Top 5 Best Dog Boots for Snow in 2020


Doesn’t the white snow make it look like a winter wonderland? You would never think there are hidden dangers under that beautiful snow that could cause harm to your dog. Snow brings along the dangers of chemically treated driveways, ice-covered sidewalks and other dangers that are hazardous to dogs.

As a pet parent, you want to protect your dog from winter dangers. One of the best ways is to invest in the best dog boots for snow. Chances are you have tried a few different styles of boots, but you haven’t found the perfect solution.

Your goal is to protect your dog’s paws from being exposed to an ice-cold environment. Since you can’t keep your dog indoors all winter, dog boots are an excellent alternative. The following list is the top five best dog boots for snow. Choose the option best suited for your dog.

1. HaveGet Adjustable Straps Dog Shoes Waterproof Dog Boots

HaveGet Adjustable Straps Dog Shoes Waterproof Dog Boots

These adorable HaveGet Adjustable orange snow boots for dogs will protect your dog’s paws all winter and beyond. They are made of waterproof material that keeps paws warm and dry in snow and rain.

Your dog will have better traction on icy sidewalks due to the anti-slip soles. The soles also help protect paws from sharp objects hiding under the snow.

Adjustable straps and open back make the boot soft and flexible which makes it easy to put on your dog. The straps are long and easy to adjust to assure they stay on when exposed to the toughest terrain and deepest snow.

Available in several sizes so be sure to choose the one best suited to your dog’s paw size. The best way to determine the size is to have your dog stand on a piece of paper and draw a close line around his paw.

Then measure the width and length to determine the size. There’s a size chart with the measurements available to help you pick the best one for your dog. When in doubt always go one size up, instead of a size smaller.

Dog boots are great to take your dog for a walk, to the dog park, hiking or jogging. Pet parents that have active dogs that can’t sit still during winter will highly benefit from investing in dog snow boots. The boots come above the ankle area and protect your dog from harsh chemicals, salt and cold temperatures that could cause severe damage to paws.

You don’t have to worry about the dog boots getting dirty. You can quickly wash them by tossing them into the washing machine on a gentle cycle or soaking them in the sink.

Allow them to air dry completely before using them again. Avoid putting HaveGet Adjustable Snow Boots in the dryer since the sole can become damaged by the heat.


2. Royalwise dog boots pet shoes for small dogs

Royalwise dog boots pet shoes for small dogs

Your dog will be the center of attention in the neighborhood and the dog park with these colorful space style doggie boots. Royalwise dog boots pet shoes for small dogs come in a variety of colors such as black, blue and rose.

Featuring a non-slip rubber sole that also protects your dog’s paws for sharp objects lurking under the snow such as debris, rocks, broken glass and more. The linking tape is located in the back of the dog boots which allows you to quickly adjust the size and width of the boot.

Velcro straps hold it into place securely. This will enable you to make the fit as comfortable as possible while at the same time secure, so the boots don’t fall off during use.

The waterproof material protects your dog’s paws from rain and snow. Your pup’s paws will be dry and warm every time. The upper part of the dog boot is made of a leather-like material while the inner part of the boot has a thermal plush lining.

These dog boots for snow are excellent for all dog breeds but especially beneficial for smaller dogs that shiver in cold weather. The warmth of the dog boot helps minimize and prevent shaking during cold days.

The dog boots are waterproof and can be easily cleaned in the sink by running water over the outer and bottom part of the boot. Avoid getting the interior of the boot wet. You can also toss them in the washing machine and allow them to air dry if the interior is dirty.

Overall, these dog snow boots are stylish, keep your dog’s paws dry and warm. You can use them while going for a walk with your dog, to the dog park or playing in the snow. Royalwise dog boots pet shoes for small dogs are a must-have for pet parents that like to dress their dog in stylish boots.


3. URBESTDetachable Closure Puppy Dog Shoes

URBESTDetachable Closure Puppy Dog Shoes

Did you just welcome a puppy into your family? Puppies often have small paws no matter what type of breed. These tiny paws need protection from harsh winter weather and the URBESTDetachable Closure Puppy Dog Booties are a good solution. 

As a new pet parent, you want to take care of your puppy the best you can, which involves investing in an excellent pair of dog boots. These boots come in a variety of color options such as red, pink and tan.

The sizes range from xxxs to xs. They are definitely designed for small dog paws. Chihuahua’s of any age will also benefit from wearing these dog snow boots. These boots are blush and comfortable for your pup to wear.

They are adjustable to assure a secure fit so they don’t fall off and get lost in the snow. Your puppy can also wear these doggie boots indoors on cold tiled floors. You should put the dog boots on your pup indoors first to allow them to get used to the feeling.

