surface yet and older dogs who have aches and pains in their joints.

The bed comes with a built-in anti-slip bottom that prevents the bed from slipping and sliding on tile or wood floors.

If your dog has the habit of playing in the dirt outside then running indoors to take a nap in his bed you will be happy to learn that you can wash that mud off his or her bed easily.

Just toss the bed into a washing machine and allow it to air dry for best results.

Overall, this luxurious dog bed is designed for comfort, warmth, and security.

Your dog will feel extra special in this plush bed specifically designed to pamper him or her.


Bottom Line

Beagles are kind, intelligent and an important part of the family.

They deserve to feel comfortable in their beds and have a place to call their own.

Even if your Beagle has taken over your King size bed every night, he or she still needs their bed.

The variety of beds shown above are designed for the overall well-being of your dog.

They provide extreme comfort that soothes their soul, body and relieves aches and pains.

Keep in mind if you have a senior dog that experiences joint pain, the memory foam option above is best suited for his or her well-being.


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