Top 5 Best Dog Brush for Saint Bernard in 2020


Following the history of the Saint Bernard dog breed, these dogs have been known for their loyalty in saving lives in the early days of the Great St. Bernard Hospice. The dogs would warm up snow-buried travelers with their thick fur. They are intelligent dogs, and the best you could do is giving them the right care all the time. It takes more than just a grooming kit to keep the dog clean and well-kept.

While grooming this breed of dogs can be quite a task, the right brush can help to achieve desirable results with minimal effort. The best dog brush for St Bernard ought to reach deep into the skin through the thick fur.

Also, the right brush needs to have a sturdy, comfortable handle to ensure a hassle-free experience grooming your furry friend. Below are reviews of some of the brushes that would work well with your St. Bernard dog.

1. GoPets Dematting Comb

GoPets Dematting Comb

Dealing with the tight knots and tangles of your St Bernard can be quite frustrating. With this double-sided comb, it gets easier to groom your dog while ensuring it is less of a hassle for the dog as well.

One of the features that stand out with this dog brush is the 2-sides that work together to make grooming easy. The brush has a different number of teeth on each side for separate combing density. The low-density side helps with brushing and raking off stubborn tangles. The high-density side works to detangle deep through the coat to eliminate finer knots.

This fine side also helps to prevent excessive shedding that is common with most brushes. It prevents thinning of the dog’s fur helping to retain as much hair as possible. The brush gets deep through the coat to reach the skin which assists in removing lodged dirt. Additionally, this process promotes even distribution of natural oils in the surface for a shiny and smooth coat.

The brush has sharp teeth to prevent pulling the hairs while ensuring it helps with detangling and removing knots. The rounded ends ensure the brush does not prick the skin while brushing deep through the coat. This feature makes the brush a suitable option for dogs with super sensitive skin. The handle is ergonomically designed to ensure it is comfortable to hold while brushing the dog’s hair.


  • Removes mats and tangles effectively
  • Easy to brush through the hair
  • Comfortable on the hand
  • Leaves the coat smooth
  • Durable construction


  • Does not work well with dogs that have long hair

The GoPets dog brush is a suitable option for dogs with trimmed thick fur for as a regular grooming tool. It is recommended for its double sides that make combing easier and effective.


2. SAFARI Dog De-Matting Comb

SAFARI Dog De-Matting Comb

Your St Bernard dog is likely to build up tangles and knots if it goes several days without grooming. The Safari De-Matting Comb is designed to make the process easy to handle without causing pain or irritation on the dog’s skin.

One of the qualities that stand out with this brush is that it can work well with a variety of coats. That includes your furry St Bernard. The best part is that it works even better with dogs that have long hair. This is attributed to the quality of the brush in reaching deep into the coat. It helps to remove tangles and tough knots that usual brushes pass.

The dog comb has a stainless steel end which helps to withstand the combing pressure, especially with long-haired dogs. Also, the brush has long tapered combing ends which ensure it reaches the coat for a deep comb through the hair. Additionally, the comb has a sunken pit at the end of the handle. It provides a comfortable area to place the thumb and hold down the brush for effective combing.

As much as the combing ends are sturdy and useful in brushing your dog’s hair, the handle is another factor to keep in mind. This particular piece has a firm handle with a soft grip for comfort when combing through the dog’s hair. The good thing is that the blades can be reversed to use either on the right or left-hand side. With a soft comb following the direction of hair growth, the grooming process becomes easier and effective.


  • Removes mats and tangles effectively
  • Easy to hold and use for long
  • Reversible blade favors different users
  • Works great for long-haired dogs


  • Can be rough when used on puppies and short-haired dogs

The Safari De-Matting Comb is designed for dogs with long hair that tends to tangle and knot with time. It has proven to work efficiently with minimal effort.


3. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

One of the worries you could encounter when selecting a brush for your St Bernard is finding one that does not hurt your dog’s sensitive skin. This slicker brush from Hertzko is a suitable and practical idea for your furry friend.

The brush is designed to remove nasty mats and tangles that are common with St Bernard dogs. The brush works gently to remove loose hair, trapped dirt and knots leaving your dog’s coat soft and smooth. The quality construction makes it suitable for use on different dog hair types including those with extra-long hair. The handle has an excellent grip and anti-slip for comfort and efficiency in grooming your dog.

