Top 10 Best Dog Car Kennels in 2020


What can beat a fun car trip with your dog? Your dog jumping all over the seats, anxiously whining, or shaking with fear every time the car moves can ruin that fun planned trip.

Not every dog takes well to being in a car for one reason or another and it can be a hazard when driving if you constantly have to control your dog or check in on them. But with the best dog car kennels, you will not have this constant worry anymore.

Dog car kennels give your dog a safe and quiet spot where they can lay down and get comfortable during the car trip.

Since the kennels stay in one place you will not have to constantly look over your shoulder to see where your dog is or reach out to reassure them if they are scared. To help you keep your eyes on the road, consider one of the dog car kennels we have listed.

1. A4Pet 27″ Pet Car Travel Crate

A4Pet 27" Pet Car Travel Crate

If you are looking for a new dog crate for car that will keep your dog safe and your eyes on the road consider trying out the A4Pet Car Travel Crate.

Key Features

  • Size—26.5” X 18.5” X 18.5”
  • Weight—3.3lbs
  • Has two access points
  • Mesh ventilation on four sides

Your dog will stay safe and secure in this car travel crate. Its sturdy structure fits the curves of most car seats so it can stay in place.

The mesh windows provide air flow and easy viewing points for your dog. To keep the crate from moving just slip the seatbelts through the loop and you are good to go.

It is ideal for medium and small sized dogs and can also be used as a standard crate in the home.


  • Leaning structure easily attaches to car seat
  • Has two belt loops to place seatbelt through
  • Has auto-lock zippers


  • Some customers have said it can be hard to take their dog out the crate since it does not have a top door access point

Both you and your dog will safely arrive at your destination when you keep your excited dog in their A4Pet Car Travel Crate.


2. Favorite Soft-Side Vet Visit Travel Foldable Pet Carrier

Favorite Soft-Side Vet Visit Travel Foldable Pet Carrier

Give your dog a comfortable and safe place to relax during trips with the Favorite Portable Dog Carrier.

Key Features

  • Size—36” X 26” X 29”
  • Weight-11.59lbs
  • Collapsible design
  • Made of high-quality nylon

On the go travel is easier with this collapsible soft pet crate. High-density nylon is tough against your dog and maintains its shape through multiple uses. It is also waterproof, in case you were to use the crate outside.

Secure it to your car by slipping the seat belt through one of the four safety loops. Getting to your dog is also easy since this crate has three zippered access points. There is even a zipper mesh roller blind you can keep up to allow your dog to enter and leave the crate as they please when used indoors.


  • Has three zippered openings
  • Four safety loops
  • Two side pockets for storage
  • Removable fleece cushion


  • The material may not be sturdy enough for high chewing dogs
  • The zipper can be moved by the dog

Never risk safety while driving when using the Favorite Portable Dog Carrier to keep your dog in place during car trips.


3. A4Pet Portable Soft Dog Crate

A4Pet Portable Soft Dog Crate

If you have a larger car with an open trunk then the A4Pet Collapsible Dog Crate will be the ideal crate to use to keep your dog safe and contained.

Key Features

  • Size—30” X 20” X 18.5”
  • Weight—7.3lbs
  • Made of durable Oxford Fabric and mesh

By being collapsible you will be able to take this crate anywhere you need whether it be in the car or just to another room in your home. It can hold dogs up to 50lbs with no issues. In case your dog was to have an accident the bottom of the crate is leak proof.

Rounded corners also protect your car seat from getting scratched up. Top door and screen door access points make it easier for you to place and remove your dog without needing to shift the crate around.


  • Can be collapsed for easy storage
  • Kennel and inner cushion machine washable
  • Has an inner steel frame to help the crate keep its shape
  • Has two door access points


  • Zipper seam not as durable against high chewing dogs

Car safety is as easy to obtain as choosing the right dog crate, like the A4Pet Collapsible Dog Crate.


4. 2PET Foldable Dog Crate

2PET Foldable Dog Crate

Know your dog will be safe inside the 2PET Foldable Dog crate when you are on the road.

Key Features

  • Size—Varies on the crate options available
  • Weight—Varies on the chosen crate size
  • Made of Oxford 600D fabric and mesh
  • Available in three colors

This all-in-one foldable dog crate is perfect to be used indoors, outdoors, and in cars. Your dog will be safe inside this rigid yet durable pet crate. The soft bottom provides a comfortable place for your dog to curl up and nap throughout the trip.

