Top 10 Best Dog Dryers in 2020


No one likes a wet dog, they smell funny and track dirt into the home. If they are not dried after a bath, the purpose of cleaning them diminishes quite a bit, furthermore, a wet dog is a cold dog, and we want the best for our furry friends.

Towel drying can be extremely time-consuming and exhausting, not to mention hard on the hands, and this is the best case scenario, typically, our dogs will get impatient and present a challenge when drying them.

To avoid unnecessary work and pain, we have crafted a list to help you find the best dog dryer to meet your dog’s grooming needs. We have laid out some great options, so you can ditch the towel and have a warm, and soft doggie by your side.


SHELANDY Hair Force Dryer Dog Grooming Blower

The Shelandy dryer has a powerful motor that will quickly dry the fur of even the most fluffy of dogs. 

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Black
  • Why It’s Recommended – Has a powerful and adjustable motor to meet your dog’s needs

This dryer is likely to cut your drying time in half and create amazing coats. As they dry off, their loose fur is bound to fly off, creating the shiniest, and healthiest coats. Finally, you can stay ahead of the shedding game and avoid those pesky piles of fur that collect around the house when you regularly dry them.

Whether you want cool, warm, or hot air, the Shelandy will provide. This device also allows you to choose the speed; this is key as it helps dogs adjust to the dryer. Also, each dog, depending on their size, will require different wind speeds.

Having a multi-speed dryer is ideal for multi-pet households with doggies and kitties of all sizes, rather than purchasing various dries on each of their needs, this one will work for all.

When choosing dryers for dogs, find one that is close to silent, because who wants a loud, clunky machine?

The Shelandy is made to be quiet, so even the smallest, most skittish of dogs can feel at ease. With several speed settings, you can get pups accustomed to the sounds it makes by starting on the lowest settings and working your way up.


  • Said to be durable
  • Very powerful
  • Various speeds of wind
  • Dries dog fast


  • Said to be too strong for some very small and skittish dogs
  • Said to be a bit loud or whistle
  • Hose reported not to be very strong

A dog dryer is not always used to simply dry them off but can be used to groom their fur. The Shelandy understands this and comes with different four nozzles to meet each of your dog’s unique grooming needs. This fine piece of kit also comes with a long and flexible hose, making it easy to reach hard to reach spots.


2. Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

Stepless Adjustable Speed Dryer

Drying your dog, at times can make them real puffy, almost like they were electrocuted. To reduce their static-like fur, you’ll have to give them a thorough brushing. Without a comb attachment, you may have to wait until they are dried to start brushing, which will be time-consuming. Free Paws dog dryer cuts that time in half, with their 21 hole comb nozzle, you can brush your dog as you dry them. This not only gets their fur nice, soft, and tangle-free, it makes the fur dry faster.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Yellow with black
  • Why It’s Recommended – Comb attachment makes drying quick while brushing the dog

What we like about this dryer is that it comes with five nozzles including the comb, each made to cater to your dog’s unique grooming needs. The 7 finger nozzle does well to de-shed large dogs with a double coat. The wide slot is great to dry off multiple layers of fur, especially for larger dogs. The standard nozzle will do well with the little guys as it has the lowest noise levels, and the cylindrical nozzle keeps heat high and is great for cold winter months.

One of the top reasons we recommend the Free Paws dryer is the safety standards it adheres by. First off, this dryer makes drying easy, and safe for you, it comes with a heat insulating sleeve to protect your hands from the heat.

Secondly, it is CE approved, which means its products meet high standards with health, safety, and environmental protection. And we have to mention, it uses a UL (Underwriter Laboratories) standard power cord – a company that performs safety tests under OSHA.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hose said to be light to hold
  • Variety of wind speeds
  • Powerful


  • Said to be noisy
  • Heat could be higher
  • Said to smell when heat function is on

Overall, the Free Paws dog dryer is made with quality products and tested to meet high standards of safety. A product we will feel good about using on our doggies.


3. SHERNBAO High Velocity

SHERNBAO High Velocity Professional Dryer

When looking for a dryer, it is key to find one that can handle its own heat, and that will not break down from overheating. What makes the Shernboa stand out is that it is high-heat resistant, it uses heat-resistance copper wire for the motor to make a tough and safe product.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Orange
  • Why It’s Recommended – Has a high-heat resistance design, made to last

In addition to the copper wired motor, its carbon brush is twice the size of most, and with an advanced grinding process, this dryer is sure to be long-lasting.

