Top 10 Best Dog Frisbees in 2020


If your dog loves moments at the park, you ought to find ways to enhance its activity. For active dogs Frisbees for fetch would have to be handy items next time you are visiting the park.

Your dog will race and chase after the Frisbee having fun while at the same time getting the heart rate up. And, it is a great way to get it in the outdoors and encourage more activity.

On this note, choosing the best dog Frisbee takes more than checking the size and style. Remember, a super active dog is most likely to chew on the Frisbee. So, the quality of the material has to guarantee a reasonable time of use before the Frisbee wears off.

With the right Frisbee, you do not have to worry about buying a new one every other month. Below are reviews of some of the best Frisbees; hopefully, you can choose an ideal one for your dog.

1. IMK9 Dog Frisbee Toy

IMK9 Dog Frisbee Toy

The right Frisbee for your dog should be bright enough to ensure your dog can trace it when you throw it too far. This IMK9 Frisbee comes in a bright color to enhance the visibility of your dog.

Key features

  • Material: Soft natural rubber
  • Size: Large
  • Suitability: Large dogs
  • Color: Blue

One of the qualities that stand out with this Frisbee is the color selection for a dog’s visibility. Colors like green and red are bright enough, but for dogs, the visible spectrum is different. The brightest color that dogs can easily well is blue, just like this Frisbee. Therefore, when you throw it too far, you do not have to worry about your dog missing it.

The design of this Frisbee is aerodynamic for a smooth flight. A twist of the wrist is enough to propel the disc and keep it flying for a longer time. The material is light enough for your dog to bite and carry without pressuring the gums. Also, the natural rubber is soft and doesn’t break into sharp pieces that could hurt your dog.


  • Quality construction
  • Soft and light for dog’s safety
  • Flies easily
  • Hold up for a while


  • Suitable for only large dogs

This Frisbee is an ideal choice for playing fetch with your large super active dog. The quality is outstanding and holds up for some time.


2. West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Durable Dog Frisbee

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Durable Dog Frisbee

A Frisbee that is easy to use for your dog and simple to maintain for you is the best choice. This particular one by West Paw is a great example.

Key Features

  • Material: Zogoflex
  • Size: Mini and large
  • Suitability: Mini- small dogs, large- medium and large dogs
  • Color: Tangerine, Aqua, Granny Smith, Glow

This Frisbee is a perfect choice for playing fetch and floatable with your dog. It comes in two sizes for you to choose and get the right one for your furry friend. The 6.5 inches one is suitable for puppies and small gods while the 8.5 inches works excellent for large and medium dogs.

The material used to make this flying disc is soft on the dog’s mouth and flies just like a hard plastic Frisbee. It is durable to last your dog a long time having fun. Also, the material is safe for use with all dogs and does not expose them to any chemical risk.


  • Ideal for chewers
  • Lightweight and soft for the dog
  • Bright colors for better visibility
  • Quality construction


  • Does not fly too far

This Frisbee is perfect for playing fetch in limited space with your dog. Also, it is ideal for the training of puppies within a small area.


3. Kong Flyer

Kong Flyer

A frisbee that your dog can bite on and chew comes in handy to help clean the teeth and soothe the gums, like this one from Kong.

Key Features

  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: Small, medium, large
  • Suitability: All dogs
  • Color: Red and Black

The frisbee is perfect for playing fetch and as a bite toy for your dog. It is safe on the dog’s teeth and is reliable for use over a long time. This toy helps to clean the dog’s teeth while soothing the gums; thanks to the soft rubber material. Also, the texture is soft yet durable so your dog can enjoy for a more extended period.

The fetch Frisbee is available in two sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit for your furry friend. The small one works great for puppies and small breeds of dogs while the largest size is excellent for large, experienced dogs. With this one, you do not have to worry about the size that suits your dog.


  • Lasts a long time
  • Withstands chewing
  • Good weight for stability


  • Dull colors
  • Too hard for puppies

The Kong Flyer Frisbee is an excellent choice for dogs that already like playing fetch and are used to the game.


4. Chuckit! Fetch Wheel Toy

Chuckit! Fetch Wheel Toy

When training your dog how to play fetch, a ring Frisbee can work to help the dog with catching and biting it. The Chuck It wheel toy is a suitable selection.

Key Features

  • Material: Canvas-style Nylon
  • Size: Small and large
  • Suitability: Small, medium and large dogs
  • Color: Blue/Orange

This soft dog Frisbee is useful for playing fetch with your dog. It flies, rolls and bounces which add on to the fun of being outdoors. The small size is perfect for small dogs while the large works well for medium to large dogs. This Frisbee floats on water so there is no limit to where you can use it for fetch.

Additionally, it comes in bright colors that make it easy for your dog to see. The center is open which helps the dog to bite and carry it around effortlessly. Since playing fetch can be messy, the Frisbee is easy to clean and dries up quickly for the next game.


