Top 5 Best Dog Wedding Bandanas in 2020


Your wedding day is a special occasion for the whole family, and for many of us, that includes the four-legged members of the family too. After all, we share our lives, and secrets, with our dogs so, of course, they must be a part of your special day.

One of the most enjoyable things about preparing for a wedding is the chance to go shopping for that perfect outfit, and an excuse put on the style. Well don’t forget your special friend, he or she also needs to be dressed the part.

A bandana is the perfect accessory for your dog to wear. Finding the best dog wedding bandana is surprisingly difficult, as there are so many options. You have the option of choosing a handmade or customised bandana, or one from off the shelf. Not to mention the fabric options!

To help you find the perfect wedding bandana for your special friend on your special day, here are our top 5 suggestions.

1. Tail Trends Peanuts Neck Tie Formal Dog Tuxedo Bandana

Tail Trends Peanuts Neck Tie Formal Dog Tuxedo Bandana

Looking for something special for your four-legged special man in your life to wear on your wedding day?  Well, Tail Trends have a great selection of dog bandanas for weddings, and their Formal Dog Tuxedo range is definitely worth a look.

Key Specifications

  • Size: XS. M. L. XL
  • Manufacturer: Tail Trends
  • Why We Recommend:  4 size options and many different styles.

Not only are they well made, but there are so many styles to choose from, and different colors too. With a great size range from the small 6” to 10” up to the extra large 25” to 26” neck girth, there’s one to fit your furry best friend.

Of course, when deciding which bandana to choose for your handsome hound to wear on your wedding day, you need to take into account your color scheme for the special event, and with this range, you are bound to find one that will fit your dress code.

Obviously, there is the formal black and white Mr Darcy model, naturally with a bow tie, but there are also some fun ones .. how about the Dracula version!

If the traditional black and white doesn’t appeal,  there’s always the red and white with tartan bow tie Dr Seuss design. There are the checkered and tweed styles if you are looking for something slightly less traditional. You also have the option of a tie rather than the bow tie, wearing the Don Quixote or the Sherlock designs your best friend would certainly impress the ladies!


  • Great size range
  • Numerous styles to choose from
  • Well made
  • Designed for comfort


  • No female dog styles
  • Ties can mean bandana can slip around
  • A couple of comments about damaged buttons

These formal bandanas by Tail Trends are designed not just for style, but also with the comfort of your special friend in mind they have a scoop neck for unrestricted movement, very important as he will be wearing his bandana for some time, and they tie around the neck for easily adjustable fitting.


2. Pets Soft Suede Flower Collars for Dogs

Pets Soft Suede Flower Collars for Dogs

The Petploy Pets Soft Suede Flower Collars for Dogs, with their beautiful, handmade suede flowers are a perfect accessory for your dog to wear on your wedding day, and he or she will look stunning in the photographs!

Key Specifications                     

  • Size: XS. S. M
  • Manufacturer: Petopy
  • Why We Recommend:  Handmade flowers. Adjustable collar

This bandana option comes in four colors, a soft heather green, perfect pink, purple and striking red. So once you have decided on your perfect outfit, and the theme for your wedding bouquet, you can decide which of these shades is perfect for your four-legged friend to wear.

There are three sizes available; the XS is for a neck firth of 5.9” to 9.8”, the S for neck girth of 7.8” to 11.8”, and the M for neck girth of 11.8” to 17.7”.   

To get the right size, it is important to measure your hairy friends’ neck width to ensure complete comfort. The collars are adjustable, but Petploy does stress that they are definitely for decoration, and not designed to be strong enough for use with a leash.

The beautiful flowers are handmade from a lovely soft suede material, and attached to the adjustable soft suede collar, ensuring that your dog will be able to wear it comfortably all day long .. and long into the night!


  • Handmade and comfortable
  • Adjustable collars and 3 size options


  • Some reviews have said the ribbons are too long for smaller dogs
  • 3 sizes but possibly not big enough for larger breeds
  • Some comments on flowers not visible enough with very long-haired dogs

So if you are looking for a stylish, beautiful but understated look for your special wedding companion, the Petploy soft suede flower collar is worth looking at.


3. Hello Hazel Company Best Dog Wedding Pet Bandana

Hello Hazel Company Best Dog Wedding Pet Bandana

So you are planning your big day surrounded by your friends and family, so much to do, outfits to buy, and someone very special also needs to be dressed the part. There are plenty of dog bandanas for weddings on the market, but we think that the Hello Hazel Company’s range is a lovely, chic option for your four-legged Best Dog.

Key Specifications                               

  • Size: XS. S. M/L. XL
  • Manufacturer: Hello Hazel Company
  • Why We Recommend:  excellent size range. Simple, chic design.

These bandanas are made from quality Ivory burlap with the words ‘Best Dog’, and finished off with a choice of black or white bow tie detail. The bandana is attached to your best dog with a ribbon tie to give plenty of adjustment to ensure a comfortable fit.