Sometimes observing a puppy walking in boots for the first time is the cutest scene so you might want to have your camera ready.

While these dog boots are adorable, they are also incredibly useful. They have a plush interior and exterior that provides comfort and security for your pup. They also have a durable sole that protects paws from sharp objects hidden beneath the snow which prevents cuts, infections and a visit to the veterinarian.

The salt and other chemicals used in the snow can adhere to the paws and cause your dog to get sick if they lick the substance. Using dog boots prevents your pup from being exposed to harsh chemicals and elements that cause illness and sometimes death in dogs.

Overall, the adorable URBESTDetachable Closure Puppy Dog Booties are excellent for puppies with small paws or Chihuahuas. They protect their paws and keep them warm.


4. FLAdorepet Non-Slip Large Big Dog Shoes

FLAdorepet Non-Slip Large Big Dog Shoes

Do you have a large dog breed that loves to play in the snow? Pet parents often allow their snow-loving pups to run around in the snow and have fun. However, did you know the snow can cause damage to your dog’s paws?

The FLAdorepet Outdoor Large Big Dog Shoes are specially made to protect large dog breeds paws. They come in color options such as red and blue, plus four different sizes to choose from and find the perfect fit.

Once you determine the size of your dog’s paws, choose the closest measurements. It’s best to select the size slightly larger if your dog is in-between sizes. You can secure the boot with the convenient straps to prevent them from falling off.

The boot is adjustable and expands as you adjust the velcro straps into the perfect placement. You can re-adjust it if necessary to assure a comfortable but secure fit.

The interior of the boot is made with soft fabric for added comfort. The sole of the boot has a waterproof, non-slip grip that also protects your dog’s paws from sharp objects hiding beneath the snow.

These waterproof dog boots are great in the rain too. So, you can efficiently use them again in the stormy summer months that bring a lot of rain and puddles to your area. When the boots get dirty, you can quickly rinse them under the faucet in the sink or toss them into the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Always air dry to avoid damage to the boots. Overall, these dog boots for large dogs are comfortable, easy to put on your dog, colorful and protect your dog’s paws from a variety of winter dangers.

A common risk these boots protect your dog from is anti-freeze which is known for causing illness and death in dogs if consumed. Keep your dog protected with the awesome FLAdorepet Outdoor Large Big Dog Shoes.


5. S-Lifeeling Pet Puppy Medium Dog Winter Rain Snow Boots Shoes

S-Lifeeling Pet Puppy Medium Dog Winter Rain Snow Boots

Did you ever think your dog would be wearing rain boots that look like yours? Pet parents that enjoy dressing their dog will enjoy matching these snow and rain boots with their own. S-Lifeeling Pet Puppy Medium Dog Winter Rain Snow Boots are anti-skid and waterproof.

You can choose from colors such as black, blue, green, pink, red, yellow and violet. Your dog’s paws will be protected from rain, snow, and ice when wearing these colorful boots. They are easy to clean with a wash in the sink or a toss in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

The boots are made with PVC which causes them to be comfortable and flexible. They are easy to put on your dog and are lightweight. The Velcro tape allows you to adjust the size to assure a perfect fit.

Avoid making the boot too tight because it causes discomfort for your dog. Find the right secure level by re-adjusting to the point where your dog is comfortable, but the boot won’t fall off in the snow. You can also put a doggie sock on your dog’s paws for added comfort and a better foot.

Dog’s that have an in-between size need the size up instead of a size down. Using a sock can help get a better fit and a more secure hold.

You can take your dog walking on icy sidewalks, walkways, and roads as well as in snow without worrying their paws will get too cold. The boots keep paws warm and safe from sharp objects and toxic substances such as anti-freeze.

They also protect your dog’s paws from becoming dried and cracked due to exposure to salt and chemicals used in the snow.

Overall, the S-Lifeeling Pet Puppy Medium Dog Winter Rain Snow Boots are a must-have for the winter and summer. They protect your dog’s paws, keep them warm and protect against a variety of harsh elements.


Bottom Line

Winter lasts for months and dogs shouldn’t be stuck indoors for the entire length of the season. Finding inventive ways to entertain your dog when it snows gets limited when you only think of indoors. Dog snow boots provide a variety of possibilities such as taking a walk, playing in the snow and visiting the local dog park. Dog boots are designed to keep paws clean, protected and comfortable. They come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors such as the ones listed above.

As a pet parent, you want to find the best dog boots for snow. Your goal is to find ones that are comfortable, easy to put on your dog, secure tightly and are durable to last many winters to come. Some snow boots can also be used during other times of the year such as hiking during summer. Also, the boots can also be used indoors on cold flooring such as tiles.


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