Top 5 Best French Bulldog Hoodies in 2020


One of the best things about owning a small or medium sized dog is the ability to dress them up. Their size makes it easier to find cute and adorable outfits you just have to show off. And most often, small and medium dogs don’t mind dressing up.

One of the dog breeds that really doesn’t mind the fashionable attire is the French Bulldog.

These dogs are affectionate, playful, sociable, and patient, which is great for pet owners who love dressing up their dogs. If it happens to be chilly outside then you will need the best French Bulldog hoodies for your Frenchie.

These hoodies fit comfortably around the French Bulldog’s stouter body type without being too tight on their body and irritating their skin from the fabric rubbing against them. We know you want to dress up your Frenchie, so to help with that we’ve found five hoodies that will compliment your Frenchie wonderfully.

1. BINGPET Blank Basic

BINGPET Blank Basic

To keep your French Bulldog warm while also letting them have full movement of their front legs slip a BINGPET Cotton Dog Hoodie over them.

Key Features

  • Available sizes—X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Available colors—Black, Blue, Pink, Red
  • Material—65% Cotton and 35% Polyester
  • Machine washable—Yes

This soft comfortable hoodie is made of a material that allows your French bulldog’s coat and skin to breathe. They will not have to struggle to walk or feel annoyed to a point of trying to bite the hoodie off. To allow for their arms to move freely the sleeves are ribbed and stretch to fit comfortably around the girth of their arms.

Your French Bulldog will also not feel any strain around their waist as the hoodie ensures a snug fit. Choose to place the hood on your dog or just let it rest on their back, whatever makes your dog feel comfortable.

To ensure you pick the right size for your French Bulldog measure around their neck, chest, and their body length. Your French Bulldog will enjoy wearing this hoodie whether it is to keep them warm on chilly days or just to look stylish when out on a fun walk.

In case your French Bulldog was to get their hoodie dirty it can easily be machine washed and dried. The variety of colors makes it easier to chose which color matches your dog best. But you can also pick a color that matches one of your own hoodie colors to show off your tight bond with your fur baby.

Serving as both a comfortable and stylish hoodie, the BINGPET Cotton Dog Hoodie will keep your French Bulldog cozy and warm.


2. Zack & Zoey

Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie for Dogs

For a simple yet stylish hoodie that adds a pop of color to your French Bulldog consider buying a Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie for Dogs.

Key Features

  • Available sizes—X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Available colors—Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Grey, Heather Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Raspberry Sorbet, Red, Ultra Violet, Vibrant Orange
  • Material—65% Polyester and 35% Cotton
  • Machine washable— Yes

With 13 vibrant colors to choose from you will surely not have any difficulties finding the best-colored hoodie to match your French Bulldog. The polyester-cotton blend provides both comfort and allows for your French Bulldog’s fur and skin breath. No stuffiness, no uncomfortableness, and no desire to bite the hoodie off; your French Bulldog could very well forget that they are wearing a hoodie.

The sleeves are ribbed and stretch around your dog’s legs so they can still have full range of movement. The hem is also ribbed for a snug, comfy fit to your dog’s body shape. There is even a kangaroo pocket on the back to better make it look like a comfortable hoodie.

To make sure that you pick out the right sized hoodie measure your dog’s neck, chest, and back length. If your French bulldog happens to be a little more stout you may need to purchase one size bigger.

For when the hoodie gets a little too smelly to wear you can place it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle setting and let air dry, to avoid the hoodie from shrinking. Once the hoodie is all clean slip it back on your French Bulldog to keep them nice and warm or just to add a touch of style to them.

Basic does not always mean it cannot be stylish. Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodies for Dogs stands out to prove simple can be better.


3. Didog Dog

Didog Dog Hoodies Sweatshirt

Your French Bulldog loves you and you know that they will do anything to protect you. Why not show how much of a mini security guard your dog is with a Didog Dog Hoodie.

Key Features

  • Available sizes—X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Available colors— Black
  • Material— Fleece, Cotton, and Polyester
  • Machine washable—Yes

This sports styled hoodie has small hoodie pulls that more serve as a decorative purpose rather than a functional purpose. But the bold “SECURITY” letters printed on the back will never fall off, will last longer during washes, and gives your pup the title of being your miniature security guard.

