Top 6 Best Dog Foods For Rottweilers in 2020


Originally bred to drive cattle to market, the powerful presence of a Rottweiler rarely fails to impress.

With a broad chest and heavily muscled body, the stance, and size of a Rottweiler books no argument which is why the breed became one of the first dogs to work with the police.

To maintain that impressive physique it is crucial to feed the best food for Rottweiler dogs.

Today this dog’s natural instinct to defend those he cares about has earnt him a reputation for being fierce and not to be messed with.

Whereas, those who welcome a Rottweiler to lie beside their hearth know behind that impressive façade beats a loyal and loving heart.

Like any dog, the Rottweiler deserves first-class nutrition, but with their tendency to gain weight or have poor hips, the best food for Rottweilers pays close attention to their specific needs such as joint health and weight control.

1. Hill’S Science Diet Large Breed Puppy Food

Hill'S Science Diet Large Breed Puppy Food

A Rottweiler puppy has the appeal of a teddy bear with that big furry face made all the more expressive by those tan eyebrows.

However, it is a serious business growing from a puppy into a 50-60kg adult dog.

There is an immense amount of bone and muscle that needs to be laid down, and for this to grow in a healthy way without risk of damage to joints requires careful control of their nutrition.

The best food for a Rottweiler puppy has to meet the needs of a large breed dog for bone growth.

Counter-intuitively this means not overloading the puppy with too much protein or calcium, because this can ‘force’ growth, in much the same way that vegetables can be ‘forced’ in a hothouse.

This is undesirable because if bone grows more quickly than its blood supply it can lead to weakness and poor joint health.

This is where Hill’s Science diet for large breed puppies comes in as the best dog food for Rottweiler pups because it is so well balanced.

Indeed, Hill’s were one of the first pet food manufacturers to research these special needs and as such this food is a market leader.

However, it should be noted that this diet, is not suitable for pregnant or lactating dogs because of its tightly controlled protein and calcium levels.


2. Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult Rottweiler Dog Food

Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult Rottweiler Dog Food

Moving forward in time your puppy has now grown into an active, athletic adult and you want to keep them that way.

What better way to facilitate this than to feed the best dry food for Rottweiler dogs that is specifically formulated for the breed’s needs?

Impressively, the first item listed is chicken which makes it the main ingredient.

Second on the list is a chicken meal, added as a rich natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine (of recognized importance for nourishing those vital bones and joints.)

Most importantly those pet parents feeding Eukanuba breed specific notice a difference in their dogs.

The pet pals coat condition improves, and several owners of elderly dogs remark how well their joints are standing up to the test of time, making it definitely the best food to feed a Rottweiler.


3. Dogswell Happy Hips For Dogs

Dogswell Happy Hips For Dogs

Why is it so important to find the best food for Rottweilers when talking about hip health?

Diet is of crucial importance because of the genetic link between Rottweilers and hip dysplasia.

This debilitating condition can lead to early arthritis in the hip joints, which means the dog is in constant pain and finds it difficult to move around.

Whilst no diet can prevent a dog with hip dysplasia from developing clinical disease, feeding the best dry food for Rottweilers can delay deterioration and slow up progression.

The ingredients look delicious with the main item being chicken meat, and the carbohydrate provides energy in the form of oats, barley, brown rice, and sweet potato.

Crucially, the food is also supplemented with chondroitin and glucosamine which aid joint health and provide the building blocks of repair.

This product hits that sweet spot balancing quality ingredients with a realistic price.

The main concern from those pet parents who are less than impressed is that their dog (and these were often smaller breeds) didn’t like the taste.


4. Redpaw Dog Food Poweredge Dog Food

Redpaw Dog Food Poweredge Dog Food

Going back to the origins of the Rottweiler they were originally a working breed, and indeed are still widely used today as guard dogs or police dogs.

However, a working dog has a much higher calorie requirement than a pet, as they burn a vast amount of energy during the course of their duties.

This work can also leave them extremely tired, meaning the dog feels less like eating a large meal at the end of a shift.

The answer is the best food for Rottweiler working dogs that supply calories in a concentrated form in order to satisfy those energy requirements in a reasonable volume of food.

Redpaw Poweredge Performance is the best Rottweiler food.

It contains a balance of proteins and fats, plus carbohydrate, to meet needs such as building and maintaining muscle and promote energy and endurance.

It is also suitable for dogs in high-stress situations such as the pregnant dog or those in intensive training.

Also free from artificial colors and flavoring, and bulking agents, Redpaw Poweredge is literally packed with nutrition.


5. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Healthy Weight Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

At the other end of the scale is the pet dog that leads a quiet life or is unable to exercise because of sore hips.

This makes him prone to weight gain, which is bad news because it places extra strain on joints already under strain.

To get around this Blue Buffalo Life Protection has a reduced calorie content and is the best food for a Rottweiler prone to weight gain.

Blue Buffalo prides itself on using the finest, healthiest ingredients such as whole chicken, brown rice, oatmeal, carrots, cranberries, and sweet potato.

Designed to feed a family dog as you would wish him to be fed, with good wholesome foods, Blue Buffalo skips the fat content so as to keep the calorie content down.


6. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Senior

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Senior

In exactly the same way a large breed puppy needs special nutrition, so the older Rottweiler best food is one balanced to put less strain on tired organs such as the kidneys.

Nutro contains added glucosamine and chondroitin with an eye to joint health, especially in the aging dog.

In addition, it is balanced with protein to reduce muscle wastage and promote strength, but without overloading the body with protein which the kidney then struggles to get rid of.

On the plus side, many a dog has better bowel health and a shiny coat for feeding Nutro.

On the minus, some dogs refuse to eat it.

On balance, this is definitely a food that deserves attention and could well be the answer to meeting the nutritional needs of your older Rottweiler.

Whatever decision you make about feeding your Rottweiler, know that your dog is very much “What they eat.”


Look for a food with named meat listed as the main ingredient, and keep an eye out for the inclusion of chondroitin and glucosamine in order to keep your Rottweiler’s hips as healthy as possible.

And last but not least, avoid overfeeding your dog.

Adding extra layers of love strains the joints and can make them more likely to suffer from heart or joint disease.

So keep your dog slim for a long, happy, and active life.


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