Top 5 Best Dog Crates for Dachshund


The Dachshund is a sprightly, energetic, and gregarious little breed. But, did you know that your little sausage dog is prone to separation anxiety? Before you start worrying about hiring a full-time doggie babysitter, chill out, take a load off – and read up on crate training!

Many dog owners mistakenly assume that a crate is like a puppy prison, when in fact it’s just your doxie’s private bedroom, a place where he can hang out, have some alone time – and save up some energy for the next tennis ball adventure!

Finding the best dog crates for dachshunds is no mean feat, while they are a small breed – their length and height has to be taken into consideration.

So, for the busy pup parent who doesn’t have time to research for hours – we’ve put together this veritable cheat sheet of crates that will help your pooch to enjoy and not dread his time alone.

1. Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel

Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel

When it comes to the ideal dog crates for dachshunds, due to their long body, the length of the crate is to be taken into consideration above all else. The Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel provides 24 inches in length, with ample room for your pooch to be comfortable.

Key Specifications

  • Material – Steel doors and hard plastic
  • Colors Available – 4 variations available
  • Size of Crate – L: 24.05 x W: 16.76 x H: 14.5 inches
  • Why We Recommend – Provides a good length for your dachshund to have room to move around, durable, top-loading door

Whether you are using your crate to train or transport your beloved pet, you can poise him for maharaja-style comfort.

This crate has a top-loading door so if your dachshund gets anxious when entering a crate, you can ease their anxiety by being able to gently place them in through this door. A front-loading door is also available, and both these are made from steel and feature easy-squeeze door latches that make it easy for you to open the door from the outside but impossible for your pooch to do the job from the inside.

The steel doors are grated, and the sides are ventilated for a dual purpose. You will be able to see your doggie while creating a ventilated space for them so that they can enjoy a fresh environment.


  • Good quality materials
  • Top loading door
  • Easy-squeeze door latches that open easily from the outside
  • Grated steel doors
  • Vented sides so that you are able to see your pet and to create ventilation
  • Multiple color combinations are available


  • Due to its top-loading door, it may not be accepted by all airlines

If all this wasn’t enough, the four pearlescent color combinations make it easy for you to choose the Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel that best matches your tastes and home decor.


2. Aspen Pet Traditional Kennel

Aspen Pet Traditional Kennel

In search of the best dachshund dog crates, the Aspen Pet Traditional Kennel is definitely a top contender.

Key Specifications

  • Material – 95% recycled pre-consumer plastic
  • Colors Available – Gray
  • Size of Crate – L: 24.02 x W: 16.69 x H: 18.62 inches
  • Why we Recommend it-  Very sturdy and has ventilation all sides, airline approved

Give your beloved pooch some breathable space with a crate that has ventilation on every side: top to bottom, front to back, and side to side. Ventilation holes and a grid door makes it easy for you to see your pet and for them to see you, thus reducing anxiety.

This product is made in the USA and what we love about it is that it is made of recycled material without taking away from its sturdy body. This way, by choosing this product, you are helping the environment, without compromising on durability.

This crate is made for home or for traveling. It is airline approved and comes with a handle on top for easy carrying. Having said this, it would still be diligent of you to check the airline’s specific requirements before you attempt to transport your pooch in this crate.

A squeezable latch door makes it easy for pet parents to get to their pet but not the other way ‘round. Your pooch will be kept safe from harm in this crate whether you set it up at home or use it for transportation.


  • A very sturdy crate for your pooch
  • Made from 95% recycled pre-consumer plastic
  • Suitable for airline travel
  • 360-degree ventilation


  • Lots of screws hold it in place making it harder to dismantle
  • Only available in one color

The one downside of the Aspen Pet Traditional Kennel is that it’s only available in one color – grey. This is not necessarily a bad thing though since grey is a very neutral color that can match any decor and style.


3. AmazonBasics 23-Inch Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel

AmazonBasics 23-Inch Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel

If your puppy gets anxious when confined, the AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel may be a great option.

Key Specifications

  • Material –  Durable plastic, steel wire front door.
  • Colors Available – Blue/Grey combo
  • Size of Crate – L: 23 x W: 15 x H: 13 inches
  • Why We Recommend – Top loading door opens on either side making it easy for you to place your beloved pooch inside, lots of visibility for you and your puppy

Its larger steel-grid front door allows for you and your pup to see each other so both of you can give that separation anxiety a break! The large grids on the door also aid ventilation for your pooch so that he remains as cool as a pickle.