  • Quality stitching
  • Easy to use with small dogs
  • Bright colors
  • Works in any environment


  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers
  • Large size is too big for medium dogs

The Chuck It wheel toy is an ideal choice for massive dogs that love to play fetch.


5. Hyperflite Jawz Disc

Hyperflite Jawz Disc

A dog catch frisbee should be well-made to withstand the constant biting, throwing and tossing that is common in fetch. This Hyperlite works for super active and heavy biters.

Key Features

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: Large
  • Suitability: Large dogs
  • Color: Glow in the dark

If your furry friend likes playing at night, then you might want to get a glow-in-the-dark frisbee. This one works for dogs that are used to playing fetch that playing in the dark is not any different from daytime. Therefore, it is designed for large dogs and can also work well for competitions.

The frisbee has a patented design around the circumference for a comfortable grip. This helps an easy catch without pressuring the jaw when the dog reaches for it. The frisbee is also puncture resistant and hence can work in any setting.


  • Sturdy design
  • Useful for nighttime fetch
  • Designed for record-setting competitions


  • Can be too hard for training
  • Only works for large dogs

The Hyperlite frisbee is recommended for the sturdy design that works great and last long for large dogs.


6. Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer Rubber Dog Toy

Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer Rubber Dog Toy

One of the qualities of frisbees for dogs is the ability to hold up despite the constant pressure, biting and tossing. The Ruff Dawg is a great choice.

Key Features

  • Material: Natural rubber
  • Size: 9.5 inch (large)
  • Suitability: Medium and Large dogs
  • Color: bright swirled marbled colors

This frisbee is designed for super fun activities for large and medium dogs. It has a 9.5 inches diameter that provides enough surface area for massive dogs to bite. Also, it is lightweight which enhances proper biting and carrying. It is safe for the dog’s teeth and gums; thanks to the soft rubber surface.

The quality of the rubber is outstanding to last a long time. It withstands tears and is puncture resistant. That means you can use it even on rocky areas, without worrying about wearing off while playing. The swirled colors are bright enough for the dog to spot.


  • Flies easily
  • Lightweight for the dog
  • Easy-grip for biting
  • Bright color


  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers

The Ruff Dawg frisbee is a perfect choice for its creative design, the colors, and weight.


7. StarMark Easy Glider Max

StarMark Easy Glider Max

When your dog plays fetch for the first time, you want to ensure it does not get injuries, especially on the gums. This frisbee by StarMark is soft and gentle on the dog’s teeth and gums even for long periods of play.

Key Features

  • Material: Soft foam
  • Size: 11-inch (large)
  • Suitability: Large dogs
  • Color: Blue, Purple, Yellow

This frisbee is made of quality foam material that is soft enough for the dog’s gums. Also, the surface is patented to ensure the dog gets a smooth bite ensuring it can carry it without dropping. It is easy to throw for your dog to catch even if you are inexperienced.

The frisbee is suitable for use in different environments including water. It gives you, and your dog added fun activities while incorporating fetch and other ball games. Pros

  • Soft to bite
  • Bright colors enhance visibility
  • Well-made to withstand chewing
  • Floats in water


  • Bulky and doesn’t fly too far

This frisbee by StarMark is designed for a large dog and has a good weight for a comfortable grip.


8. Chuckit! Paraflight Flyer Dog Frisbee

Chuckit! Paraflight Flyer Dog Frisbee

If your dog has experience playing fetch, then you most definitely need a high-flying Frisbee. This Chuck it is designed for long-distance flight.

Key Features

  • Material: Multilayer Nylon
  • Size: Small and large
  • Suitability: All dogs
  • Color: Blue/ Orange

This Frisbee is designed in an aerodynamic shape which enhances the flight for long-distance fetch. It is light in weight and floats in water for suitability in water environments such as pools and beaches. Also, the Frisbee is of high quality to last long in the outdoors; thanks to the multi-layer nylon design.

Since you want the dog to locate the Frisbee easily, bright color is advisable. This one comes in a bright orange and blue blend which the dog can see even when playing in fields with long grass. The Frisbee is soft, so the dog is comfortable picking it, biting and carrying it around without hurting the gums and teeth.


  • Perfect sizes
  • Flies far with minimal effort
  • Durable construction
  • Soft surface for teeth safety


  • Doesn’t fly well when used in water

The Chuck It Frisbee is ideal for long-distance fetch with experienced dogs and also works for training ball games.


9. RUFFWEAR – Hydro Plane Floating Disc

RUFFWEAR - Hydro Plane Floating Disc

A quality frisbee should serve the dog for a long time regardless of the weather conditions. This Ruff Wear Hydro-Plane Frisbee is a suitable option for all seasons.

