German Shepherd Wolf Mix


What are German Shepherd Wolf Dogs?

Wolves and dogs are genetically very similar, and in these days of designer dogs the opportunity to create a breed that is a German shepherd wolf mix is a tempting one.

In truth, this hybrid is a natural pairing because going right back to the German shepherds’ roots, the early breeders are reputed to have used wolf blood to create the distinctive lupine look of the German shepherd dog (GSD).

A wolf German shepherd mix is a type of hybrid, which means that two genetically similar, but not identical, species were bred together.

Mixing wolves with other breeds such as the Spitz and Huskies are also popular choices because the resulting puppies have wolf-like features, which are not so much the case when poodles, Pitbulls, or Pyrenees mountain dogs are crossed with wolves.

What is the temperament of a German Shepherd Wolf Mix like?

Any dog is an individual with their own personality and character, and this is equally true for German shepherd wolf dog crosses as for any other breed.

However, it can safely be said that both German shepherds and wolves are intelligent creatures with a strong sense of self-will and that they need an experienced owner, and as a breed are not suitable for first time owners.

It is generally acknowledged by owners of wolf German shepherd puppies that the GSD character tends to be more to the front in the puppy, up until the dog is sexually mature at around 18 months of age.

At this point rising hormones tend to bolster the wolf nature in the hybrid which then starts to exert itself.

How handleable and manageable this adolescent animal is then depends on how well trained they have been in younger life and the skills of an experienced handler.

Given the physical prowess of a wolf German shepherd hybrid there is no room for error in their behaviour.

A badly behaved German shepherd hybrid has the potential to be an extremely dangerous animal, with the wolf blood calling to their wild hunting instincts and all this implies.

Is a wolf and German Shepherd Hybrid hard to train?

The prospective owner of a German shepherd wolf needs to take into account all the factors that are involved in owning and training a dog that is in part a wild animal.

As well as being a confident dog handler and having the time to dedicate to regular training sessions, it is essential the owner has plenty of space in which to exercise the dog.

Lack of exercise could lead to pent up energy and frustration, which in a powerful dog such as a wolf German shepherd could lead to the animal becoming aggressive and posing a risk to human life.

Anyone tempted by German shepherd wolf hybrid puppies should have a keen eye to the future and what will happen when that puppy grows into an adult.

At any point the wolf side of their character may assert itself, meaning that these are not animals for the faint hearted.

Typically, when the wolf part takes over the dog stops listening to commands and tries to assert himself. In an inexperienced or weak trainer, this could result in injury or worse.

What are a Wolf and German Shepherd Mix like with kids?

Leaving children unsupervised with dogs is a bad idea, no matter what the dog’s breed.

However, with a black German shepherd wolf mix there is the extra concern that these hybrids are responsible for a number of child deaths.

Children are not good at reading canine body language and so do not respect the warning signs given off by a dog that is about to become aggressive.

Failing to recognize these signs leads to pushing that animal past the point of no return where he feels compelled to attack.

Unfortunately white German shepherd wolf hybrid and other wolf hybrids are recognized as being less tolerant and faster to attack than other breeds.

This means mixing children and a black wolf German shepherd mix (and other wolf dog hybrids) is a bad idea.

Another factor to consider is that the black German shepherd wolf mix’s method of correcting their young involves biting and shaking.

Should a child aggravate a white German shepherd wolf mix then the delicate skin of the former is unlikely to stand up to the physicality of a hybrid’s response and serious injury may result.

Does a Wolf and German Shepherd Mix make a good pet?

You may have seen pictures of handsome looking black German shepherd wolf hybrid or a gray wolf German shepherd mix but before succumbing to their awesome looks, know that a white wolf German shepherd mix should not be considered so much as a pet, but more of a wild animal with dog blood in him.

Fans of black German shepherd wolf mix argue that all hybrids are misunderstood, and that they can make great pets.

However, the groundswell of opinion is that they are unpredictable and inherently dangerous.

Whilst it’s clear that these are certainly not a suitable pet for the average owner, for the person with plenty of land plus time to train, which is fully aware of all the implications should things go wrong, then there could be a case for owning one.

For the rest of us however, if you want a dog with a wolf-like resemblance, it’s safer to consider owning a purebred GSD.


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