Top 5 Best Dog Sleeping Bags


We all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep, and it’s no different for our dogs, so choosing the best type of bed for our furry friend is important. If you are looking for a new bed for your dog, going on a camping trip, or looking for something different, a sleeping bag for your dog is an ideal option.

The best dog sleeping bags come in different styles and sizes to suit all types of dogs and lifestyles. If your hound likes to snuggle into his bedding, the cave style would suit him. Those who like to scratch at the bedding would probably suit the traditional bag. Then there’s the dog bed style with the base and cover as separate pieces.

Dog sleeping bags are very versatile, it could be a permanent bed or simply used for camping trips and holidays. As with our own sleeping bags, they can be rolled up and stored, or attached to a backpack.

1. Hurtta Outback Dreamer Dog Sleeping Bag

Hurtta Outback Dreamer Dog Sleeping Bag

The Hurtta Outback Dreamer sleeping bag is circular in shape, allowing your dog to curl up comfortably within the bag, and can also be used as a normal sleep mat when your dog is at home, or during the warmer months.

Key Specifications

  • Size: Small, Medium and large
  • Why We Recommend: Waterproof, padded and has heat reflective insulation.

The outer skin is made from breathable, water-resistant houndtex, which makes this sleeping bag for dogs very hard-wearing and tough, so shouldn’t get damaged by your dog’s claws, or rough ground when camping.

For comfort and protection from the cold ground, the base is well padded between the outer layer and the lining and has an added heat-reflective foil lining which reflects the dog’s body heat for extra warmth on those colder nights. Some dogs need help staying warm when sleeping, so this added silver lining is particularly beneficial, and also for those adventurers who like to venture out camping in the winter months.

This is a one-piece sleeping bag, with no zips, so you may find you initially have to encourage your dog to get burrow into it, practicing at home would be a good idea, but all reports are that once in, your four-legged friend will be very comfortable.

There have been some comments on the sizing for this product, with some saying they come out a bit smaller than expected, and there are only the three size options; unfortunately, Hurtta does not offer an XL.


  • Well insulated with extra silver lining
  • Lightweight and small when folded
  • Easy to pack into travel bag provided
  • Can also be used as a sleeping mat
  • Machine washable


  • One-piece so some dogs may not want to get inside
  • Sizing may not be accurate
  • Limited range of sizes

The Hurtta Outback Dreamer is machine washable and folds down easily into the travel bag provided. It is very lightweight and when packed it fits easily into a backpack, so ideal for hiking and camping trips.


2. Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag

Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag

The Noblecamper’s clever design means it is both a bed and a sleeping bag for dogs giving it the versatility not offered by a standard sleeping bag.

Key Specifications

  • Size: Small, medium and large
  • Why We Recommend: It’s a 2-in-1 bed and sleeping bag, ideal for all weather.

The clever design means that when zipped up your four-legged friend has a comfortable circular bed with floppy sides. When you are ready to sleep, you simply unzip to release the sleeping bag element and pull it over your pooch. The shape means that you don’t have to worry which way the dog is facing, unlike the more traditional shaped sleeping bags where you have to make sure his head is facing the opening.

As you would expect, the outer shell is durable, water-resistant and quick drying. The inner lining is made from breathable, cotton-like nylon which is fast drying. To keep your dog warm and comfortable, there is a layer of poly-fill insulation to insulate him from the cold ground and the sides.

The Noblecamper, as the name suggests, has been designed specifically with the outdoor life in mind, so is perfect for those who enjoy camping and hiking. It is surprisingly lightweight and folds down to fit into the stuff bag provided. When packed up, it is small and light enough to fit on most dog backpacks.

Another feature of this 2-in-1 dog bed and sleeping bag is that there are three stake-out loops to secure the bed to the ground, which can also be used to hang the sleeping bag/bed out to dry.


  • Unique design
  • 2-in-1 bed and sleeping bag
  • Lightweight enough for attaching to backpack
  • 3 stake-out loops for securing or hanging out to dry
  • Small company and reports of great customer service


  • Some comments that the base padding could be thicker
  • Not as insulated as some other bags
  • Some comments about size when in stuff bag being too large

The versatility of Noblecamper means it is ideal to use when staying in a hotel or visiting friends where you only need a bed for your hound, and also when camping where the sleeping bag element comes into its own.


3. Ruffwear – Highlands Sleeping Bag for Dogs

Ruffwear - Highlands Sleeping Bag for Dogs

The Ruffwear Highlands sleeping bag for dogs is another very popular choice. This is a one size fits all sleeping bag, which may be a slight drawback, but the general feedback is that this is a very practical and durable sleeping bag for dogs who enjoy an active, outdoor life.

Key Specifications

  • Dog Size: One size: 35” x 26” with 1” loft
  • Why We Recommend: A durable sleeping bag with wide zip opening

As you would expect from a sleeping bag designed for outdoor life, the shell is made from durable polyester, which is water resistant and dries quickly. Being a smooth material, unlike a fleece type, grass and dirt don’t get stuck in it, you just shake it clean.

The lightweight, synthetic insulation provides protection from hard ground and from the cold – there is also the added feature of an integrated pad sleeve in the base for you to slide in the Ruffwear Highlands Pad (sold separately) for even more comfort and warmth should you feel that necessary on your more extreme winter adventures.

