Top 3 Best Furminators for Husky in 2020


How do you stop from drowning in drifts of Husky fur, blowing around the house?

The answer is to brush the dog regularly, so as to catch the shed hair on the brush rather than have it wafting around the lounge room.

However, a normal brush often yields disappointing results, which is where having the best furminator for Husky comes in as a secret weapon for the house proud pet parent.

Don’t you just love the Husky’s good looks: Those delightful facial markings that make them look quizzical and cross at the same time. Why are furminators best for huskies?

Then there’s the sheer luxury of that oh-so-thick coat, which has the most fabulous woolly undercoat.

Of course, that undercoat has a serious purpose in life, which is to keep out the chill in even the severest of freezing winter conditions.

Don’t forget, the Husky is somewhat ill at ease living in heated accommodation (i.e. your home).

They are a working sled dog, designed to run and run across packed ice without thinking twice.

But with that thick fur coat come problems.

For example, what happens during the twice-yearly shed that the dog is well known for?

Well, the hair that’s fallen out has to go somewhere, and when the dog lives indoors it’s you that has to deal with the fur-balls breezing in every corner and reupholstering the sofa a fetching shade of Husky dog gray.

When living in their native Siberia Huskies tend to experience ‘Husky blow’ which is when thy shed their coat heavily, once or twice a year.

However, in heated conditions, the Husky may shed continually.

So staying on top of the problem means brushing them regularly is your best bet, especially when you use a furminator for Husky dogs.

Regular brushing comes in handy from another perspective, which is to teach the dog to accept being groomed.

Short sessions followed by lots of praise and the odd treat or two can go a long way to having a dog that looks forward to grooming and cooperates, as opposed to a dog that resents it and fights against the brush.

So let’s assume you’re on board with the benefits of regular brushing and move forward by looking at the best furminator for Siberian husky.

1. FURminator


Let’s start with perhaps the original and most well-known furminator brush, which is the product that gave its’ name to a generation of copy-cat products.

Such is its quality of construction and the innovative design that it has become the brush against which all others are measured.

So what is a FURminator?

Actually, it’s worth starting by mentioning what a FURminator isn’t!

It isn’t designed to remove knots from your Husky’s coat.

It is only (and we say ‘only’ in a good way) meant to deal with shed hair in the undercoat.

So before you start a grooming session with a FURminator or furminator-type tool, use a wide-toothed metal comb to straighten the outer guard hairs and identify any knots or mats.

Deal with these knots separately, and only once the coat is snag-free, then reach for the FURminator.

OK, back to the furminator tool.

It has a high-quality ergonomic handle designed to fit comfortably in the hand.

The business end consists of a stainless steel blade with extremely fine teeth in it.

The tool quite heavy in the hand, which is a testament to the high-quality materials used in its construction.

The idea is to draw the furminator over the surface of the coat and let the tool do the job.

Just be careful not to bash the rake against the dog’s skin as this will hurt and possibly damage the skin.

This isn’t so much a problem with the Husky, because they have such dense fur, which acts as a fluffy protective barrier to protect the skin.

But it can be a real concern for short-coated dogs.

With this in mind, as the best furminator for Siberian husky, be sure to choose the one designed for long coats.

From this, you will decide there is a choice between a FURminator for Husky long or short coats.

The cutoff point is fur that is longer than two inches.

Below two inches, choose the short-coat FURminator, longer than this and go for the other option.

And in case you were wondering, this doesn’t mean all the hairs are longer than two inches, because often the undercoat is shorter.

What happens is the FURminator combs through the longer hairs leaving them untouched, and instead concentrates on the undercoat to drag out the shed hair.

In addition, there are different sizes of FURminator brushes.

For maximum efficiency, we would suggest selecting a medium or argue FURminator with a long-hair blade. (The size range is extra small, small, medium, large, and giant.)

Whilst you could use a small brush on a Husky, it would be a bit like trying to sweep your yard with a toothbrush rather than a broom.

When used correctly the FURminator does not damage the outer coat but glides through it leaving the hairs untouched.

Simply draw the tool over the surface of the coat, and it will cling onto shed hairs and remove them.

