Top 5 Best Motorcycle Pet Carrier in 2020


Doggies like the get around, they like the wild sides of life, they are after all related to the wolf. Why leave Fido home when you go for a ride? Well, with the best motorcycle pet carrier, pups can always be at your side, as dogs are intended to do, well, they seem to want to anyway. Secure the carrier in, get your doggie in and let them feel that fresh wind in their hair like you do, that is one of your favorite parts of motorcycling, is it not?

A good motorcycle pet carrier will be extremely secure, no worries about the doggie escaping or the carrier coming off.

Finally, go on the bike trips you’ve been dying to go on, but couldn’t because someone had to stay with the dog. Those days are over, just find pet-friendly hotels along the way and there are no limits about how far you can go!

1. Kuryakyn Motorcycle Dog Pet Carrier

Kuryakyn Motorcycle Dog Pet Carrier

Kuryakyn will make the rugged owner and pups very happy. Finally, together you and your dog can go on bike rides, either short or long, this carrier will keep your furry friend protected and quite cozy.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Black
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – The inside is very spacious, your dog can sleep within or pop his head up.

Pups will happily nap on the foam cushion that lines the bottom, and when it is time for sightseeing, they can poke their heads out of the top and feel the fresh air. They may get so cozy inside that you will have to take the carrier off the bike. With added straps, the carrier easily converts into a shoulder bag.

Don’t worry; it is actually quite easy to install and remove the carrier. Furthermore, it is designed to be safe, with highly secure mounting and with strong framing and a rigid bottom, your dog will face no troubles on your rides.

While you may get sunburnt or rained on, pups will stay nice and dry inside. No matter the weather, this carrier offers protection year-round, it keeps UV-rays out and comes with a rain cover.

When the dog decides to lounge within the carrier, they can still enjoy fresh air through the mesh vents and even peer through any of the four the mesh windows. While some dogs may love the fast motorcycle wind, others may fear the strong breeze and prefer to lie low inside. During your first rides, be sure to go slow and get your dog used to the fast speeds, loud noises, and strong winds.


  • Would also work as personal luggage
  • Enough room for the dog to nap and stretch
  • A good amount of pockets
  • Sturdy


  • Said not to keep dogs in if they want out
  • Straps and zippers said to break down over time
  • The metal frame could be more sturdy

We love that this motorcycle carrier comes with some extras that make it stand out. It comes with an adjustable leash, vital to ensure safety, but it also provides two dishes for snacks along the road, and a stash bag where you can store dog food, treats, or even your snacks.


2. Saddlemen Pet Voyager

Saddlemen Pet Voyager

What makes for a good motorcycle pet a carrier is one that is comfortable and safe for your pet, easy for you with simple installation. A good carrier should have each of these must-have features. So when you’re checking out the Saddleman, you are in the right place. This piece of kit has each of these features plus more, making this a standout carrier.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Black
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Very spacious with multiple compartments

The Saddleman is a spacious, comfy, yet breathable carrier. Pups can lie out and have more than enough room and have ultimate comfort with the padded bottom, which can easily come out to be washed. It is not just spacious for your pet though; this carrier has multiple compartments suitable for carrying any of the dog’s items and even a few of yours. It even comes with a food and water tray that have their own compartment.

This large carrier is a great choice even when you leave the dog home; it has more than enough room to use as a container for your goods on a short trip. Even if you bring the dog, there is still room to carry some of your goods for the ride. This is a carrier the two of you will both enjoy.


  • Enough room for the dog to lie down
  • Good ventilation
  • Easy to mount
  • Well constructed


  • Floor said to be too soft to support the weight of the bag
  • Said not to work for the pillion seat
  • Would be better if more stiff

With multiple vents and flaps within the carrier, your dog will always have enough ventilation for hours on end. These flaps are not just a good source of fresh air, but a way for you to pet your dog, or reach in and grab whatever else you need.


3. Pet Carrier Backpacks

Pet Carrier Backpacks

A motorcycle pet carrier is not just limited to one that attaches to the bike, no, another fantastic carrier is a backpack.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Red or blue
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Has extra pockets for goodies like their treats.

A backpack keeps pups close by; this is great for the anxious dog who always wants their owner. Furthermore, keeping the dog on your person is actually a safe way to go; if anything hits the bike, the dog will be on you and less likely to be hurt or separated. This bag, in particular, is made of sturdy material lined with sponge padding to ensure both comfort and safety.

The Cup of Tea backpack is great for dogs who love to sightsee and feel the wind through their hair; with an opening right in the middle pups can see all of the action. If you decide to close the dog in, mesh lines the whole bag to ensure consistent airflow.