This sleeping bag has a zipper which opens the bag up for your dog to lie down, then be zipped comfortably in for the night, retaining his body heat. The cover isn’t completely removable but does open about three-quarters of the way around.

The Ruffwear Highlands sleeping bag also has ties so that you can stake it in position; a particularly useful feature is your dog is a restless sleeper!


  • Made from durable fabric and well insulated
  • Unzips around ¾ of the way around for easy entry
  • Has ties to secure the bed in position
  • Sleeve in the base to hold an extra pad for extreme conditions
  • Machine washable


  • Only comes in one size so may not suit larger dogs
  • The cover is not completely removable
  • A tad bulky and heavy to transport in a bag

Ruffwear supply a stuff bag with this sleeping bag for you to store it away or carry on your backpack. When in the stuff bag it is about 12 inches by 7 inches in size, and there have been some comments that this is on the large size to fit onto a dog’s backpack. Although fairly lightweight, again, some people have mentioned that they found it a little heavy.


4. Pet Sleeping Bag

Pet Sleeping Bag

The Pet Sleeping Bag from Mac Sports is a very popular sleeping bag for dogs and can be used in the house as well as for camping.

Key Specifications

  • Size: One Size : 40” x 33.5”
  • Why We Recommend: A flexible sleeping bag with removable top cover

The Mac Sports sleeping bag has a water-resistant nylon exterior, as you would expect from a product designed to be used outdoors as well. The inner lining is a softer microfibre, plus, as well as the insulation; there is also the luxury of a padded headrest giving extra comfort for your four-legged companion.

As with all sleeping bags, this is equally suitable to use as a permanent bed in the home, or when you are on holiday. It is easy to pack up in the stuff bag provided for when you are going to visit friends and family, or going on an outdoor adventure. Your furry friend will still have the comforts of home, wherever you are, which gives them security, and you won’t have to share your sleeping bag!

If your dog likes to carry his equipment on his back when out hiking and camping, the fact that you can separate the top and bottom of this sleeping bag gives you the opportunity to balance the weight by putting one on either side of his backpack.

There have been some comments that this sleeping bag is quite large when in the stuff bag, and is possibly more suitable for car camping as opposed to hiking holidays. It weighs around 4lb, so this is a consideration.


  • Padded headrest
  • Water-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Zips apart


  • Quite heavy to carry in a backpack
  • Bulky and quite large in the stuff bag
  • Only comes in one size

This sleeping bag is very popular, so if you are looking for a warm, comfortable sleeping bag for your dog, Mac Sports pet sleeping bag is definitely worth checking out.


5. Ozark Trail Dog Sleeping Bag

Ozark Trail Dog Sleeping Bag

Another highly rated sleeping bag for dogs is the Ozark Trail Dog Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag is rectangular in shape, with padded sides so it is ideal for use both as a permanent bed in the home, as well for when you are out camping or visiting friends.

Key Specifications

  • Size: One size 28” x 22”
  • Why We Recommend: stylish sleeping bag for dogs

The Ozark Trail sleeping bag has a cover which is attached on one side, with a zipper around the other two so it can be left open when the weather is warmer or zipped up to provide a cover when your four-legged companion needs more warmth.

This bag only weighs 2.5lb and comes with a stuff bag to roll it up into and attach to a backpack for easy carrying when you are venturing out camping or traveling.

Only coming in one size, 28 inches by 22, this sleeping bag is not so suitable for the larger dog breeds, but the reviews on Amazon show it is ideal for dogs up to about 45lb.
The sleeping bag is well insulated and padded, ensuring a comfortable, cozy environment for your dog in the cold weather. The zipped cover enables you to regulate the temperature, leaving it open in the warmer weather, or zipping it up for warmth in the colder climes.

As you would expect, the Ozark Trail sleeping bag is made from water-resistant, durable polyester, with ample synthetic padding in the base and sides. It is machine washable, and quick-drying – very important when your hairy friend has been out having fun in the wet and mud!


  • Suitable for permanent bed as well as traveling
  • Zipped cover so ideal for warm and cold temperatures
  • Machine washable
  • Stuff bag provided


  • Only one size
  • Some comments on zip durability
  • Entry gap can be a problem = some dogs need to get into the bed first then be zipped up
  • Some reviews mention sagging of the side padding

All in all, the Ozark Trail Sleeping Bag is a very stylish and versatile sleeping bag option for you to consider.


Bottom Line

Whether at home, visiting friends, or out on a camping adventure, our dogs need the comfort and security of a warm bed to rest or sleep in, and that’s where a sleeping bag for dogs comes into its own.

While all of the sleeping bags we have mentioned are all highly rated in the buyer reviews on Amazon, the one that stands out for us as the best is the Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag.

It’s a unique design, incorporating the facility of a bed which then unzips to become a sleeping bag gives this product outstanding versatility. The construction is of equal quality, the lightweight poly-fil high-loft insulation provides protection from the cold ground and sides, and the sleeping bag compresses into the stuff bag to attach to your backpack.

The added extra of the three stake-out loops for securing the bed to the ground for security is also a great design touch. All in all, a very well designed and constructed product.


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