It is resistant against water thanks to the Oxford 600D fabric but larger spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible to avoid damaging the crate. With four ventilation windows, your dog will get the proper air flow as well as plenty of spots to look out of.


  • Has a strong yet lightweight steel tube design to help keep its shape
  • Machine washable
  • Full frontal zipper
  • Has two door access points


  • Some customers have reported the mesh window was chewed through easily by their dog

For the dogs that like to jump around in the car and need to be contained the 2PET Foldable Dog crate helps keep them inside a safe environment.


5. EliteField Folding Soft Dog Crate

EliteField Folding Soft Dog Crate

You won’t have to leave your dog behind on family trips since the EliteField Folding Soft Dog Crate will easily fit inside of your car.

Key Features

  • Size—Varies on the crate size you chose
  • Weight—Varies on the chosen crate size
  • Made of Oxford 600D fabric and mesh
  • Comes in 10 colors

Setting up this crate is easy. All you have to do is remove it from the included carrying bag, set up the steel frame and cover it with the water-resistant Oxford 600D fabric cover.

Four mesh windows provide optimal ventilation points to keep your dog from being stuffy inside of the crate. You can secure the crate to your car by slipping the seatbelt through the handle or carrying strap.


  • Has a strong steel frame to help keep its shape
  • Has three mesh door access points
  • Has two accessory pockets
  • Comes with washable fleece bed
  • Two-year warranty


  • Some customers have stated their dogs were able to chew through the front zipper

Both you and your dog will love taking trips together with the EliteField Folding oft Dog Crate.


6. Favorite Top Load Soft Portable Car Travel

Favorite Top Load Soft Portable Car Travel

For reliability and safety when on a car trip with your dog use the Favorite Top Load Soft Portable Carrier.

Key Features

  • Size—21” X 14.5” X 15.5”
  • Weight—5lbs
  • Made of Oxford 600D and mesh
  • Rounded corners
  • Three mesh windows

Use this crate both indoors and in the car since it is lightweight and easy to carry. You can secure it to your car by placing the seatbelt through the soft padded top handles.

Its completely machine washable cover is ideal to clean up those hard to clean messes. An extra strong steel frame around the mesh panels helps the crate keep its shape and prevent it from collapsing onto your dog.


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • No tools necessary for assembly
  • Has two access doors
  • Has two storage pockets


  • The bottom has no firm support; not ideal for being used as a carrier

For the comfort and security your dog will enjoy use the Favorite Top Load Soft Portable Carrier.


7. Soft Sided Pet Carrier

Soft Sided Pet Carrier

Take your furry pal on your next car trip with an ease of mind knowing they will stay within Mr. Peanut’s Soft Sided Pet Carrier.

Key Features

  • Size—23.6” X 16.5” 16.5”
  • Weight—6.8lbs
  • Made of Oxford 600D and mesh
  • Fully washable fabric cover

Your dogs need to be comfortable on car trips just like you do. Lucky for your dog, this crate comes with a soft fleece bed. It is ideal to be used in the car since it has seatbelt attachments that help keep the crate from moving around.

The 600D fabric is water resistant and durable for long-lasting use. Mesh windows help provide ventilation for your dog. Two doors on the top and front make it easier for you to place and remove your dog. The crate even has an included pocket for treats to praise your dog for doing well inside of their crate.


  • Rounded corners
  • Has seatbelt attachments for extra security
  • Lockable zippers on top and front
  • Steel frame
  • Comes with a padded faux fleece bed


  • The zipper can be chewed through by high chewing dogs

The more you use Mr. Peanut’s Soft Sided Pet Carrier the more your dog will understand the carrier is linked to fun car trips.


8. K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Pet Carrier

K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Pet Carrier

K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Carrier has a unique shape that fits easily against any car seat.

Key Features

  • Size—Varies on the type of crate chosen
  • Weight—Varies on size of crate chosen
  • Fits against most car seats
  • Bottom pad machine washable

This crate is easy to install and secure to your car. Just unfold it, rest it against the car seat, thread the seatbelt through the strap in the back and secure the headrest strap around the car seat’s headrest.

The crate also has multiple exit points so you won’t have to struggle to remove your dog. Durable mesh sides provide both ventilation and an easy to view window to make checking on your dog easier.


