Top 12 Best Dog Toothpastes in 2020


When you forget to brush your teeth, how does your mouth feel?

That sticky, claggy feeling is not nice and yet for our dogs that don’t use canine toothpaste this is a permanent state of affairs.

This could explain your dog’s bad breath kisses that make you feel queasy, and the reason behind large veterinary bills for dental attention. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is just a matter of habit.

Regular cleaning using a dog toothpaste is safe for use in our four-legged friends can prevent all manner of dental disease.

So for fresh breath doggy kisses and a film star smile that Lassie would be proud of, here’s a guide to canine toothpaste. Indeed, there is a wide variety of suitable products available to tackle a range of dental related problems such as bad breath, inflamed gums, and even tartar buildup on the teeth.

1. Aromatherapy Best Natural Breath Freshner

Aromatherapy Best Natural Breath Freshner

For pet parents of a young dog with clean teeth that you want to keep that way, then this oral care spray does the job of the best natural dog toothpaste but with the ease of use of a spray.

Simply spritz the teeth in order to freshen the mouth and keep the bacterial load down or you can spray the mouth and use a brush to beef up the abrasive cleaning action of the baking soda.

The spray is easier to use than a natural toothpaste for dogs but has a similar effect and benefits.

The active ingredients include baking soda with a mild cleansing action to keep teeth clean and remove plaque.

In addition, it contains aloe vera, well known for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties; along with mint for its antibacterial and freshening properties.

This mint flavored dog toothpaste is also a hit with pet parents.

There are many reviews from satisfied users whose dogs previously had fishy breath and now smell minty fresh.

Indeed, several customers also report an improvement in gum health and reduced tartar.

And for dogs that dislike having their mouth spritzed, a top tip is to apply this oral care product by moistening a cotton swab and then wiping that over the teeth.


2. CET Vanilla/Mint Toothpaste

Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

Think about how you brush your own teeth and you immediately spot a problem with dogs: They don’t spit but swallow the toothpaste.

This means it’s essential to use toothpaste for dogs that are not toxic if swallowed.

Virbac’s top rated CET enzymatic toothpaste for dogs is ideal as it does not contain foaming agents, so it’s easy to swallow, as well as being effective and safe.

A clue to how this best toothpaste for dogs works is in the word ‘enzymatic’.

It contains glucose oxidase and lactoperoxidase (derived from milk) which interact in the mouth to produce hydrogen peroxide.

This has a natural antibacterial effect and reduces the population of bacteria in the mouth.

It is the interaction of bacteria with food debris that leads to the formation of plaque, and then tartar; so good oral hygiene is a positive boon when it comes to reducing tartar formation and promoting healthy gums which makes C E T the best dog toothpaste for periodontal health.

Virbac CET enzymatic toothpaste has outstanding dog toothpaste reviews and is rated as 5 stars by a human dental hygienist.

The latter uses CET regularly in order to reduce the need for her dog’s teeth to be descaled under anesthesia and is impressed by the results.


3. Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste Dog

Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste Dog

Petrodex is also an enzymatic toothpaste, similar to the Virbac product.

The main advantage the Petrodex has over its rival is that price point.

A tube of Petrodex that is three times the size of Virbac CET Enzymatic, costs just two-thirds of the price which makes it much more economical whilst still having the advantages of enzymatic cleaning, foam-free, and great tasting.

This makes it the best dog toothpaste in terms of value for money.

Petrodex has some outstandingly positive reviews.

One regular user, who has cleaned her dog’s teeth for eight years, writes that she always regrets switching away from Petrodex because within a month she notices staining return.

Then when she reverts back to Petrodex the teeth become clean and white once again and plaque buildup is reversed.

On the minus side (and it’s only a minor minus) some users report this toothpaste for dogs is too watery for their liking and dissolves too fast in the mouth.


4. Nylabone Advanced Oral Care

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care

The Nylabone company has been interested in dog dental health since 1955.

