Top 10 Best Dog Thermometer in 2020


When we make that decision to adopt our first dog, we tend to think about all the fun we will have. However, like any other animal, doggies will face health issues along the way, and we need to be as prepared as we can. Having a reliable, safe, and accurate thermometer can make all of the difference and catch issues before they become a major problem.

Dogs are a big part of the family and love all the cuddles and attention they can get, but when it comes to anything medical, our pups tend to shy away. When looking for the best dog thermometer for your household, it is key to find one that does a fast reading and is comfortable. We do not want to put more stress on an already sick dog.

To help your household find the best dog thermometer for your dog and the family, we’ve put together a list of the ultimate in safety, speed, accuracy, and comfortable thermometers to choose from.

1. Fast Rectal

Fast Rectal Thermometer for Dogs

When looking for the best dog thermometer, you’ll want to find one that is quick – dogs may squirm when a foreign object such as a thermometer touches them. The Pavia fast rectal thermometer gets the job done in 6 seconds; the tool will be out before they really notice it’s there.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – White
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Very simple and easy to use

The probe is only 3” and can accurately temp all animals of any size; this is especially great for families with multiple animals. Furthermore, this tool can easily be cleaned with soap or alcohol, which is very important when dealing with multiple animals.

With technology advancing each day, we look towards the newest and most innovative designs, however, when it comes to thermometers, sometimes simple is the best way to go. This thermometer is very easy to use, just turn it on and it is ready to go.

There is nothing fancy about it, which is good. When it comes to dealing with animals you want to do things as simple as possible. They are not used to things like thermometers so wherever time can be cut and made simple, the better.

Sometimes we forget to write down our dog’s temp, or may not have their old temp reading right in front of us. While simple, this thermometer stores the previous reading so we can easily look back and see how their new temp differs from the old.


  • Easy to replace the battery – 2 AAA batteries
  • Fast reading
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use


  • Not fully waterproof – don’t submerge in water
  • Some dogs may hate that it is a rectal thermometer

The Pavia rectal temp is a veterinarian-grade thermometer that is used globally by vets, clinics, and animal technicians. This tool is sturdy and made to last, and does exactly what it needs to do. Trusted by vets, we can feel good knowing this thermometer is known to work well.


2. ONETWOTHREE Fast Clinical

ONETWOTHREE Fast Clinical Pet Thermometer

Let’s face it; our furry friends can be quite fussy when it comes to getting their temperature taken. The iCare-Pet makes things really easy with a non-contact ear thermometer, just get next to their ear and take their temp without getting invasive.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Blue
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – It is non-contact, easy to use on the fussiest of dogs

It takes the temperature in just one second, they really will never know anything happened and can go on about their day. This piece of kit is made specifically for animals and can be used amongst your household furry friends, however, note that it tends not to read humans too accurately.

While this may not work great with humans, this thermometer can be used to test the heat of a bath, the air, and objects such as bottled milk – this is fantastic for homes with puppies that are still bottle feeding.

When it comes to feeding and bathing our puppies, we want to ensure that they are safe and not getting burnt at our hands. This thermometer makes it easy for us to provide safe and good care for our doggies.

When looking for the best dog thermometer, one feature to look for is the readings it holds. Sure, you may write this information down, but it can be much more simple to have the information at your hands with no additional work. 


  • Non-contact
  • Not a rectal thermometer
  • Can check air, water temp and object temp
  • Has a voice option


  • Said that the hold could be better
  • Could be more consistent

This thermometer holds up to 32 readings, making it very manageable to track the health of your dog.


3. OCCObaby

OCCObaby Clinical Digital Thermometer

Unfortunately, some companies make their thermometers with questionable and potentially hazardous materials. With this thermometer by OCCObaby, you can sigh a breath of relief; this product is FDA and CE approved and safe to use. Furthermore, this thermometer is regularly tested by the FDA and continues to pass some of the most strict and rigorous tests when it comes to safety and accuracy.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – White with teal
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – FDA approved for safety and accuracy

Doggies tend not to be fans of thermometers, some may have no reaction, while others may throw a fit, either way, they are not excited when it comes time to take the temp. But not to worry, Gear District makes it easy, with the press of one button, this thermometer checks the temp in 10 seconds and is accurate within 1/10 of a degree.

