9 Healthy Human Foods Cats Can Eat


So you really love your cat and are willing to share everything you can with him/her, right?

Then it should be good news that you might finally be able to share your meals with those cute, little feline creatures.

But the problem is in knowing what foods you can share with your cat and which ones might endanger his/her health.

Many cat caregivers are not sure if their cat eat vegetables, or what about fruits or butter? Thankfully, that is just what this piece is all about. So let`s take a look at some human foods that cats can eat.

1. Apples are for cats, too


Cats probably love apples as much as we humans love them. So you can comfortably should to share yours with them if you are that kind. But it is important NOT to feed your cat with the core of the apple as the seeds contain cyanogenic glycoside (cyanide) which is known to be very harmful to them.

2. Meat has always been great for cats

Cats are carnivorous in nature and it sounds a bit unfair to stuff them with dry foods in place of their natural food: meat. Over time, much controversy has been generated over the issue of cats being fed raw meat at home. Some experts have argued that even though cats safely consume raw meat in the wild, it does not stop them from getting infected when fed raw meat at home. These experts have pointed that there can be bacterial contaminants in processed meat as a result of handling. However, it is very safe to feed cats with raw meets if certain precautions are taken.

3. What about fish?


Unlike meat, fish is not part of the natural diet of a cat. But ironically, domestic cats have always loved to eat fish. Well the debate on whether cats should eat fish or not is still on on-going and might not end anytime soon. However what you should know is that cats should only eat fish once in a while and not as a regular diet. The reason for this is that raw fish contains an enzyme that breaks down thiamine (Vitamin B1). This could cause the cat to suffer seizures, anorexia or even become more aggressive. To avoid this, the fish should be cooked or raw ones served occasionally.

4. Should cats be eating eggs?


In addition, eggs are also part of the human foods that cats can safely eat. Both cooked and raw eggs are an option for feeding your cat. However, it is preferable to cook the fish to prevent the cat from being infected with salmonella—that dreaded disease that results in fever and abdominal pain.

5. What of cheese?


Cats love cheese and it is a good source of protein. However, the quantity should be limited since cats need about 20 calories daily and cheese treats should be about 10% of the total calorie intake—so says Dr. Perea, a renowned cat nutrition expert.

6. Should you consider bananas?


Cats do not only need protein; just like humans, they need vitamins, too. And yes, cats can and love to eat bananas. The nutritional benefits of bananas have been well documented and this includes improved digestion, as well as increased energy. Moreover, they are completely safe for cats including banana bread.

7. Oatmeals


Oatmeal, being very rich in vitamin B-6 is very good for cats, too. Oatmeal also helps your cat to meet her daily energy needs. Other nutrients such as Iron, phosphorus, and magnesium are also contained in oats. However, since most cats are allergic to lactose, you should only consider oatmeals that do not contain milk

8. Blueberries


Can cats eat blueberries? Well, blueberries are also something that you can consider feeding your cat with as they are not harmful. Moreover, blueberries are a known source of vitamin C and are also very rich in fiber. Some people do ask are blueberries bad for cats? Well, too much of blueberries can cause stomach upset for your cat; so limiting the treat to every once in a while is the best thing to do

9. Vegetables aren’t all bad


Vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, carrots, peas, and zucchini are very great human foods that cats can enjoy. Even though cats are primarily meat eaters, they can take a considerable amount of roughage. But there are some vegetables like onions, garlic, and tomatoes that are very dangerous to cats; and should never be given to them. The quantity, as usual should always be very small.


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