  • Easy to install
  • Secures with any seatbelt
  • Has a strap for a headrest for extra security
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • One year warranty


  • There is no inner leash attachment to keep your dog in place

Ideal for car trips, the K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Carrier will soon become your go-to pet carrier for long car trips.


9. Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

Simple in design yet durable the Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel will keep your dog safe no matter the car trip length.

Key Features

  • Size—19.4” X 12.8” X 10”
  • Weight—3.5lbs
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Comes in four colors

Though not as fancy as some other carriers, this carrier still serves its purpose. The hard plastic material is durable for long-lasting use throughout your pet’s lifespan.

Your pet won’t be able to escape this carrier since the front door has easy to squeeze latches only you can use and the top loading door is securely anchored in place until you open it. With all of the ventilation points, it can help keep your dog calm and let them see where they are going.


  • Secure pet doors your dog can’t open
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Has two doors
  • Openings on all sides for ideal ventilation
  • Can be used for crate training


  • Some customers have stated the plastic scraped their dogs

You can either place the Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel on a car seat or the floor of the car, whichever is safer for you and your dog.


10. FrontPet Pet Car Crate Tube Kennel

FrontPet Pet Car Crate Tube Kennel

FrontPet Pet Car Crate Tube Kennel is one of the better dog carriers for car due to its unique shape.

Key Features

  • Size—47” X 24” X 24”
  • Weight—8lbs
  • Universal fit
  • Made of nylon and mesh

You won’t have to struggle with picking the right size crate to fit in your car as the spring design easily adjust to fit the length of your car’s back seat. Set up is easy; it only takes a few minutes and the crate can be secured by slipping the seatbelt through the reinforced safety straps.

Don’t worry about your car being damaged as a tough nylon bottom provides an extra layer of protection. Your dog can have more mobility freedom and you can drive safely knowing they won’t be jumping all over the place.


  • Collapsible for easy storage in an included tote bag
  • Reinforced safety straps to keep the tube from moving
  • Full mesh top for optimal ventilation and field of vision


  • Straps that connect to car seat bracket may be too short in certain cars

Your dog will have plenty of space to stretch out and relax during car trips with the FrontPet Pet Car Crate Tube Kennel.


Key Information

Now that you have an idea of what kind of dog car kennels are available, we’ll help you focus on some key features to make buying the right one for your dog easier.

Safety Features

Of course, you want a car kennel that is as safe as possible. This means having a firm structure that won’t collapse under its own weight. You also want to be sure that the crate has a flat bottom so it stays in place on the ground or seat you place it on. Also, see if the kennels have a handle loop or loop accessory where you can slip a seat belt through and buckle into place. This keeps the kennel from sliding around during sharp turns or being moved around by the dog inside.

Fitting them into the Car

The best way to make sure that the car kennel will fit into your car is to measure the space of the back seat or trunk you plan on placing the kennel. A good rule of thumb is to pick a crate that fits slightly smaller than the space you have planned. This prevents the crate from getting stuck in the allotted space and gives you more freedom to reach your dog.

Choosing the Right Size

Aside from finding a crate that fits the size of your car, you need a crate that best fits your dog’s size. You don’t want something too big or too small. The best way to gauge the size of the crate you need is to see how much space your dog needs to fully turn around without scrunching up or pressing against the kennel edges. If your dog is struggling to turn around in the kennel then you know it is too small. But you do not want to go too big either as it can be overwhelming to the dog or counters the plan on providing your dog a safe and comfortable zone.

Material Types

The dog kennels can vary in materials from metal, to plastic, and even fabric. Some are more durable than others and provide more resistance to spills or messes. Your dog’s activity level during a car trip can help you decide whether you need a more durable kennel, like a metal one, or if your dog won’t be destructive inside of a fabric kennel.

Bottom Line

Traveling with your dog can be a fun adventure, but you don’t want to risk getting into an accident because you’re constantly checking up on your dog. With a travel dog crate, you’re able to fit the crate to the back seat or trunk of your car securely and know that your dog will stay out of trouble.

Because dogs are den animals they’ll actually enjoy being within a crate when traveling in a car, especially if they are prone to being anxious in moving vehicles. And do not worry about removing the freedom of the car space from them.

Dogs can easily get overwhelmed when given too much space in a strange environment, which can cause them to act out. Your dog will be comfortable during the car trip when inside a dog car kennel and you will be at ease knowing you can focus on driving and not multitasking between checking on your dog and keeping your eyes on the road.


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