Each dryer has various functions, some are better for smaller dogs, and some are better for larger dogs. Before purchasing your dryer, consider your dog’s needs.

Do they need something with strong wind power, or are they small and need something a little less powerful, does their fur need special treatment and a specific nozzle to get the job done? These are some questions you may want to ask yourself as you research what the best dog dryer is for your dog.

For example, the Shernboa is made especially for larger dogs, with such a powerful motor and very high wind speeds from 4921FPM-66000FPM, this dryer does exceptionally well on larger dogs with more fur.

This dryer will still do great for the small doggies since there is such a wide range in the wind control, this device can blow out a low airflow, sure to work well with our small friends.


  • 12-month warranty
  • Very quick to dry
  • Very powerful
  • Can quickly dry objects too


  • Designed for large dogs, maybe strong for smaller pups
  • No heat setting, although, it does warm-up
  • Bulky

While no dryer is fully silent at the moment, the Shernboa is actively finding ways to make a more silent device. What we love about this fine piece of kit is that it does a great job of finding ways to improve their dryers with the best, most innovative technologies and continue to better themselves.


4. Andis Gentle

Andis Gentle Dry

Many dog dryers come rather large and look like a vacuum. Now, think about how your dog reacts to a vacuum – many are scared, and will avoid it at all costs. If your dog is anything like that, the Andis is a great option, it is a small hand dryer, like you or I would use for our own hair, but made especially for our furry friends. The small size will certainly not scare your dog away, and with its quiet operation, your pups may even come to enjoy it.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – White with green
  • Why It’s Recommended – It is incredibly small and will never get in the way.

Despite the nearly quiet operation, this dryer is very powerful and will get the job done quickly. This is thanks to the ionic technology used to break down the water molecules.

Some may worry that a dryer may damage and dry out the pups hair, however, this dryer was made to keep in moisture and uses even-heat ceramic technology to do it.

When looking for a dryer, it’s good to find one with variation; the Andis has two heat and two air speeds to cater to your dog’s needs and get them used to the dryer.

Some small dogs may be scared of this new thing that blows air on them – these dryers are great because you can start at a low wind-speed and work your way up and get them accustomed to it.

This dryer is not just great for pups but makes life easy for you, without a hefty motor to drag around, this piece of kit is very easy to handle, carry around, and transport – particularly helpful when you are regularly traveling with the pups to shows.


  • Also works well on humans
  • Great for travel
  • Low wattage
  • Easy to clean


  • Could be more powerful
  • May take some time to dry dog
  • Said to be not much quieter than your standard dryer

Finally, the Andis is easy to clean as it has air intake filters that can be removed. Keeping your dryer clean and without dust or fur will also preserve the longevity of it.


5. B-Air Fido Max

B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer

We want the best for our pups, and that includes the best and most safe dryer. Some dryers overheat, or malfunction early on, overall, providing an unreliable and potentially hazardous device. B-Air Fido Max 1 can put you at ease, they adhere to strict standards of safety and are ETL-certified.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Pink, Purple, Green, Turquoise
  • Why It’s Recommended – This product is ETL-certified and does not use heat

Our doggie friends run much hotter than us, and could easily burn with a hot dryer. B-Air understands this and has made this product to not include heat. Many dryers rave about having high and strong heat; however, it is better to find one that is low or has no heat and utilizes strong wind power to quickly dry pups.

This product is quite strong, with wind power at 165CFM, this device is on par with professional grooming dryers.

With strong wind power, this tool can be used on dry doggies to blow off dirt, loose fur, or anything else the adventurous guy has collected.

You might even get to use this if pups goes astray and jumps in a puddle too many, just hook up the dryer near the door and dry them off outside to avoid muddy, wet, and dirty floors.

Another great feature is that this dryer includes four different specialized nozzles. The cone nozzle is great for the thickly coated doggies, as it does a deep dry, the slot nozzle, on the other hand, is made for long-coated dogs, as it prevents knotting.


