Top 5 Best Dog Brushes for Havanese


We love our long-haired Havanese friends, with such long and luscious coats we can easily stay in bed and pet or brush them all day long. While these guys are hypoallergenic, they certainly need brushing as long hair is far more susceptible to matting.

To enjoy our doggie cuddles even more, it is good to invest in a grooming brush to keep our pups looking great and avoid having to shave off matted fur.

A good brush will help keep the house tidy, no more piles of hair floating around the house – you can invite guests over anytime without running madly around the house sweeping up the fur.

To help you find the best dog brush for Havanese doggies, we have created a list with some great options. We give you the insight scope with reviews, recommendations and pros and cons.  

1. Pet Grooming Brush

Pet Grooming Brush

Made with a stainless steel blade, this brush by PetNeat will certainly last a long time. This fine piece of kit is made for precision – no more expensive visits to the groomers, this tool makes it easy for owners to do the work, especially with the easy-grip handle. It will be comfortable for you and your pup; they will feel like they’ve gone to a day at the spa with this brush. Netflix and chill? – no, how about Netflix and brush!

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Blue
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Comes with four e-books

Havanese are shiny and silky but do not be tricked; these pups need to be brushed! They have such long hair that can tangle or mat which dulls their coat. We love this brush because it gets the job done in 5-10 minutes and makes our dogs looking as fresh and shiny as ever.

If for some reason if it is not the best brush for your pet, Pet Neat offers a hassle-free money-back guarantee for life. However, we are sure you will be happy with this brush. It makes even the worst tangles and dreads detangle in 10 minutes, making this a viable option.

What we love most is that this purchase comes with four e-books. Not only do these books offer grooming tips, but provide valuable material in pet first aid and puppy training.


  • 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee
  • Sturdy
  • Precise
  • Comes with 4 ebooks


  • Blades are sharp – take precaution and care when brushing the dog

The Pet Neat Grooming Brush is the #1 best seller on Amazon with excellent customer reviews; this brush will be a treat for your Havanese.


2. Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs

Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs

The Happy Dogz brush is a fantastic choice and is versatile. No matter what kind of dog you have, this brush will hit the spot. It easily brushes out thin and thick fur, and it can be used on sensitive skin and for pets that shed and do not shed.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Green
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Gentle bristles feel like a massage yet gets the job done!

We recommend this brush for anyone who has different breeds, save yourself space and money and purchase one brush that does it all.

What makes this brush such a hit is that it gets the job done without hurting the skin. There are far too many brushes that do a job well done, yet leave the animal aggravated or upset because the brush was painful. This brush has bristles that are soft yet durable and are sure to remove tangles, mats, debris, and dead hair.

We love this brush because it is not a random company that decided to make a brush but designed by a fellow pet owner. They understand that brushing should be an enjoyable experience, not just a chore hated by dog and owner. To make the experience enjoyable, the brush is made to feel like a massage for the dog and turns brushing into a bonding experience.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Comes with grooming ebook
  • Gentle bristles
  • Made by a pet owner
  • Comfortable in the hand


  • Said to be slightly flimsy
  • Bristles said to be too tough for some dogs
  • Said to be a bit large

Don’t know the first thing about grooming or brushing? The Happy Dogz brush comes with a dog grooming Ebook. Not only will you learn how to be the best dog brusher ever, but you’ll learn more about grooming than you ever knew possible.


3. Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

When it comes to pets we have much work to do, especially for our doggie friends – they need walks, exercise, lots of love and attention. But we also have to clean after them, keep their health intact, keep their coats well kept and groomed to avoid matting, dirty fur and the aftermath of shedding – a home full of fur piles.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Green
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – The brush is self-cleaning!

With the right grooming brush, our home can maintain its sparkle, and our dogs will shine too. The right brush will even bring about a stronger bond between you and Fido – kill two birds with one stone and get your cuddle time, so pups will feel that affection and attention he loves while keeping their fur well maintained.

The Pro Quality Self Cleaning brush saves us time. With its self-cleaning feature, we can skip out on time wasted cleaning out the brush. It only takes about five seconds to push the button, dump out the fur and wipe it down. Instead of cleaning enjoy sweet bonding moments with pups.