If a fever is present, it will pop up with a fever indication and beep, making it easy to know when our pups are ill.

With its low battery indicator, you will always be prepared to take their temp and not worry about it being dead, however, with its long battery life, you won’t have to worry about changing the battery too often.

It will also automatically power off, and you can choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius. Overall, this fine piece of kit is simple and reliable and does exactly what you need it to.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Does exactly what it’s supposed to – advertised as is
  • Checks temp fast
  • Good accuracy


  • No blacklight
  • Beep sound not very loud
  • On/off button said to be sticky

What makes this thermometer stand out aside from its fantastic features, is the goodies that come with it. It comes with 10 disposable probes, and a pdf for healthy remedies for the cold and flu, while this may not apply to your pet, this is certainly great for the owners to read up on.


4. Best FDA Digital Medical Thermometer

Best FDA Digital Medical Thermometer

When taking our doggies temp, we want to make sure there is as little discomfort as possible. This thermometer has a soft and flexible tip, making the process more comfortable and easy to do. Even when using rectally on your pup, the thermometer will be out before they know it.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – BlueGrey or Pink
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Has great accuracy, said to be 100%

With 100% accuracy in just 10 seconds, this thermometer makes life easy, a sick pup with a fever may be an indication there is something more serious at play.

The first step in addressing any potential illness is taking their temperature, then speaking with a vet. To best do this, accurate and fast thermometer is key.

We love this product because it does not just say it is accurate to sell you, but it has in fact been clinically tested, and FDA approved to be both accurate and safe. We also love that it is all about ease. With a large lighted display screen, you will easily see the temperature, even in darker lighting.

Everything is simple and only the press of a button away, go from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and when the temp is done being taken, the device will let you know with a beep and if fever is present an alarm will beep to notify you. No need to find special cleaning wipes, this piece of kit is waterproof and can easily be washed off after each use.

In addition to its reliable feature, this product comes with some freebies. First, it comes with a protective case so you can keep it safe and clean when not in use. 


  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • Accurate readings
  • Waterproof
  • Backlit screen


  • Directions said to be confusing
  • Battery life is not the longest
  • Beep said not to be loud enough

This thermometer also includes a manual, and a battery already inside and another extra battery. If this thermometer doesn’t meet your standards, they do offer a 1-year warranty.


5. Enji Family Digital

Digital Medical Thermometer

Happy Care by Enji is trusted by hospitals, schools, and families; it is an all-around great thermometer. This is the type of product you would find in hospitals, medical clinics, veterinary clinics, sports clubs, and schools because of its consistent and accurate readings. It is made to last and comfortable for use with its soft and flexible tips – key when dealing with doggies.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – White with black
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Trusted by hospitals, vets, schools, and families

Not only do we want a comfortable thermometer when it comes to our dogs, but we want something that is fast. This tool will read the temp in just a few seconds before they even start to get antsy, your reading will be done and easy to read with its large display screen.

Happy Care offers a safe thermometer that helps us practice cleanliness and keep things sanitized. This tool is never made with mercury and is safe to use, no worries about bringing a toxic item into your home.

To ensure optimal hygiene, this piece of kit comes with a protective storage case to keep it clean and safe when not in use. Between uses, this thermometer can be washed and sanitized with alcohol, it is waterproof, so no worries when it comes to washing the tool.


  • Comes with a free ebook on health
  • Instructions very good
  • Break-resistant
  • Works for humans too
  • Fast and consistent


  • Said to take longer than 10 seconds to do a read
  • The button can be hard to push
  • Battery not the best

If you have multiple pets that are using this device, you will be pleased to know that extra probe covers are included in this thermometer kit, these will prevent germs from spreading and keep everything very sanitized and safe.


6. iProven

Best Digital Medical Pet Thermometer

The most accurate way to measure your dog’s temperature is through their rectum. The iProven Digital Pet Thermometer accurately reads your dogs’ temperature in only 20 seconds.