  • ETL-certified
  • Will not burn the dog
  • Comes with four nozzles to meet your needs
  • Powerful


  • Said to be loud
  • Not ideal if you want a warm dryer
  • Said to be quite powerful for little dogs

The airflow nozzle is great for smaller doggies and for more sensitive parts such as the ears and face – with more air flowing through the wind stream is consistent and not harsh. The brush nozzle of the B-Air Fido Max 1 is perfect when you want to de-shed the fluffy guy.


6. shernbao High Velocity

Shernbao High Velocity Professional Dog Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer/Blower

Make drying your dog less of a hassle and less of a mess with this version of the SHERNBAO High-Velocity Professional Grooming Dryer.

Key Specifications

  • Colors—Dark Green, Purple, Pink
  • Why It’s Recommended—You will have more control over drying your dog’s fur with the interchangeable nozzles and adjustable temperatures.

Reduce the time it takes to dry your dog in half. You can adjust the airflow speed between 515FPM-64000FPM to control both the noise level and airflow. This way, you will not scare your dog and make them nervous whenever they see the dryer.

Temperature is critical to keep in mind as well since if the dryer is too cold, it will not effectively dry your dog, or if it is too hot, it can potentially harm your dog. You can set the temperature at a standard setting or utilize the unique 55-131 degrees Fahrenheit constant temperature setting. It might seem overwhelming to have so many adjustable features, but you can easily adjust them with the speed control roller and heating switch.

This dryer also comes with a variety of accessories to make grooming and drying your dog all the easier. A 10-foot flexible hose will expand your range of motion. Three different nozzles will help you make sure you have the right tool for the job. As well, you get two air filters to replace when they get filed with your dog’s hair. You will feel like a professional when you use SHERNBAO’s professional level pet hair dryer.


  • 12-month warranty
  • Two temperature settings
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Long Hose
  • Round, wide, and narrow nozzle included
  • Includes two air filters


  • Some customers have said it is too loud for timid dogs
  • Customers have reported a plastic odor during the first few uses

If you never considered using a pet specific dryer to dry your dogs, then you are missing out on how a dryer like SHERNBAO High-Velocity Professional Grooming Dryer can improve your dog’s fur.


7. Amzdeal

amzdeal Dog Dryer

Amzdeal Dog Dryer does more than dry your dog’s fur. You can also use it to style their coat and give them a professional style groom in the comfort of your home.

Key Specifications

  • Colors—Yellow
  • Why It’s Recommended—The low noise yet powerful motor will have your dog’s fur nice and dry in as little as ten minutes.

The professional style dog dryer removes hair from your dog’s fur down to the base of their fur follicles. Amzdeal understands that some dogs are afraid of loud noises, which is why their dryer does not make sounds louder than 78 decibels. This should keep even the timidest of dogs from being fearful of the dryer. You can adjust the wind speed as well up to 68m/s to be able to dry your dog’s specific fur type easier without needing to waste any excess time.

Comfort your dog further by being able to adjust the temperature of the wind from the warm 85 degrees Fahrenheit to the hot 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure not to put the nozzle too close to the dog or you risk burning them from the heat of the wind regardless of the setting.

Speaking of nozzles, this vacuum comes with four different ones: a long pointed one for heavy coats, a long narrow one for drying sensitive areas, a flat-shaped nozzle for strong wind flow, and a brush nozzle to brush and dry at the same time.


  • Low noise
  • Adjustable speed
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Comes with four different nozzles
  • 18-month warranty
  • 2800W powered motor


  • Some customers claimed the dryer did not last past a couple of months
  • Some customers have claimed the dryer has a burning odor to it after the first use.

You do not need to have professional grooming experience to use the Amzdeal Dog Dryer; it is easy to use and easy to understand right from the beginning.


8. XPOWER B-55

XPOWER B-55 Portable Home Pet Grooming Dryer

Save money by grooming your dog right at home by using the XPOWER Portable Home Pet Grooming Dryer & Vacuum.

Key Specifications

  • Colors—Green, Pink, and Purple
  • Why It’s Recommended—It is easy to use that any amateur home groomer should be able to pick up and use on their dog after a couple of uses.

Using the XPOWER dryer is simple that any pet owner should be able to pick it up and use it with confidence on the first initial use. The powerful air pressure makes drying your dog’s fur easier and with less of a hassle.

