Top 6 Best Foods for Beagles in 2020


Few dog breeds make better all-round canine companions than a beagle.

These engaging, energetic, and friendly little fellows make great family dogs as their sense of curiosity and fun will amuse both young and old alike.

Indeed, the beagle outlook on life is in part summed up when they are described as a “Nose attached to a stomach”, as the two things beagles like most are following a scent and eating.

Whilst it does hold true that there is no food that a beagle won’t eat, this doesn’t mean all foods are good for the beagle.

For a long healthy life, you want to choose a good dog food for beagles which meets all their nutritional needs but takes into account that they can be greedy and prone to gain weight.

Let’s get your pet beagle’s life off on the right paw by looking at a best food for beagle puppies.

1. Taste of the Wild Grain-Free

Taste of the Wild Grain Free Dog Food

Picture that beagle puppy full of fun and energy, zooming around, following a scent, and then flopping down and falling asleep on the spot.

A puppy has a busy life just being a pup, and that’s without all the growing he has to do.

To ensure a healthy start it is essential to feed a youngster on a life stage food designed to supply the correct balance of protein, vitamins, and minerals to supply the building blocks for strong muscles and bones, and healthy organ function.

Taste of the Wild has a reputation for quality that is second to none.

The ingredients and formulation of this brand’s diets ensure they are consistency highly rated by both specialist sites that assess food quality and by the pet parents of dogs fed the diet.

Just some of the benefits of feeding Taste of the Wild puppy dry formula are that it lists buffalo meat as the main ingredient.

This is a good food for beagles because your youngster is getting real meat as the main ingredient, rather than meat scraps or meat meal which can vary hugely in quality.

Also, the carbohydrate is provided from delicious healthy sounding sources such as sweet potatoes, peas, and potato.

This best dry food for beagles is also rich in natural sources of antioxidants for a strong immune system to protect your puppy’s health whilst doing all that exploring.


2. ROYAL CANIN Beagle Adult

ROYAL CANIN Beagle Adult

Your beagle is now a strong healthy adult so it’s time to step up onto their next life stage diet.

Royal Canin adult Beagle does what it says on the label and is the best food for a beagle because it takes into account factors such as the beagle’s habit of eating food too quickly and that their hearty appetite can lead to weight gain.

The kibble size and shape encourage your eager beagle to chew their food, rather than inhale it.

Rich in natural fibers this best beagle dog food gives your dog a lasting feeling of fullness so that he’s less desperate to get his paws on more chow immediately after eating.

Royal Canine adult beagle food is well balanced and contains added essential fatty acids to promote a shiny coat, strong bones, and healthy muscles.

Taking a lead from pet parents who offer this food to their dog, opinions are polarized.

For some it is a great success with this diet settling sensitive tummies and being enjoyed by most, however, this is not the case across the board.

An analysis of the ingredients is enlightening because carbohydrate, in the form of rice, is the main ingredient.

Ideally, the main ingredient should be a named meat, but meat doesn’t put in an appearance until the third ingredient, which is chicken meal.

Despite these shortcomings this is a good quality, balanced diet that your beagle should enjoy.


3. Orijen 6 Fish Grain

ORIJEN Dry Dog Food

If the previous food left you feeling uncomfortable and you really don’t want to compromise on a best dog food for beagles then arguably Orijen adult dry dog food is as good as it gets.

This food is balanced for your adult beagle, is grain-free, and contains top notch ingredients – hence the price tag.

This food is packed with fresh, wild caught ocean and freshwater fish to give it an outstanding nutritional profile.

As well as a superb array of wholesome protein, the other ingredients are positively mouthwatering and could grace any restaurant menu with offerings such as spinach, pumpkin, butternut squash, pears, blueberries, cranberries, kelp, fennel, chamomile, dandelion and rosemary to name but a few.

Whilst this is not a hypoallergenic diet, pet parents of dogs with sensitive stomachs report that their beagles thrive on this diet like no other.

This could be because of the quality of the ingredients, which are very pure, and that the formula is grain free.

If cost is no issue and you have a beagle with sensitivities then Orijen could be just the diet to suit your dog.


4. Purina HA

Purina HA Hypoallergenic

Whereas the previous diet was all-natural, this cannot be said of Purina HA.

However, this diet is top quality and is perfect if your beagle has the breed’s tendency to allergies.

Food intolerance and food allergies are common in beagles.

This can show itself in a number of ways from itchy paws that the dog licks constantly, to recurrent ear infections, or regular tummy upsets.

If this sounds like your dog then putting your dog on a hypoallergenic diet could help you decide if food allergy is a factor or not.

This best beagle food for dog’s with allergies, works because the protein molecules have been broken down until they are too small to bridge the receptors in the gut wall and trigger the allergic reaction.

This side steps the tricky issue of finding a novel protein and carbohydrate source that the dog has not eaten before, as a means of testing if the dog is allergic or not.

The downside is that you must feed Purina HA exclusively for 8 – 12 weeks before you can know for sure that the dog’s symptoms have resolved.

This is so that he doesn’t accidentally eat a food that triggers his allergies.

This food may not be cheap, but if your dog responds then he will be much more comfortable plus you’ll save on vet’s bills.


5. Hill’s Prescription Diet

Hill's Prescription Diet

Remember what we said about a beagle being a stomach attached to a nose?

Well, for Hills RD is the best dog food for a beagle whose nose has worked a bit too hard and filled his belly.

That greedy beagle appetite means your dog is prone to weight gain, and if your dog is already carrying too many layers of love then a diet is in order.

Hills RD is a calorie restricted, high fiber food.

The fiber is digested slowly and helps to give the dog a feeling of being fuller for longer.

Of course, being a beagle he will still beg for food and pretend he’s starving, but you’ll have the peace of mind that he isn’t.

Like most calorie controlled diets, this trick is to portion control your beagle’s meals, so be sure to weigh out his daily allocation for the best chance of slimming down your sniffing machine.

This food is supplement with high levels of L-carnitine to aid fat reduction, and when fed as directed claims to reduce body fat by up to 20% over a three month period.


6. Canidae Life Stages Platinum

CANIDAE All Life Stages Platinum Dog Food

Just as your puppy has special nutritional needs, so does your senior dog.

Canidae life stages less active is the best food for beagles that are aged eight years or older and fall into the senior bracket.

As well as having an adjustment in protein levels, so as not to overburden the kidneys, this is a best dog food for beagle dogs that need a little extra help with their joints and to stay slim and trim.

It contains high levels of the nutraceutical glucosamine, and is also supplemented with probiotics, antioxidants, and omega oils, which all help to promote a healthy gut and strong immune system.

One of the good things about this food is that it is slightly calorie restricted, which is an acknowledgment that the older dog tends to be less active and therefore gain extra pounds – especially with that beagle appetite.


Bottom Line

And finally, when looking for a best dog food beagles like to eat and is good for them, remember to use portion control.

That voracious beagle appetite will get them into trouble around the waistline, and keeping slim and trim is an important part of staying healthy.


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