Key Specifications

  • Colors—White and blue
  • Easy to Clean—Yes
  • Why We Recommend—Simple to use and easy to read digital numbers

A normal dog’s temperature range is between 99-101 degrees Fahrenheit. Since they are warmer than our body temperatures, we cannot merely press our palm to their forehead to check if they have a fever. That’s where IProven comes in.

Their digital thermometer has a flexible, waterproof tip that can move with squirmy dogs to be a quick and painless experience, which is excellent for dogs who do not enjoy having their temperature taken rectally. You can use the thermometer as is or slip the tip into a sleeve to be as sanitary as possible. Once you have the temperature, the thermometer can be easily cleaned as the tip is waterproof.

Reading the thermometer is easy as well. Once the tip is inserted, it takes about 20-30 seconds before you hear a beep alerting you the temperature has been read. Since the numbers are digital, you should have no problem reading what temperature your furry friend has. The readings are accurate, so you will not have to take your dog’s temperature a second time, which your dog will be very grateful for.

When done slip the thermometer in its plastic case and store it away for the next time you will need it.


  • Flexible tip
  • Waterproof tip
  • Quick reading time
  • Plastic storage case included
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • For rectal use only
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Needs to be lubricated before use

If you feel like your dog is now feeling well, whip out your iProven Digital Pet Thermometer to see if they have a fever or not before taking them to their vet.


7. Aurynns

Aurynns Pet Thermometer

When you need a thermometer at home ready to use on any pet from dogs to cats and even livestock, the Aurynns Pet Thermometer sounds like the pet thermometer that you need.

Key Specifications

  • Colors—White
  • Easy to Clean—Yes
  • Why We Recommend—Quick readings and notifies you if anything is wrong with the temperature of your dog.

This affordable thermometer provides quick reading times within 20 seconds. You can accurately read the temperature thanks to the digital number display on top of the thermometer. It is quick and easy to use, all you have to do is press the single button, wait for it to zero out, and insert it into your dog either in their mouth or orally to get their temperature reading.

It is ideal to lubricate the tip of the thermometer first if you are going to anal route to make it comfortable for your dog. But whichever way you decide to use the tip of the thermometer is waterproof so it can be cleaned up easily after each use.

To make using the thermometer easy on you, the end of the thermometer has a ring for extra grip to make sure the thermometer stays in place during the reading if you have a wiggly dog.

If you need to concentrate on holding your dog and cannot look at the thermometer do not worry; the thermometer will make a loud beeping sound to alert you when the reading is complete and you can remove the thermometer from your dog. The thermometer will turn off on its own after a set amount of time to save battery power.


  • Works both orally and through the anus
  • Accurate readings
  • Fast readings
  • Loud beeping
  • Suitable for all types of pets


  • Sometimes takes longer to read on certain dogs
  • Cannot be fully submerged in water
  • Needs to be lubricated before use

Do not be left in the dark when it comes to knowing if your dog has an average temperature or not when using the Aurynns Pet Thermometer.


8. Hurinan Animal Electronic Thermometer

Hurinan Animal Electronic Thermometer

Dogs do not fully enjoy having their temperature read, so you will need a thermometer that works fast to accommodate the uncomfortableness dogs may feel. Hurinan Animal Electronic Thermometer works fast to provide you an accurate reading with little strain on your dog’s end.

Key Specifications

  • Colors—White
  • Easy to Clean—Yes
  • Why We Recommend—Easy to use and provides fast readings to reduce stress on the dogs

This thermometer is simple to use. With only a single button you can turn the thermometer on and off, and switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit with no hassle. The 3-inch probe is small and narrow, which means that your dog should feel little to no discomfort during use. It is intended only to be a rectal thermometer, but the sturdy shape will make it easier for you to keep your grip on the thermometer even if your dog is squirming.

The readings can be as quick as six seconds or take up to 30 seconds to read. However long the thermometer takes to read the large, 4-bit LCD screen is easy to read will always be accurate and easy to read so you can better monitor your dog’s temperature.