The 920-watt motor can be adjusted to a low and high setting to ensure that you are using the best drying power for your dog’s fur type. You can change the air pressure with the simple switch located on the top of the pet dryer. You can carry this pet dryer anywhere you need in the home thanks to it being made of lightweight ABS plastic.

Not only that, the vacuum has a 5 ft. long flexible hose that gives you more range and flexibility. Three nozzles are included to make grooming even easier. You get a cone-shaped nozzle to remove heavy water, a vented comb for the head and neck region, and a curly nozzle ideal for short coats. You will be sure to have the right tools you need with the XPOWER dryer to get your clean dog nice, shiny, and dry.


  • Made of lightweight material
  • Includes three interchangeable nozzles
  • Has a flexible hose
  • Has two-speed settings


  • Some customers claim the plastic body is not durable enough
  • Claims have been made that it is not as long lasting as it states
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized dogs only

The lightweight and durable XPOWER Portable Home Pet Grooming Dryer & Vacuum will have you wondering why you did not invest in a pet dryer sooner.


9. Flying Pig

Flying Pig Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer w/Heater

The Flying Pig Motor Pet Grooming Dryer with Heater will work with you to dry your dog’s fur quickly and efficiently.

Key Specifications

  • Colors—Purple, Green, and Pink
  • Why It’s Recommended—The dryer is simple to use and works efficiently to remove excess water from the dog’s fur without scaring even the most nervous of dogs.

The steel shell and durable motor are aimed at providing you with powerful drying power for years to come. You can adjust the temperatures from 81-160 degrees Fahrenheit easily with the switches located on the front of the dryer.

The airspeed only has one setting, but it should not be loud to scare off small skittish dogs. The 10 ft. flexible hose allows you a freer movement to get to every side of your dog. Switch between the two nozzles depending on your dog’s fur. And be sure to switch out the filter when it gets packed with fur with a new, clean filter.


  • One year warranty
  • Flexible Hose
  • Adjustable temperatures
  • Comes with two different nozzles


  • Drying force is not as strong

Never struggle with grooming your dog again when you use the Flying Pig Motor Pet Grooming Dryer with Heater.


10. Metro Air Force

Metro Air Force Steel Quick Draw Dog Dryer

Feel like a professional by taking charge and drying your dog’s fur with the Metro Air Force Quick Draw Dryer.

Key Specifications

  • Colors—Orange
  • Why It’s Recommended—This dog hair dryer is handheld and easy to transport for on the go grooming needs.

Some dogs can get frightened by having a large and loud vacuum looking object being used on them. If your dog tends to get scared of large objects, then the Metro Air Force Quick Draw Dryer is the dryer for you. The handheld dog hair dryer only measures 10 inches tall and weighs 5.5 pounds.

Its 1.3 horsepower motor produces enough airflow to remove excess water from a dog’s fur without it being too loud to scare them. If your dog still gets a bit scared and shies away, you can follow them since the dog hairdryer is lightweight and easy to handle. The all-steel body should provide you long-lasting durability for years to come.

To help make grooming your dog easier, this handheld pet dryer includes a 6 ft — stretchable air hose attachment. You can also place the air concentrator nozzle and air flare tool directly on the dog hair dryer without the hose for more direct air control and power.

The 12 ft. conductor chord adds extra reach in case you need to maneuver around your dog or the room you are in. For on the go grooming, you can attach a shoulder strap to the dryer. Set up the mounting hook where you please, so the dog dryer is always in reach.


  • Sturdy steel body
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Makes minimal noise
  • Comes with grooming accessories to make grooming easier
  • 3 horsepower motor


  • Customers have stated that it does not have enough power to dry long-haired dogs fully

With ease of use that anyone can quickly learn, Metro Air Force Quick Draw Dryer will soon become the grooming tool of your choice.


Bottom Line

For a dog dryer that will offer optimal safety and a job well done, we choose B-Air Fido Max 1 as our winner.

Not only is this dryer ETL-certified and continues to pass strict tests, but it also does not use heat, and we will never risk burning our dogs.

With strong wind powers and with four specialty nozzles, we can quickly dry or groom to our heart’s desire. What also makes this piece of kit stand out is the colors it comes in.


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