Top 4 Best Dog Beds for Huskies in 2020


When choosing a dog bed, what factors influence you most?

Perhaps you choose a super snuggly soft bed with an attractive fake fur covering.

After all, that feels inviting enough for you to settle down on, so surely the dog will love it?

Actually, what’s happening here is the classic mistake of choosing what you like rather than what is best for the dog.

For example, huskies have thick fur, and a padded warm bed is liable to retain the heat and cause them to overheat.

The way to work out the best bed for husky dogs is to watch your pet pal and get an idea about what he’d choose if he had a pet store account.

Make a mental note of where he chooses to settle to rest.

If it’s a tiled floor, the chances are he feels hot and is seeking the coolness offered by ceramic tiles.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you offer him a hard floor for a bed, but rather look on this as a strong hint that he doesn’t rate coziness as highly as you.

Other factors to take into account are your dog’s chewing habits and their life stage.

What do we mean by this?

Chewing habits is self-explanatory.

A husky with a taste for fur is doing to rip into a fluffy bed and shake it to death.

You will probably find that the luxurious fake fur beanbag that fits perfectly in with the décor is nothing other than an expensive chew toy.

Rather than make this mistake, the best dog bed for husky is to choose tough durable fabrics that don’t feel quite so rewarding to chew in the mouth.

As for the dog’s life-stage…well, older dogs have different requirements to younger ones.

A senior dog with stiff arthritic joints is going to appreciate the support and comfort of a memory foam bed.

And yes, such things do exist.

Likewise, for a youngster getting to grips with toilet training or the older dog with urinary control problems, weigh up the practicalities of different finishes (such as wipe clean or waterproof) and the benefit to your dog.

1. The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

Our next choice is for a hairy husky dog in the summer heat.

You know that warm patch the dog lies behind where he lay down?

This is where his body heat had radiated into the surrounding soft furnishings.

This transference of heat is the idea behind the ‘Cooling Mat.’

This clever product makes an ideal dog bed for those four-leggers prone to overheating.

It consists of a durable, puncture-resistant nylon outer shell, which contains a unique gel.

What’s special about the gel is that it responds to pressure and actively absorbs the dog’s heat in order to leave them feeling cooler.

In hot weather, the mat makes a super comfortable bed that leaves the dog 10 – 15 degrees cooler than the surrounding air temperature.

Hot doggy no more!

Other features of this cooling mat are that it doesn’t need to be recharged or refrigerated to be reused.

It works for around 2 – 3 hours at a time.

Once it reaches the point where the gel no longer cools the dog, simply leave the mat unused for 20 minutes and the gel will reset itself.

It comes highly recommended, principally because it does what it says and helps keep a hot dog cool.

One slight issue is that some dogs needed to be shown the benefits of using the bed.

This entailed their owners lying on the mat whilst watching TV, in order to show the dog how cool it became.

However, once the four-legger copied their pet parents lead they became inseparable from the mat, definitely chalking it up as the best bed for husky.

On the minus side, the mat is not indestructible and will be punctured by determined chewers.

Several pet parents remarked how it didn’t stand up to puppy usage, but they would purchase again once their dog has grown out of the chewing phase.

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2. Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed

Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed

Next on our list of desirable dog beds for huskies is this Gale Pacific, “Coolaroo” outdoor bed.

It consists of a sturdy metal frame supporting a hammock of tough woven polyproline fabric.

The materials are rust and mildew resistant hence the outdoor moniker, however, this product is also suitable for indoor use.

We like how the dog gets a feeling of going up in the world because he is supported around seven inches off the ground.

This gives him feelings of security and keeps him up and away from drafts on floor level.

This has the added advantage of allowing for air circulation so again thinking of hot weather, this is another way to keep a thick-coated dog cool.

In fact, why not go the whole way and team the elevated dog bed up with a cooling mat?

Genius idea!

Other advantages to the Coolaroo are that it’s easy to clean.

The material also means it’s not so snuggly for flea and mites to hide, making it more hygienic for the pet.

Of course, there are a number of raised outdoor beds on the market, but this one particularly caught our attention as it’s made from lead and phthalate-free recycled materials, and comes with a warranty.

And should your dog fancy a change of color, you can purchase replace beds that are compatible with the frame.

Pets almost universally love this raised bed, with some even preferring it to a far more expensive memory foam mattress.

The bed comes disassembled but as one reviewer put it, it’s ridiculously easy to put together.

The one slight bone of contention is the sizing.

The general opinion is that a medium is suitable for a spaniel (nothing bigger) whilst the large is the minimum size you should consider for the best dog bed for husky.

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3. K-9 Ruff n’ Tuff Pet Bed

K-9 Ruff n' Tuff Pet Bed

Perhaps you’re not looking to reinvent the wheel and would prefer a traditional type dog bed for your husky.

We’ve done all the leg work comparing brands and this K & H Ruff ‘N’ Tuff bed came out on top.

For a start, it’s chew resistant, which has to be good.

Made from heavy-duty polyester fabric it’s both comfortable and durable.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, K & H are so confident that their product will withstand wear and tear from active diggers and the like that the product carries a 12-month guarantee.

Another feature we especially approve of is that it’s channeled to keep the stuffing in place.

This is a small but important difference with cheaper beds, which are not channeled and so all the stuffing tends to migrate to one end in a big lumps.

The cover is removable and washable.

A nice touch is there’s no zipper to attract curious chewers.

Instead, the bed fastens underneath with a safe, hook and loop closure.

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4. PetFusion Large Dog Bed

PetFusion Large Dog Bed

You have a special bed for a puppy, so why not for the senior dog in your life?

A husky that’s led an active life is quite likely to have arthritis.

But stiff sore joints need nursing along in order to help the dog sleep well at night.

This is where a memory foam mattress is such a great idea for your dog.

If you haven’t heard the buzz about memory foam, let’s fill you in.

Memory foam is an especially supportive foam which conforms to the shape of the body lying on it, whilst offering firm support.

In practical terms, this means that sore bony joints are cushioned and kept warm offering the most comfortable sleeping experience possible.

The Pet Fusion Memory Foam bed ticks the right boxes for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the memory foam mattress fits inside a removable cover, making for ease of washing.

The bed also has a bolster around three of the sides, offering extra protection against drafts and a pillow for the dog to rest his head-on.

In addition, the beds come in generous sizes, which allow a bigger dog like a husky to stretch out in comfort.

All of which adds up to a better night’s rest for the senior husky in your life.

Another big point in the Pet Fusion Memory Foam Bed’s favor is its size.

It allows bigger dogs to stretch out in comfort for a truly supportive sleep.

Those pet parents that weren’t completely satisfied cited the fabric of the cover as their main gripe.

Some felt it was a little thin, whilst another found the fabric of the bolster wore through after 12 months of use.

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Bottom Line

Whether your husky is a heavy sleeper or a heavy chewer, there’s a bed that will fill their night’s sleep with sweet dreams.

In order to choose their ideal bed, take a look at their preferred sleeping habits.

Remember, the dog who likes to stretch out on a tiled floor will appreciate a cooling mat or a raised pet bed (or both, the cooling mat on top of the raised bed.)

And let’s face it; both products are a reasonable price so there’s no reason not to treat your best buddy to the comfy bed he deserves.

On the other paw if you have a puppy that’s still learning the housebreaking ropes, or an older dog with sore joints, then choose a bed accordingly.

And if you are choosing a soft bed, look for one with a channeled interior so the dogs sleep on clouds rather than rocks of stuffing that have rolled into one corner.

Happy snoozing pet parents and remember when your dog gets a good night’s sleep…so do you!


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