You do not have to worry about placing a probe cover on the thermometer either due to its small and narrow size. After use, you do always want to disinfect it, and thanks to the smooth exterior the thermometer is safe to clean with water or other disinfectants. Taking your dog’s temperature will be easy for you thanks to the Hurninan thermometer.


  • 3-inch long probe
  • Suitable for all types of animals
  • Large screen to be able to read the temperatures better
  • Does not require a probe cover
  • 90-day money back guarantee


  • For rectal use only
  • Some customer have stated it takes a while to read sometimes
  • Can be confusing to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings.

Do not worry that your dog will feel pain when using the Hurinan Animal Electronic Thermometer since it has a small probe and reads quickly.


9. Pet Thermometer

Pet Thermometer

The iCare-Pet Pet Clinic Thermometer is not invasive and makes taking temperatures from nervous dogs easy.

Key Specifications

  • Colors—Blue
  • Easy to Clean—Yes
  • Why We Recommend—You can accurately take the temperature of your dog through contact with their ear for a fast, comfortable reading.

This infrared thermometer is easy for both pet owner and dog to use. You do not have to place it inside of your dog at all, press it to their ear and you will get an accurate reading. You can easily change between a Celsius and Fahrenheit reading with the buttons on the thermometer. You can also switch between an air, body, and object mode so the thermometer will be able to read what you want accurately.

If need be, you can put the thermometer in voice mode so the temperature reading can be read out to you. You can also save the temperature reading to the thermometer’s memory to have an accurate record of your dog’s temperature. It can only hold up to 32 readings, though, so be sure you do not lose any readings you may need later.


  • Non-invasive
  • Can save temperatures to memory
  • Has a voice option
  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries


  • Customers have claimed it measures inaccurately

Your dog will no longer be afraid to have their temperature taken with the contact friendly iCare-Pet Pet Clinic Thermometer.


10. ONETWOTHREE Fast Clinical Pet Thermometer for Dogs

ONETWOTHREE Fast Clinical Pet Thermometer

Your dog will not be strained when using the ONETWOTHREE Fast Clinic Pet Thermometer.

Key Specifications

  • Colors—White
  • Easy to Clean—Yes
  • Why We Recommend—Easy to use with little to no discomfort felt by your dog.

This thermometer is meant to keep up with the high paced environment of a veterinary clinic. Knowing that, you should feel confident that you will be getting fast and accurate readings from this thermometer. The 5-inch long, 2-inch wide probe is long enough to measure any body type and thin enough not to cause discomfort in your dog while in use.

The thermometer is meant to take an accurate measurement in 6-8 seconds to avoid prolonged use. The digital screen is easy for you to read. If your dog happens to fidget or move about while taking their temperature do not worry, the 9-inch height of the thermometer fits comfortably in the palms of hands to ensure you will not lose your grip.

You can even switch the temperature reading between Celsius and Fahrenheit to accommodate your preferences. With the one button control, you can easily turn the thermometer on and off, change the setting, or let it turn off on its own.


  • Measures in 6-8 seconds
  • Can be used orally and through the anus
  • Small sensor probe for ease of comfort
  • Runs on two AAA alkaline batteries


  • Some customers have complained about the quality of the structure of the thermometer

Be confident in taking your dog’s temperature accurately with the ONETWOTHREE Fast Clinic Pet Thermometer.


Bottom Line

For a dog thermometer that is simple to use and meets some of the highest safety and accuracy standards, we choose Thermometer by Gear District as our winner.

We love that this thermometer meets both FDA and CE standards for safety and accuracy. This piece of kit is continuously tested so we can feel safe using it and know that the readings will be consistent and accurate.

Not only is this thermometer safe to use and accurate, but it is also quick. When it comes to taking the temperature of our fur babies, it is best to find a thermometer that is quick and precise. With accurate readings, our doggies can live a long and healthy life and solve medical issues before they arise.

In addition to this being a highly functional thermometer, we also love that this tool can be used amongst the households, pets and owners alike can use it to get temp readings. Another fun feature is that this product comes with a pdf for healthy remedies for the flu and colds.


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