This backpack makes life easy, finish up a ride, hop off the bike, nothing more, no time wasted transferring the dog to a backpack or removing the carrier. Nope, all you have to do is hop off, and all is ready.


  • Comfortable
  • Good quality
  • Pockets on both sides of the bag
  • Sponge padding offers safety and comfort


  • No room for the dog to lie out
  • Tricky to buckle bag on when wearing on the front
  • Could be more padded

Despite being generally smaller than most pet carriers that would attach to the motorcycle, this bag still offers sufficient room with various pockets to pack your phone, treats, whatever little bits you need to pack away.


4. NICREW Out Front Dog Carrier

NICREW Out Front Dog Carrier

The NICREW front-facing dog carrier is for the brave dogs who love to look out and feel the wind through their fur.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Black or denim blue
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – There are holes for their legs, paws, and tail to hang out of.

With this bag, your dog will see it all with their head out in the open. As well, their legs, paws, and tail hang out of the bag. It’s comfortable for them and for you. Put the backpack on your front or your back, but maybe let the dog decide!

This motorcycle pet carrier is ideal for outdoor day-trips, throw on the backpack, and as soon as you arrive, you have nothing further to do, no need to uninstall the carrier as it is ready to go. Fearless pups will adore this backpack, there is no room to hide away, and all the room to see everything as you pass by; however, this bag is better for a short day-trip rather than a trip that lasts several days, as there is not a place to cuddle and nap.

Your dog will be comfortable all day, even though they will probably be too busy taking in the scenery. Whether you are cruising on a hot day, or on a more cool day, your dog will stay at the perfect temperature, with mesh panels providing ventilation, pups will never overheat in this bag.  

The bottom of the bag is lined with padding to ensure maximum comfort, and despite being a small bag, your dog will always have more than enough room as their legs hang out of the leg holes, and there is even a tail hole. 


  • Works well for long dogs
  • Very secure
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a tail hole


  • Some dogs found it uncomfortable
  • Some dogs were fearful of being in this bag
  • Said not to work well with dogs with short legs and necks

You too will be comfortable, with the way your dog will sit in the Nicrew Carrier, there won’t be much squirming around on their part, and the wide shoulder straps won’t weigh you down as they are nicely padded and adjustable.


5. Outward Hound Pooch Pouch

Outward Hound Pooch Pouch

The Outward Hound makes for a fantastic dog carrier for a motorcycle; it allows your dog to truly experience the ride. They are right there on your chest (or back) experiencing what you are, now that is some serious bonding time.

Key Specifications

  • Colors – Grey or blue
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – The material of the bag is water-resistant.

This bag keeps your dog safe and in the bag with its built-in harness. When looking for a carrier, it is crucial to find one that can secure your dog in. Biking can present some dangers, and we certainly don’t want the dangers to be coming from a defective carrier.

While pups may be getting plenty of air with their heads peering out, their body may overheat in the small bag that seems to be hugging them; however, lined with plenty of mesh, there is a constant airflow that will keep pups cool. This bag is ideal for hot weather where the wind air can cool them off but may get cold for the dog in cold winter months. If you do decide to use this bag year-round, consider a doggie jacket so they can stay warm.

You may not want to ride in the rain, but the bag is water-resistant, so if it begins to rain along the way, your dog will mostly stay dry, aside from their head. Some dogs love the rain, others hate it, so a ride in the rain may be exactly what you’re looking for or the opposite, it’s really up to the dog, he is the boss after all.


  • Made comfortable for both
  • Mesh ventilation works well
  • Little pocket for small things
  • The harness keeps the dog inside


  • Could do with more pockets
  • Said to be smaller than advertised
  • Not made for lying down

Even though the Outward Hound bag is small, it still makes room for a small pouch. This mini pocket is perfect to store any of your dog’s gear or food. You will always be prepared to give them a little snack.


Bottom Line

For a motorcycle pet carrier that offers the most room, and comfort, we choose Kuryakyn as our winner.

This is the kind of motorcycle pet carrier where you can travel for hours at a time. Whether Fido wants to pop his head out for fresh air or take a nap, he can. There is room for both. With plenty of room within the carrier your dog can relax and stretch their legs and when the time comes, they can safely come out and watch the scenery go by.

With a soft foam cushion inside the carrier, the dog can happily rest as long as they’d like. While you may not want to take the carrier off, it is fairly easy to install and uninstall so pups could continue to rest if you’re up for the job.


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