With each of the size options, the actual bandana size is adapted so even the smallest of our four-legged friends won’t be swamped. The bandana sizes range from X-Small with a width of 8” from tip to tip by 4.5” long, right up to the X-large with a width of 15” across by 8” long.

The Best Dog bandana in Hello Hazel Company’s range is very highly rated, but it’s worth mentioning they also have other options in their wedding bandanas for dogs range. They are all made with the same quality Ivory burlap and with flower or bow tie options. These include the ‘Dog Of Honor’ and ‘I Do Too’ phrase options.


  • Made from quality Burlap
  • Excellent size range
  • Chic, understated design
  • Suitable for both our male and female best friend


  • Bandana can slip so care needed when tying ribbons
  • Only comes in Ivory
  • Bowtie only in black or white

If you are looking for a chic, stylish look for your the other best man in your life on your special day, the Hello Hazel Best Dog bandana could be the one.


4. Dog of Honor Dog Bandana

Dog of Honor Dog Bandana

Another highly recommended candidate for the best dog bandanas for weddings is the FunDog Dog Of Honor bandana. This bandana comes in pink, purple or red, ensuring the special honored guest will certainly stand out from the crowd.

Key Specifications

  • Size: Miniature. M/L
  • Manufacturer: FunDog Bandanas
  • Why We Recommend:  Super fun

Bandanas are a great accessory not only for you to involve your canine companion in your special day, but also a thoughtful and fun gift for any of your dog-loving friends or relatives who are preparing to tie the knot and would obviously want their dog to be included in the celebrations. They not only look good at the party but also make sure your four-legged honored guest stands out in those pictures in the wedding album.

The FunDog wedding bandanas are super simple to use, no clasps to wrestle with, you simply tie the knot! There are two size options, the Miniature is for dogs weighing less than 20 lb, and the Medium / Large should fit most of the larger sized hounds. Being tie on, some people do find they can slip, so it may be necessary to attach the bandana to your dog’s existing collar to help keep it in place.

It’s worth mentioning that FunDog also produces another highly popular wedding bandana, the Best Dog Bandana. Something to consider if there is more than one special canine in your family.


  • Easy fitting
  • Fits most dog sizes
  • Companion style bandana available in this range


  • Material not to everyone’s taste
  • M/L bandana does come up quite large

All the FunDog wedding bandanas are machine washable on a delicate setting and can be steam ironed gently non-printed areas if you need to refresh them.


5. Party Dog Team Bride Bandana for Pet Dog Wedding Accessories

Party Dog Team Bride Bandana for Pet Dog Wedding Accessories

These bandanas from A Party Dog are another highly recommended and adorable option to consider if you are looking for dog bandanas for weddings.

Key Specifications               

  • Size: Small and Medium
  • Manufacturer: A Party Dog
  • Why We Recommend:  One for both Bride and Groom. very cute

Whether you are looking for that perfect wedding accessory for your own special friend to wear when you tie the knot or looking for a cute wedding present for one of your canine loving friends, these bandanas will add a little extra sparkle to the occasion.

The  Party Dog Team Groom bandana comes in a high-quality black fabric with sparkling white lettering, while the Team Bride version is pink, also with sparkling white lettering. There are two size options, the small has a neck size of 13” to 15”, and the medium has a neck size of 18” to 22” around. Unfortunately, there isn’t a large dog size option.

Attaching the Party Dog bandanas is easy, no battling with tying the knot if you buy this bandana option, they come fitted with strong velcro so you can adjust the bandana for a perfect, comfortable fit. Very important as you will certainly want your team member to wear his or her bandana all day.


  • High-quality fabric
  • Velcro makes attaching simple
  • Perfect for both the bride and groom’s pet


  • Only 2 size options, Small & Medium
  • Team Groom only available  in black
  • Team Bride only available in pink

As with all of our other wedding bandanas for dogs suggestions, these Party Dog bandanas are all highly rated in the buyer reviews on Amazon, and would certainly add an extra sparkle to the special day, and your team member would definitely stand out in those photographs.  


Bottom Line

For all of us dog owners, our four-legged companions aren’t just pets, they are an important part of our family, sharing fun and experiences together. So naturally we want them to be a part of any special occasion, and our wedding day is definitely one of those days.

Choosing the right outfit for your best friend on your wedding day is a fun addition to all the other planning involved, but with so many options to choose from it can feel complicated. We have suggested 5 of what we feel are some of the best options around, but if we had to single it down to one, it would be the Tail Trends Formal Dog Tuxedo range.

The Tail Trends Formal Dog Tuxedo bandanas are of very high quality, and there are so many styles to choose from as well as a great size range. Whichever style you chose, your best friend would certainly cut quite a dash amongst the congregation!


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