Top 5 Best Service Dog Vests in 2020


Service dogs have one of the most important jobs. They provide care, support and guide people who experience disabilities. These hardworking fellas deserve a vest that feels good, and that will protect them and their owner.

Perhaps it is not obvious what will make for a great vest, to make things easy, we have created a list of vests to help you find the best service dog vest for you and your dog’s needs.

We believe that a highly visible vest is the way to go, and keeps the risk of accidents down. Comfort is another aspect we look at; we want our dogs to feel cool and feel good and not get distracted by their vest. We also will look at safety and durability. Read on and learn more about specific vests we love and find out why we recommend them. Shopping for your service dog vest will be easy after this!

1. Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness

  No matter the size of your pupper, this harness will have a size for them – Industrial Puppy offers XXXS-XXL. This will fit the smallest of Chihuahua’s to a giant Mastiff. Service dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and Industrial Puppy certainly understands this!

Key Specifications

  • Material – Nylon
  • Colors – Bright red, hot pink, teal, blue, black
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Company supports emotional support and service dog organisations

Colour, it matters. A bright and colourful vest can make all the difference, that speedy car will be quick to notice a bright colour and stop in time, or if Fido decides to run off, you will easily spot the naughty boy. But alas, sometimes the owner just wants to enjoy a beautiful colour!

These vests come in fun and bright colours sure to do all of the above plus more, they come in bright red, hot pink, blue, teal, and for the more reserved – black. In addition, it comes with reflective strips to be extremely visible! Speaking of safety, it comes with a handle to steer Mr Pup out of trouble.

While a good harness needs to be comfortable, durable, and offer excellent safety, the small details can make a massive difference. Industrial Puppy’s service vest certainly offers these crucial features, but what we love and find special about them is that they have a harness donation program that supports fellow emotional support and service dog organisations. Customers can feel good knowing they are purchasing from a company that supports organisations dear to their heart.

This vest is full of great features that set it apart from others, for example, it comes with removable patches – whether pups is in service, or simply going on a walk, they can wear the same vest, and simply change the patch for the occasion. 


  • Made to last – no fraying
  • Durable – hook and loop sure to hold
  • Comfy – breathable mesh
  • Quick-release belly buckle – get in and out fast


  • Instructions not clear
  • Patches fit small sizes, not so well for large sizes
  • Runs large

Another fantastic feature is that the Industrial Puppy vest accommodates a backpack (sold separately), this is a great option for someone using their service dog, they can focus on walking without worrying about holding extra goods such as the dog’s water bowl.


2. FAYOGOO Dog Vest Harness for Service Dogs

FAYOGOO Dog Vest Harness for Service Dogs

Comfort is a key quality to look for with service dog vests; it would be a shame to dress the dog in an uncomfortable outfit that distracts them from their service. We recommend this vest by Fayogoo because of the comfort it offers.

Key Specifications

  • Material – Oxford material
  • Colors – Pink and red 
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – The pink color is so lovely and highly visible

Full of fluff certain breeds of dogs can be prone to overheating, add a layer to the mix, and even your shorthaired mutt can overheat. For this reason we highly suggest finding a vest with breathable mesh.

In addition to the mesh, this vest is softly padded on the back and on the neck-straps – this helps prevent chafing and even makes the vest feel comfy. Find a vest that is adjustable – this vest has both neck and chest straps to provide a custom fitting.

This vest is great for training or controlling the dog, with the handle you will always have great control over the dog. Vital when they are in training.

Being visible is absolutely crucial, especially for a service dog. While these dogs do a brilliant job of protecting their human from dangers, there is a risk that the dog may not see something. Having a visible vest makes the dog stand out, and people nearby can take precautions as well. 


  • 2-year warranty
  • 60-day return policy
  • Customers say xs size comes with a free water bowl
  • Comes with interchangeable reflective patches


  • Not made for dogs under 8lbs
  • Runs large
  • A bit stiff

Regardless if the owner is blind, a good service vest will always be visible at night and easy to spot, the key to ensuring safety at all times.


3. OneTigris Tactical Service Dog Vest

OneTigris Tactical Service Dog Vest

Just take one look at the OneTigris service vest and you know it means business. First of all, the color options are rugged and earthy. Second, the material, while made of 1000D nylon looks as though it is made of canvas.

Key Specifications

  • Material – 1000D Nylon
  • Colors – Ranger green, grey, black, and coyote brown 
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – We like the military look and believe this will keep people clear from petting a service dog

Between the color, material, this vest looks like it may belong on a military or police dog. It is, after all, a military patrol K9 dog harness, but can be worn by any dog, police dog or not.

Overall, it looks extremely durable and safe and is far from cute. Even though we all love a cute dog, dressing them up in a cutesy vest may be something to avoid when it comes to a service vest – if it is cute, people may assume they can touch the dog.

