Top 6 Best Dog Foods For Huskies in 2020


It takes a special sort of owner to take care of a Husky.

These dogs have strong instincts to chase other animals (including your pet cat), and lack the biddable nature of a Golden retriever.

Caring for this breed means providing exercise by the bucket load, creating an escape-proof environment, and feeding the best dog food for Huskies.

The ideal Husky owner is experienced at training and handling dogs, because the willful, independent nature of a Husky sets you up for a battle of wills which the novice owner will lose.

In addition, the Husky needs to be active, with the more energetic the better.

Someone with an interest in dog sledding who wants to use their Husky competitively is going to get off on the right paw.

Not giving a Husky enough exercise comes a price, which is the destruction of your home and yard, since a bored Husky is a destructive dog that loves to dig, chew, bark, and generally behave in an anti-social manner.

But if you can meet all those needs then your next task is to feed the best food for huskies so that your dog is kept in peak physical condition.

1. Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Dog Food for Huskies

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Dog Food for Huskies

That growing puppy needs different nutrition to an adult dog, and it’s essential for good health to feed a diet that is balanced for those growing bones and muscles – arguably never more important than for an active working dog such as the Husky.

Purina One Smart Blend is the best dry dog food for Siberian Husky puppies because it offers value for money and is made by such a trusted manufacturer, premium pet food giant, Purina.

In terms of value on a weight basis, this food is outstanding, and it’s comforting to see that chicken is the first listed ingredient.

On the downside, Purina Smart Blend does contain ingredients that are classed by some as cheap fillers.

These ingredients include corn gluten meal, whole cornmeal, soya bean meal, and whole-grain wheat.

A sensible approach is to regard this as the best food for a Siberian Husky puppy for the owner on a budget, and for those to whom cost is not a priority consider our second option.


2. Taste of the Wild Grain Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Grain Dog Food

If purchase price is any guide to quality then Taste of the Wild puppy food is indeed the best food for Husky dogs.

It commands a premium price but in return, you get a top-quality, best dry food for Huskys.

As the product name suggests, Taste of the Wild has an ethos of feeding dogs a diet close to what they would eat in nature.

Thus this brand’s foods turn their back on ingredients that are controversial with a reputation for promoting dietary allergies, such as grains.

Instead, they concentrate on providing top-notch nutrition by including high levels of pure meat (rather than meat meal or processed meat) and provide carbohydrate in the form of sweet potatoes plus the natural vitamins and minerals found in ingredients such as chicory root, raspberries, and Yucca extract.


3. PEDIGREE Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food

PEDIGREE Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food

This no nonsense food has a special crunchy kibble to keep your Huskies teeth exercised plus good levels of nourishing goodies such as Omega 6 which helps keep that thick Husky coat in good condition.

On the minus side, nutrition purists are inclined to voice disapproval about the high percentage of grain, cornmeal, meat-by-products, and soy in this product.

It should be said that all of these ingredients have nutritional value but some people consider they have no or little place in dog food because they are not something dogs would eat in the wild.

Where you stand on the controversy of what should or shouldn’t be included in dog food is a personal choice.

If you are happy with lower quality ingredients such as meat-meal to supply your dog’s protein needs then this can be considered the best dry food for huskies for owners on a budget.


4. CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food

CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food

In the interests of balance let’s look at the opposite end of the scale and a top-notch product containing only the purest and best ingredients.

Canidae PURE is the best dry dog food for Siberian Huskies when basing your purchase decision purely on the quality of the ingredients.

Canidae prides itself on being grain-free, which immediately makes it the best husky dog food for the four-legger that has food intolerance to grain that manifests itself as itchy skin or repeated ear infections.

The formula is limited to seven to ten ingredients, all with names that sound good enough for you to eat, such as sweet potato, lentils, peas or chickpeas.

In addition, named meat always makes up the majority of the ingredients, which makes this diet not only a best Siberian husky food but super tasty to boot.

How many times does that happen, that something which is good for you is also temptingly delicious?

Well, Canidae PURE have managed it, which means it’s the best food to feed a Siberian husky.


5. NUTRO Adult Dry Dog Food

NUTRO Adult Dry Dog Food

OK, so what if your intentions are good but your Husky doesn’t get all the exercise they need and tends to pile on the pounds?

What you need is the best food to feed Siberian husky dogs containing fewer calories.

Nutro Lite Dry Dog Food contains a high percentage of lean chicken meat which means that although your dog may be on a diet they are still getting good quality nutrition to keep those muscles in trim.

In addition, it is formulated to be easy to digest which makes it suitable for a Husky with a sensitive digestive system.

It is grain-free, which again is off benefit to dogs that suffer from food intolerance or skin allergies, since grain is a common cause of sensitivity.

The brown rice and oatmeal formulation help make it tasty and a best food for a Husky on a diet.

However it should be born in mind that a diet food only works when you calorie count the portion size, so it is essential to measure out your Husky’s meals for maximum benefit from this best food for Siberian Huskies that have too many layers of love.


6. Hill’s Science Diet Adult

Hill's Science Diet Adult

We all want our dogs to live to a ripe old age and be active to boot.

Key to this is to feed a life stage diet, in other words puppy foods to a puppy and senior foods to our older dogs.

Hill’s Science Diet for seniors is the best food for Siberian husky dogs that are long in the tooth because it contains carefully balanced nutrition that doesn’t overload the older kidneys or organs with substances that strain.

The idea is that by giving the organs less work to do, they are protected a little bit longer which extends their working life.


Hill’s Science Diet for seniors is also the best food for a Husky that is not in the first flush of youth, because it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that protect against oxidative damage to the body and encourage it to repair.

And finally, whether your dog is a puppy, adult or senior, know that there is a wide choice of best Husky food available.

When selecting a food set a budget and look for a food that meets your dog’s needs, be that nourishing growing bones, maintaining an active life, or losing weight so that you always choose the best food for Husky dogs.


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