It is essential to find a brush that will not hurt your furry friend in the grooming process. This brush has gentle bristles made of fine bent wires. These bristles are designed to penetrate deep into the dog’s coat to ensure all dirt and trapped dander is removed. Additionally, the bristles ensure the coat is smooth right from the skin surface for desirable results.

One feature that you will love about the brush is the retractable bristles. Once you are done brushing your furry friend, you need to click the button which retracts the bristles back leaving all collected hair loose on the ends. This makes it easy to remove hair promoting convenient cleaning of the brush immediately after use.


  • Easy to use
  • Retractable bristles for easy cleaning
  • Works with long-haired dogs
  • Comfortable non-slip handle


  • The button needs to be down when brushing the dog’s coat

The Hertzko dog brush works well to eliminate tangles and tough knots that are common with long-haired dogs. It is an ideal choice for proper grooming of St. Bernard dogs.


4. Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

Although the primary role of a dog brush is to remove tangles and knots, your pup can enjoy a gentle massage as you brush through the fine coat. The Pro Quality brush is an excellent example that your dog will love and enjoy.

The brush is designed to help remove tangles while ensuring your dog does not get hurt. It is perfect for long and short-haired dogs; thanks to its sturdy construction. It comes in two sizes so you can choose the right one for your St Bernard dog. The medium to large size is slightly bigger than the small size and works well with long-haired dogs.

Your dog will love the gentle massages it will get every time you have to brush the hair. It takes minimal effort to reach the dog’s skin and brush through the hair. Additionally, the brush helps to distribute the skin’s natural oils through the hair for a shiny, smooth coat. With this brush, grooming sessions will turn to be your dog’s favorite moments.

Maintaining the brush in the right condition takes more than just removing the hairs. This brush has a self-cleaning feature that operates by a button push. When the button is down, the bristles tend to retract leaving the hair loosely hanging on the ends for easy removal. The feature makes it a suitable choice for dogs that tend to shed during brushing.


  • It is easy to control and brush through the coat
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Effective in removing tangles and knots
  • Works for all dogs including long-haired ones


  • Not suitable for small dogs and puppies

This slicker brush is recommended for its effectiveness on removing tangles and knots. Also, the self-cleaning feature makes it a suitable brush for dogs that shed.


5. Boshel Dog Hair Brush

Boshel Dog Hair Brush

If your St Bernard loves to cuddle on the sofa, it is expected that it will leave loose hairs. The Boshel brush helps to keep the loose strands away from the surface while acting as a handy grooming tool for your dog.

The brush has two functional sides that aim to make grooming your pet easier and effective. The brush comb helps to eliminate tangles and knots leaving your dog with a smooth coat. The pin brush is useful for daily grooming or scheduled sessions with your pet groomer. It works well for removing dander, trapped dirt, and knots that are common with long-haired dogs.

When brushing your dog, the brush reaches deep into the hair ensuring a gentle massage for your furry friend. Also, this helps to distribute oils evenly ensuring your dog has a shiny and smooth coat. It is an all-round brush with a guarantee to keep your dog well-kept for longer.

The pin brush side is ergonomically designed with rounded edges to ensure it does not scratch your dog’s sensitive skin. Also, the pins are flexible which ensures proper movement when brushing to follow the direction of hair growth. This brush has a sturdy handle with a comfortable grip for easy grooming.

A St. Bernard brush is likely to leave quite a mess after grooming. With this brush, you do not have to worry about collecting the loose hairs on the surface after shedding. The other side of the brush picks the fur keeping surfaces clean and free from your dog’s shedding.


  • Works well with dogs that have long hair
  • Gently massages the dog’s skin
  • Double-sided
  • Helps with shedding hair


  • Not suitable for puppies

This multi-functional brush is an ideal choice for dogs that have long hair. It works well with those that shed after brushing; thanks to the other side of the brush.


Bottom Line

It is agreeable that one of the crucial factors to consider when looking for a suitable brush for your St Bernard is the quality of the bristles or comb. This breed of dogs has thick and long hair which can be quite a challenge to maintain. But, with a brush that has firm bristles and a comfortable brush, grooming can be manageable.

The size matters as well since some brushes are too big. This affects the effectiveness of brushing through the hair and reaching deep into the skin. Most importantly, you ought to find with round-edged bristles to protect your dog’s skin.


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