This vest, however, will not come across this way,  people will know not to touch the dog, and that they are being used for a greater purpose. If for some reason, the vest itself does not give a clear message, there is a large space to put a service dog patch.

This vest does not just look durable, it is. The use of earthy colors will keep the vest from getting dirty and can easily be cleaned off. On top of that, the nylon material is very tough and will not fray or break apart soon after use and is water-resistant. The durability of this vest will offer additional security, and keep the dog in; there is little risk that they could escape their vest.


  • Comes with extra velcro to add patches and bag
  • Durable
  • Looks tough
  • Water-resistant


  • Only comes in 3 sizes
  • Only comes with 1 patch
  • Colors are not highly visible

The OneTigris service vest harness includes extra velcro to put on bags and patches. When possible, it is good to let the dog carry their own belongings as well as to have clear patches to let people know it is a service dog.


4. Chai’s Choice Service Dog Vest

Chai's Choice Service Dog Vest

Making choices is an inevitable part of life and when it comes to our wardrobe – no matter where you shop, there are likely to be many sizes and color options. Yet when it comes to finding service vests for your dog, there is not always a wide variety of sizes and colors.   

Key Specifications

  • Material – Scratch-resistant polyester
  • Colors – Fuschia, orange, red, black, royal blue, purple, blue and green
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Vest comes in many sizes with lots of colors to choose from.

Dogs come in many different shapes and sizes, and we owners like color choice, even for our furry friends. Sometimes we want a bright green vest for our large dog! Chai’s Choice comes in 8 different colors with 6 sizes, accommodating both our needs and our dogs.

When looking for a service dog vest harness, it is key to consider the dog’s safety. After all, there is a reason we choose a harness over a simple collar and lead. First of all, a vest harness is far more visible; it provides high visibility at night. Additionally, a vest provides room for the service dog patch to be clearly seen. This piece of kit uses reflective 3M scotchlite piping to make it extremely visible.

Second, a vest keeps pressure off of the animal’s neck which could lead to serious injuries in the neck, spine, and windpipes. This particular vest is made with adjustable straps to fit comfortably without pulling at the neck. 


  • Uses sponge padding on the inside
  • Company name not visible on the vest
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lots of color options


  • Velcro area small
  • Vest looks funny on large dogs, not proportionate like it is for the smaller dogs
  • Bad sizing chart

Chai’s Choice is overall a very comfortable vest; the inside is lined with sponge padding to prevent chafing while allowing for airflow.


5. BarkOutfitters Service Dog Vest Harness

BarkOutfitters Service Dog Vest Harness

A good vest needs to be adjustable, dogs do not fit the one-size-fits-all standard, and purchasing a vest that is non-adjustable may be a waste of time and money. Every strap on this barkOutfitters vest is adjustable including the chest plate. An adjustable chest plate makes all of the difference and it is important to keep the vest from sliding around side-to-side, this can cause discomfort and is not secure. 

Key Specifications

  • Material – Neoprene Inner
  • Colors – Red
  • Easy to Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Comes with 50 ADA info cards.

Service dogs do good, hard work and deserve ultimate comfort. We recommend this vest because it offers exactly that. The fabric is breathable, and the inner lining is made of neoprene which prevents chafing, furthermore, the vest itself nearly water-resistant and quickly dries when wet – good for rainy days. Overall, the material is quite durable and long-lasting but provides comfort for the dog.

Using a vest with safe features prevents potential dangers. This vest comes in a bright red color that is easy to see. To ensure high visibility, the straps have reflective trim. On the top of the vest is a handle, this is key to guide the dog as well as train them, keep them away from danger and have control over them.


  • Includes 50 ADA info cards
  • Removable chest plate


  • Only comes in 15”-19” girth and 26”-34” girth
  • Only color option is red

Unfortunately, not everyone knows the laws with service dogs and may unintentionally discriminate. To avoid this, barkOutfitters includes 50 ADA info cards to disseminate to local businesses you and the dog may attend. These cards provide information for those who do not know your legal rights. This makes things easier when working with your service dog – no more being hassled or questioned.


Bottom Line

For the best service dog vest sure to fit your dog, and offer high visibility we choose the Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness as our winner.

This vest comes in so many sizes that it is easy to find one right for your dog, many vests come with minimal sizes yet with this vest you can 12.50” up to 43” girth. Furthermore, there are several colors to choose from. We love that this vest provides choice.

This vest offers high visibility from its bright colors and reflective patches. Being highly visible prevents problems. Sometimes we are not looking or a driver is not paying attention, in these cases, a bright, visible vest can make the difference between life or death.

While we look for many features such as durability, safety, and comfort for a service dog vest, ultimately, we believe that visibility can make a major difference and is one of the most important features.


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