This crate is incredibly versatile and easy to use. The top-loading door opens on either side making it even easier for you to place your beloved pooch inside, with reduced stress for both yourself and your puppy. Gone are the days where it’s a struggle and a half to get your anxious pooch inside a crate!

The spring-loaded latch on the front door makes it easy for you to get to your pet, hassle-free, but as with previous models, this does not make it any easier for Fido to open the door from the inside and make a run for it! This feature is designed with ease in mind for the pet-parent, and security and safety for the puppy.


  • Two-door design, top door opening on both sides
  • A spring-loaded latch on the front door
  • Ventilated very well


  • Suitable size but a little more compact with no larger sizes available
  • Not the sturdiest option
  • Not the best if your pooch is a heavier variety of dachshund
  • Only one colour combination available

The AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel is designed to be heavy-duty and secure however it may not work very well if your dachshund is a little on the heavier side so keep this in mind while making your choice.


4. Favorite Soft-Side Vet Visit Travel Foldable Pet Carrier

Favorite Soft-Side Vet Visit Travel Foldable Pet Carrier

If you cannot get your dachshund in a crate even if his life depended on it, the Favorite Soft-Side could be the product for you.

Key Specifications

  • Material – High-density nylon and mesh
  • Colors Available – One option – orange/greyish green combo
  • Sie of Crate – L: 23 x W: 15 x H: 13 inches
  • Why We Recommend – Kennel lined with mesh for maximum visibility, removable fleece cushion is included

The Favorite Soft-Side Foldable Carrier is made of high-density nylon and has mesh all around. This may make it less sturdy than your average crate, but it will not feel so enclosed, giving your puppy a more breathable option.

Excellent for transportation or keeping your pooch safe at home, this crate is waterproof which will protect your dog from any rain if set up outside or during transportation, and it will also make it easy to clean.

Access to your pooch will be through the front of this crate thanks to a zipper roller blind. In addition to this, there are two side pockets where you may store pet supplies for your pooch. One of our favorite features is the removable fleece cushion that is included in your purchase.


  • Waterproof material
  • Easy to clean
  • Easily foldable and lightweight material
  • Sets up in moments
  • Does not look and feel like a cage
  • Made with durable nylon and mesh
  • Fleece cushion is included for comfort, easily removable if not needed


  • Not as sturdy as hard plastic but still carries well
  • May not be appropriate for high energy or untrained dogs

If your dachshund is full of energy or is still untrained, sturdiness is what you might need in a crate – in which case, this product might not be your best option. The easily collapsible design of the Favorite makes it less sturdy, and if your puppy is very active, a hard-case would be the better solution.


5. Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets

The Noz2Noz 665 N2 Sof-Krate Pet Home is an excellent option if you need to set up this crate for your dachshund outdoors, indoors, or if you need to travel with your pooch.

Key Specifications

  • Material – Tight weave mesh fabric
  • Color Available – Black/Green
  • Size of Crate – L: 26 x W: 18 x H: 21 inches
  • Why We Recommend – It’s the perfect blend of soft crates and hard plastic/steel crates, has three access doors.

Its extra length will have your long-bodied fur-baby more than comfortable during their stay in this crate. With three access doors and travel straps, this crate comes complete with all the practicality one could ask of such a product.

Speaking of practicality, this durable crate is also incredibly lightweight and collapses very easily. This makes it ideal for storage or travel – you no longer have to carry your puppy in a heavy crate, which can be a feat in itself!

Its design provides ample ventilation and visibility so that your doggie can be comfortable and you can keep an eye on each other. Because let’s face it – they look out for you as much as you look out for them!


  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Durable mesh material
  • Sets up in moments
  • Easily foldable for storage when not in use
  • Three access doors
  • Very well ventilated
  • Your pet will be able to see you through a larger surface
  • Slightly longer than other options presented with more room for your dachshund


  • Available in only one colour
  • Not as sturdy as hard-plastic/steel crates
  • High energy puppies may damage the mesh
  • If your dog is a scratcher or a biter, this may not be the best option

The Noz2Noz 665 N2 Sof-Krate Pet Home crate is made of durable mesh material, but it serves as a better home for more mature dachshunds. If your puppy is high energy, curious, and you’ve seen him chew his way into some trouble, this option may not be the best for you.


Final Thoughts

Our stand out winner has to be the Favorite Soft-Side Foldable Carrier. This super lightweight carrier is ideal for the nervous traveler as it feels less enclosed than many other crate options. With a wide-open mesh paneling, this crate is perfect for road trips!


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