They started out making healthy chew toys to keep those pearly whites in tip-top condition, and as the legions of satisfied customers can attest Nylabone chew toys are second to none.

This is the best dog toothpaste to remove tartar due to the inclusion of chlorophyll and Denta C which is scientifically proven to reduce the plaque that harbors bacteria which encourage tartar formation.

Chlorophyll is a substance that occurs in nature and has a detoxifying action.

Denta C is a proprietary blend of ingredients including vitamin C that has beneficial effects for oral health.

Whilst for appearances one tube of safe dog toothpaste looks much like another and the difference between them is best judged by the results.

With excellent reviews many users consistently remark how their dog loves the flavor and can’t wait for their teeth cleaning session, all of which makes brushing less of a chore and more of a pleasure.


5. Arm & Hammer Dog Dental Care Tartar Control

Arm & Hammer Dog Dental Care Tartar Control

When choosing the best dog toothpaste for tartar control, a good start is to select a product made by a manufacturer with a strong reputation making human toothpastes.

For over 100 years Arm and Hammer have been making dental cleaning products using the power of baking soda.

Their Advanced Care Tartar Control toothpaste for dogs uses enzymes to break down plaque and prevent tartar build-up and baking soda to deep cleanse and deodorize.

This is a good dog toothpaste that is competitively priced, however user opinion is divided as to whether this is a great product or a dud.

The main bone of contention is the smell, which is strongly meaty rather than minty, with some dogs loving the beef taste and other hating it.

Those reviewers who did like the product were also impressed that it made a difference and definitely improved the appearance of their dog’s teeth.

Regular teeth cleaning is essential for good dental health. It all starts with healthy gums which provide a strong anchor for the teeth.


6. Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush Set

Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush Set

Maintaining your dog’s dental health can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you don’t know where to start. But by buying a kit, like the Ortz Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush Kit, you will have a good idea of where to start when it comes to maintaining a shining white smile on your dog.

The toothpaste included in this dental kit helps remove food debris from the teeth, cleans teeth and freshens breath, and is non-toxic and eco-friendly. You should have no worries using the toothpaste on your dog daily, which is the ideal cleaning frequency for the dog’s teeth. If you cannot brush your dog’s teeth every day at least once a week is still alright. It will help prevent dental and oral health issues that can be detrimental to your dog’s overall health.

Of course, having a high-quality toothpaste is not useful if you don’t have the toothbrush to help you. The kit comes with a long, curved, double-ended toothbrush that can get at even the hardest to reach places in your dog’s mouth. Soft bristles will not harm your dog’s gums or teeth as you brush and it can be rinsed and reused until the bristles start to break apart. If the brush is not your cup of tea, then try using one of the two-finger brushes included in the kit. Each finger toothbrush head should accommodate most finger sizes and gives you better control and range of motion when it comes to brushing your dog’s teeth.

Ortz is confident in the quality of their toothpaste to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy and in the durability of their toothbrushes to last multiple uses before needing to be replaced. If you aren’t happy about the quality of the toothpaste or toothbrush, you can return the kit for a full refund, even if it has been used!


7. Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste

Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste

Dogs are known for not having the best choices when it comes to putting things in their mouth. When your dog finds a not so satisfying thing to eat their breaths may take some damage. As well, your dog’s dental health is at risk. If you find yourself in this situation, then turn the Vetoquinol Toothpaste.

Vetoquinol contains a triple-enzyme formula that helps combat bad breath and bacteria buildup. It is non-foaming, so it will not irritate your dog’s mouth or throat, and it can be safely swallowed. You will not have to rinse your dog’s mouth after use, brush and let the toothpaste naturally be absorbed by your dog’s mouth. If you have a dog nervous about having their teeth brushed the poultry-flavored toothpaste should make it a much more pleasing and delicious experience for your pup.