The inner lining is made of fleece, for a warm and soft feel, while the outer side is made of a cotton-polyester blend for an easier to clean surface. With the blend of these materials, the hoodie will last longer and be durable even with the most active of dogs.

Ribbed sleeves with inner elastic help the hoodie fit snuggly to your dog while also allowing them to still have full mobility of their body. There is even a hole on the back of the hoodie so it can be used with a leash. That means they can stay nice and warm or look stylish when on their walks.

Make sure to measure your French Bulldog correctly to ensure you buy the right size. You will love seeing your French Bulldog rock such a comfortable and stylish hoodie and they will surely enjoy it as well.

Your French Bulldog may look adorable in their Didog Dog Hoodie but you know they are the toughest little dog out there.


4. SILD Pet Clothes Dog Jeans Jacket

SILD Pet Clothes Dog Jeans Jacket

Who doesn’t enjoy a denim jacket right? Your French Bulldog will definitely work the stylish SILD Dog Jeans Jacket.

Key Features

  • Available sizes—X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Available colors—Blue, Grey, Red
  • Material— Denim, and Fabric
  • Machine washable—Yes

This denim jacket is perfect for all weather. It can keep your dog nice and warm during the colder seasons and can also be a helpful aid against direct sunlight during the hotter seasons. It is ideal for protecting your dog’s sensitive skin while also allowing enough breathing room to avoid stuffiness.

The soft hoodie fits comfortably to your French Bulldog’s head with little disturbance or annoyance on their end. Simply place the hoodie onto your French Bulldog and secure it to them with the front button closure design. This also makes it easier to remove the hoodie.

It is easy to use this hoodie when on walks as it adjusts to your dog’s collar position. And you will want to be able to have your French Bulldog wear this head-turning hoodie out on the town. If you want to add a personalized touch to the denim jacket you can choose to have fun vibrant patches stitched on to it.

Make sure to measure your French Bulldog’s size correctly so they can fit in the denim jacket comfortably and not be pestered by it annoying their arms or neck as they walk.

Express your love of denim clothes by having your French Bulldog wear a denim jacket alongside you with the SILD Dog Jeans Jacket.


5. iChoue

iChoue Pets Dog Clothes Hoodie

iChoue Dog Hoodie is specially made to fit French Bulldogs and other dogs of similar size.

Key Features

  • Available sizes—Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Available colors—Yellow
  • Material—95% Cotton and 5% Polyester
  • Machine washable—Yes

If you struggle to find hoodies that fit your stout little French Bulldog’s body then look no further! This line of hoodies is specifically made for French Bulldogs and other dog breeds of similar shape and body.

These hoodies fit French Bulldogs the best due to the wider shoulders and thicker chest style. This hoodie moves with your French Bulldog no matter the energy level or muscle size. The hood part of the hoodie is comfortable and stretches to fit over their head. But if your dog does not like wearing things on their head don’t worry, the hood of the hoodie will still look stylish folded on their back.

A fun kangaroo pouch style pocket on the back helps make the hoodie look more like a miniature version of a hoodie you might wear. Its unique zipper design on the front makes it easier to take the hoodie on and off. If you are afraid of snagging your dog’s fur on the zipper an inner cotton gasket design helps prevent that.

The polyester-cotton blend is warm and comfortable while also being durable for long-lasting use. Your dog’s fur and skin will also breathe comfortably with no risk of them getting stuffy with the material blend.

Give your French Bulldog the hoodie they need that best fits their frame with the iChoue Dog Hoodie.


Bottom Line

Hoodies for French Bulldogs are a fun way to accessorize your dog while also keeping them warm. Since French Bulldogs are short coat dogs they do not have the extra layers of fur to keep them warm when winter comes. Dog hoodies can help add that extra warmth your French Bulldog needs, especially if you tend to take your French Bulldog out on daily walks or fun outings.

But even if the hoodies aren’t being used for extra warmth they can still add a pop of color and style to your dog that will definitely turn heads and get attention. French Bulldogs will love the attention and will most likely not mind being dressed up just to see you smile. If you really want to dress your French Bulldog up, start them off young.

This way, they will learn that the sweaters and hoodies you put on them are nothing to worry about but are actually something fun to wear and strut around in. Your dog will love to dress up and you will surely always smile when you see them enjoying the outfit you took careful time to pick out for them.


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