FURminator has such confidence in their product that they claim it reduces shedding by up to 90% – that is of course provided you use it regularly!

One design feature we especially like and distinguishes it from other less expensive products, is the eject button.

When you press the button it dislodges the accumulated shed hair that is caught on the blades and makes it super easy to remove.

This means less time spent cleaning the brush and more time to groom the dog.

To reinforce the point, we found many pet parents who already brushed their dog several times a week with a normal brush, who were convinced their dog didn’t have much-shed hair.

But five minutes with a FURminator proved them wrong as the balls of fur grew and grew and grew.

Indeed, it becomes a strangely addictive pastime – brushing to the dog over to discover just how much more shed hair there was to come out.

There is an exception to every rule and there is the occasional voice that found the FURminator just didn’t work for their dog.

Whether this is down to technique or some unique quality of their coat that doesn’t lend itself to the tool, it’s difficult to know in the face of otherwise overwhelming enthusiasm.


2. DakPets Furminator

DakPets Furminator

Our next choice of best furminator for Husky is this Dak Pets tool.

You could be forgiven for mistaking this product for an actual FURminator, because they do have more than a passing similarity of appearance, with similar color schemes and logos on the merchandise.

On closer examination, the hand is less fancy and doesn’t have the same ergonomic handgrip, but the business end, the deshedding blade, certainly looks mighty similar.

However, whilst FURminator claim to decrease shedding by 90%, Dak Pets say their deshedder will reduce it by 95%! Wow.

OK, so how do they differ?

The first thing is the FURminator has the eject button, which makes cleans the head of the tool super easy.

However, this is a nice to have the option, but not a show stopper as it only takes seconds to use your fingers to quickly pluck shed hair from the blade.

The second difference is the price tag.

This de-shedding tool currently costs around half that of an original FURminator.

So if the idea appeals and you’d like to test out using a furminator-type grooming tool, then this one won’t break the bank but is still good quality.

It is available in three attractive colors: pink, turquoise, or yellow.

Unlike the brand FURminator, this grooming tool comes in one size only – similar to medium in a FURminator, and the same blade is designed to tackle both short and long coats.

The latter is a boon if you aren’t certain which category your dog falls into, or indeed if you own several dogs with different coat types and you don’t want to spend out on two tools.

Many users had tried other de-shedding products, including the original FURminator, and found this one to be equally good.

If it does have a fault it’s that it comes in one size.

Whilst this is fine for a Husky owner, it can be a disadvantage is you have a small dog or a cat, as the blade can catch on boney areas and cause discomfort.


3. Pet Neat Deshedding Tool

Pet Neat Deshedding Tool

In our quest to find the best furminator brush for Husky dogs, we happened across this Pet Neat grooming tool.

And you know what – we were blown away by it.

FURminator is great but pricey, Dak Pets is fab and a great price, but the Pet Neat furminator is awesome and even more reasonably priced than the Dak Pets product.

So what do you get with a Pet Neat furminator?

It is a sturdy design with a handle that just won’t break and is comfortable to hold with rubberized grips.

The de-shedding blade is four inches wide (the same as the Dak Pets furminator) and is suitable for all coat types.

It promises to drag out shed hair and subtly thin the coat with regular use.

This is a truly affordable price so if you are skeptical about whether a furminator is right for your dog, then you can give this one a go.

Furminator Round-Up

This is a truly affordable price so if you are skeptical about whether a furminator is right for your dog, then you can give this one a go.

With the reduction in pet hair and dander wafting around the home, it’s also a great way to reduce pet allergens in the environment for those owners who suffer from allergies.

Plus you’ll spend less time vacuuming up all that shed hair.

If you’ve never used a furminator before, just be aware that you don’t dig the brush in.

Rather, glide the blade over the surface of the coat and let it do the work for you.

Be especially careful over boney areas such as elbows or the tail.

If you press hard and rake the skin, this could cause soreness and irritation.

We were delighted with the range of products at a variety of price points.

Whether you want the original (and some would say ‘best’) FURminator or want a more economical purchase, there is something to delight every Husky owner.

Check them out today and get addicted to getting rid of that shed hair before it hits the floor.



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