Compared to other dog toothpaste, you only need to use a small amount to get a full cleaning effect. Your dog’s breath will be freshened and their teeth nicely polished. Along with combating against bacterial growth, it can help remove tartar and food debris caught in your dog’s teeth since you cannot floss your dog’s teeth like you can your own.

With daily use of the Vetoquinol Toothpaste, you should start to see a major improvement in your dog’s overall dental hygiene and health. Your dog’s teeth will be stronger, whiter, and less at risk of rotting away and needing expensive surgery to remove. Their gums will stay healthy and pink and will not bleed from having a toothbrush rubbed against them. And, of course, their breath will smell so fresh that you will not mind their loving kisses lapping across your face.

Of course, not every person has the time to brush their dog’s teeth each day, which is understandable. But by brushing your dog’s teeth every few days with Vetoquinol Toothpaste, you should still have the long-lasting healthy mouth and teeth that every dog deserves to have.


8. Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

Vet’s Best puts your pet’s health at the top of their list when it comes to any product that they make, and their Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste is no different.

Vet’s Best consults with veterinarians to use only the safest ingredients that will not harm your pet. This toothpaste contains pet-safe ingredients like grapefruit seed extract, natural flavors, neem oil, enzymes, aloe, and baking soda. Not only are these ingredients safe for your pet to ingest, but they also are strong and cleaning your dog’s teeth and improving the smell of their breath.

The soft and soothing cleansing gel helps control plaque and tartar buildup. This buildup is what causes dental health issues in your dog and, if not taken care of properly, can spread to affect other areas of your dog’s body, like their heart. By using Vet’s Best you can prevent dental health issues from even becoming a problem in the first place. It also works great to freshen breaths, soothe and maintain gum health, and keep teeth sparkling white. You will see a noticeable difference in your dog’s teeth so much that you will wonder why you did not start using Vet’s Best, to begin.

Since this is a gel toothpaste, you have more freedom on how you can use it to clean your dog’s teeth. You can use it with any standard dog toothbrush, finger brush, and even your fingers. Each dog is different, and some may prefer to have their teeth cleaned a certain way. Once you figure out how your dog likes their teeth clean you can use Vet’s Best Dog Toothpaste gel in that manner to give them the cleaning experience that their teeth need.

Trust your dog’s teeth with Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste as it will do its job and more to ensure that your dog’s dental health remains in peak condition throughout their lifetime.


9. Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste for Dogs

Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Cleaning your dog’s teeth is as easy as pie when you have the right tools at hand. If you use the Paws & Pals Toothpaste for Dogs then you will not have to use any other cleaning tool; everything you need is included in this kit.

Let’s start by going over how helpful the toothpaste is that is included in this kit. Dogs will love the beef flavor taste that dogs may be more willing to have in their mouths compared to harsher mint-flavored toothpaste. But do not worry if your dog’s breath will smell like beef all day. This toothpaste has a refreshing smell to it that you will not be able to get enough of your dog’s fresh breath.

The toothpaste contains safe yet powerful cleaning ingredients that will help maintain your dog’s health. Paws & Pal’s toothpaste can prevent tooth decay which, if not treated properly, can harm your dog’s health. It can prevent tartar build-up, which is the main cause of bad breaths and yellowing teeth in dogs. Plaque is removed so that your dog’s lustrous teeth are always pearly white. And, it can help protect against gum disease to make sure that their gums stay pink and hydrated.

You will become your dog’s dentist thanks to the veterinarian-approved toothpaste. You can apply the toothpaste directly to their teeth and gums without having to worry about them swallowing the toothpaste.

This kit also includes a dual-sided toothbrush and finger brush so that you can see which cleaning method your dog prefers, so both of you are happy and comfortable.
You will love seeing your dog smile knowing that the shiny and clean teeth they are showing off were accomplished thanks to your handy work with the Paws & Pals Toothpaste for Dogs.


10. Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel

Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel

Some dogs can find having their teeth cleaned annoying whether it be due to the taste of the toothpaste, the feeling of a toothbrush on their teeth, or from the lack of experience of not having their teeth cleaned regularly. It can be hard for these types of dogs to get used to having their teeth cleaned, so if your dog falls under these lines why not try using TropiClean Oral Gel.

TropiClean makes their Oral Gel out of pet-safe ingredients. These include ingredients like purified water, glycerin, spearmint, natural cleanser, and green tea leaf extract. Your dog can swallow this mix of ingredients safely without it harming them or upsetting their stomach. These ingredients are great at helping maintain your dog’s overall dental health so that they are not layered with tartar or plaque. It also helps prevent tooth decay and, of course, gives your dog the lovely fresh breath any pet owner looks for in a dog dental cleaner.

The biggest difference between TropiClean and other dog toothpaste is that this is gel. A gel is different as you do not need to use as much of it to get a full cleaning effect. With TropiClean, for example, all that you need to do is apply two drops of the gel on each side of your dog’s mouth daily. It is a quick and simple process that your dog may not even realize what you have done. Your dog may not realize what you have done, but you will be glad that you are taking a step in maintaining your dog’s dental health.


11. Kissable All-Natural Toothpaste for Dogs

Kissable All-Natural Toothpaste for Dogs

If you have owned a dog for a long period, then you know that, when they want to show you affection, they give you slobbery yet loving kisses. Unfortunately, sometimes these kisses will not be the best smelling. If your dog has bad-smelling breath, then it can be an early sign of your dog having some dental health issue. To prevent your dog from developing a dental health issue use the KISSABLE Dog Dental Kit.

KISSABLE only uses all-natural ingredients so it can be safe for your dog to ingest. Even though the ingredients are natural, it does not skip out on the quality of the cleanse. KISSABLE’s toothpaste contains tea tree oil, which has antiseptic and antifungal properties, and Stevia, which improves taste without raising the dog’s glycemic levels. You can prevent harmful tartar from harming your dog’s teeth, remove any stuck food from between their teeth, keep their gums a healthy pink, and keep their breath kissable fresh. When your dog smiles, their teeth will be as white as when they were a puppy. Speaking of a puppy, dogs of all ages can use this toothpaste safely. You have two flavors to pick from, cucumber and vanilla.

The kit includes a single-sided flexible toothbrush that is curved so you can clean your dog’s teeth at whatever angle you need. If your dog is not a fan of the toothbrush, you can use the silicone finger brush that is soft to the touch yet durable and sturdy enough to keep your dog’s teeth clean.


12. Healthy Clean Pet Breath Freshener

Dog Breath Freshener

If you’re looking for the best dog toothpaste for bad breath then this product by Healthy Clean Pet claims to eliminate bad breath.

Containing thyme and mint extracts, this oral hygiene product is easy to use.

Simply lift the pet’s lip and then spritz the mouth with this dog breath freshener. This is suitable if you are looking for a natural dog toothpaste since it contains all-natural ingredients.

With some mixed reviews, this product has its fans as well as its detractors.

On the plus side, many users are delighted that it does what is claims and freshens breath.

On the minus side, some found it totally ineffective and were concerned that a natural product had a bright blue color.

If this leaves you undecided about this product, it may help to know that the manufacturer offers a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with their product, which helps remove the risk.


Bottom Line

When deciding what is the best dog toothpaste you need to take a variety of factors into account.

The product needs to be tasty to dogs and leave their breath smelling fresh, but it also needs to be effective.

This means either using natural ingredients in an organic dog toothpaste for a holistic approach to clean teeth, or look for the best dog toothpaste that has an enzymatic cleaning action.

If you are new to brushing your dog’s teeth, first get the dog used to have his mouth handled.

Then gradually introduce the toothpaste on your finger, so that he gets used to the taste.

Once he’s eagerly licking your finger you can start to introduce the toothbrush and really get those teeth sparkling.


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