Perhaps you are worried taking up dog grooming will be time-consuming and might be worth avoiding. We suggest that you ditch those heft grooming fees because this product has your back and comes with an ebook all about grooming. Soon you can start your own grooming side hustle!

What we really like about this brush is that it is recommended by fellow pet owners, vets, and professional groomers. The bristles of this brush are made with metal which makes it easy to remove build-up in the hair. 


  • 5-year manufacturer guarantee
  • Free grooming Ebook
  • Bristles made of metal


  • Take precaution, bristles said to be sharp
  • Large brush, may scare a small and skittish dog or be difficult to use

The Pro Quality Self Cleaning brush is durable, long lasting and has a comfortable grip for the groomer.


4. Boshel Dog Hair Brush

Boshel Dog Hair Brush

It is very satisfying to brush our doggies and remove dead hair, mats and whatever other crazy things that managed to nest in their fur. But then you sit up. There is fur all over you. It is frustrating and is a whole other task to do. The Boshel brush resolves this issue, simply turn the brush over and you will find a rubber side made to brush the fur off of your clothes. And if the hair gets on the couch or carpet, the rubber side can brush that up too.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Blue with green
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Great for sensitive dogs or those afraid of being brushed

This brush is great for doggies who are sensitive or fearful of the brush; it uses rounded heads which prevents scratching or irritating the skin. With cloth under the pins, the brush can easily glide across the fur without snagging hair.

While this brush is great for sensitive skin, it also does a fantastic job at removing everyday mats and tangles. However, we recommend using this for everyday brushing to prevent massive mats.

This brush is not the most heavy-duty brush and it may be difficult to detangle a dog who hasn’t been brushed in months. To avoid issues like that, it is best to give your Havanese a brush every day; their fur will be soft and shiny too!


  • Rounded heads – safe to use and long-lasting
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Comes with rubber side to remove fur on your clothes, carpet, and sofa


  • Not the toughest brush for a dog with thick, hard to brush fur

The Boshel brush not only will your Havanese feel good but so will you. The handle is soft and makes gripping the brush take the stress off of your hands and wrists. If you experience arthritis, it is key to find a brush with a soft, easy to grip brush


5. Smalldog Official Gentle Dog Body Brush

Smalldog Official Gentle Dog Body Brush

Not all doggies love a good brushing, especially those with sensitive skin. Rather than bonding with their human, they pull away and become upset. For these doggies we highly recommend the Small Dog brush, it is extremely gentle and feels soft on the skin. Rather than sharp bristles that could irritate your dog, this brush has rounded tips that will not hurt even the most sensitive pup.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – White with purple
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Safe brush even for the most sensitive skin

It is also important to treat yourself, our dogs can experience such joy when they are brushed, and while we enjoy the time together and getting our doggies nice, clean and knot-free, brushing can tire out our wrists or even hurt. We love this brush because it is small and light and takes the pressure off our wrists and comes with a slip-free handle, there won’t be any brushes flying out of your hand anytime soon!

What makes Small Dog Official a special company is that it was created by a dog mom. Her insta-famous Yorkies started it all. On their Instagram, she shared advice with fellow dog owners and later decided to create a line dedicated to small dogs and their needs. PROS

  • Small brush good for small Havanese
  • Stimulates skin without hurting skin


  • Not ideal for a large dog
  • Not ideal for curly hair dogs
  • Works best on dry fur, will work on wet fur but not ideal

This gentle brush is designed to fit the needs of our small friends and will be the perfect treat for your Havanese. Plus, we love that Small Dog Official has a community, this makes it easy to connect with other small doggie owners!


Bottom Line

For a Havanese dog brush that will offer the most comfort while getting the job done, we choose the Small Dog Official Gentle Dog Body Brush as our winner.

We love that this brush is designed with small dogs in mind. Many brushes are large and can make brushing awkward, not to mention, many come with rough bristles which can hurt our poor furry friends. Small Dog Official understands this and has made a brush that will make our dogs feel blissed out, which will fit nicely in our hands and be proportionate to their body.

This brush will keep our Havanese’s coat shiny and soft and remove any excess fur, mats, and tangles.

Enjoy soft cuddles and connect with the Small Dog Official community, link up with other Havanese mamas and papas!


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