Key Features

  • Material: Foam
  • Size: 12 inches (large)
  • Suitability: Large dogs
  • Color: Blue, Red

This frisbee is designed using durable foam that can withstand wear in the summer, winter or rainy seasons. It is perfect for all-year-round for super active dogs that love to play fetch. It is designed to float in water and doesn’t hold water at all. Also, it is light enough for your dog to carry around without hurting the teeth and the gums.

The frisbee is built to last a long time ensuring your dog has maximum fun in the outdoors. The materials are abrasion-resistant to ensure it lasts long even on rough grounds. The frisbee is brightly colored so the dog can spot it when you throw it too far.


  • High-quality
  • Lightweight and soft material
  • Floats in water
  • Perfect for all seasons


  • Only suitable for large dogs

This Ruff Wear Hydro-Plane Frisbee is ideal for playing fetch and works well with large dogs that are used to the game.


10. The Original Flippy Flopper Hyper Pet Frisbee

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee

Frisbees for dogs should be light enough for the dog to catch and carry around when playing. This set of Frisbees from Hyper Pet is an excellent example.

Key Features

  • Material: Soft rubber and Nylon
  • Size: 9 inches
  • Suitability: All dogs
  • Colors: Orange, Green, Red

These Frisbees are designed for durability and maximum fun for your dog. They work well for fetch at the park, beaches, and playgrounds. The good thing is that they don’t sink in water so your dog can enjoy playing in the water. Also, the material is soft on the dog’s mouth for the safety of the gums.

A dog catch Frisbee should be bright enough for your dog to spot when you throw it too far. This set comes in bright reflective colors which makes then ideal for the different playing areas for your dog to see. Also, they are light to carry, flexible and easy to fly.


  • Quality material
  • Last an extended time
  • Great value
  • Soft material hence safe for training fetch


  • Colors fade with time

This set of Frisbees is perfect for training puppies and older dogs how to play fetch; thanks to the quality material and flexibility.


Key Information About Dog Frisbees

What makes a great Frisbee for dogs?

A great Frisbee should be designed using a safe material for the dog. That means the material should be BPA free and approved by relevant authorities as far as safety is concerned. Also, the material should be well finished to prevent fraying or breaking which can injure the dog’s gums and teeth.

Another feature of a great Frisbee is the ability to fly longer. Lightweight Frisbees are easy to throw far and suit long-distance fetch for improving activity for the dog. However, being lightweight doesn’t always indicate that the Frisbee will fly far.  Some light ones barely fly meters away. Factors that matter most are the design and the necessary weight to propel.

Safe Play

If you are learning your way through playing fetch with your dog, it is essential to consider some safety features. Frisbees used for fetch can cause injury especially if you choose the wrong one for your dog. Beginners in this game are advised to consider lightweight, soft Frisbees for training. Later on, you can advance to hard Frisbees after the dog learns the art of jumping and biting the Frisbee.

Also, it is essential to observe the distance and the magnitude to reduce the impact if the dog was to be hit by the Frisbee. At the start, lightweight Frisbees can work well with a low throw for the dog to chase. Also, keeping the distance shorter will make it easy for the dog to catch the Frisbee without bearing too much pressure from the throw.

Types of Frisbees: Hard vs. Soft

A soft Frisbee is one that is flexible and can change in shape. Soft Frisbees are advisable since they are safe in case of a hard catch by the dog. Also, soft Frisbees cover a shorter distance than hard ones making them suitable for training. The advantage of using soft Frisbees is that they do not get damaged if an external force is applied.  However, soft Frisbees do not last a long time especially if the dog is an aggressive chewer.

Hard Frisbees, on the other hand, retain the shape during play. But, when extra pressure is applied, they might break, bend or deform. This type of Frisbees is suitable for dogs that have experience in playing fetch. They cover a reasonable distance that the dog can run to catch it. They tend to last a long time than soft ones since the material used is resistant to abrasion, bites, etc. However, this type can be dangerous to use with inexperienced dogs and could lead to dental injury.

Tips and Tricks to Teach Your Dog Fetch

  • Start by encouraging the dog to chase after a toy so it can learn how to chase after the Frisbee.
  • Throwing the Frisbee and chasing with the dog will encourage it to do it alone the next time
  • Add other toys to help the dog bring back the Frisbee towards your direction. With time it will learn that it needs to bring it back after catching.
  • Get a few toys that the dog likes before you can introduce the Frisbee.
  • Rewarding the dog after retrieving the Frisbee will encourage it to keep chasing after it for more rewards.

Bottom Line

A suitable Frisbee for your dog should guarantee safety and loads of fun. But, this is entirely based on the one you choose. Soft Frisbees are great for beginners and also leave you to worry less about injuries. The kind of fun your dog gets from playing fetch has more to do with how you train it to catch and how well you throw the Frisbee.

The idea is to get your dog out, enjoy the outdoors and improve on physical activity. Fetch will not only keep it healthy but also help to improve on how it interacts and understands what you say. As long as you have the right Frisbee, you can expect your dog to enjoy the game.


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