Is a Dachshund Right for You?


So you’re thinking about getting a Dachshund?

That’s amazing, but do you know that this spunky little breed is very different, and in ways – more challenging to own than many other dog breeds?

Before committing to welcoming a Dachshund into your family for the rest of his life, it’s well worth familiarizing yourself with some of the best things, and some of the worst things about these sausage-shaped pooches.


1. Big Hearts, Short Legs

Don’t let their diminutive stature fool you, while this breed may be vertically challenged; he’s not aware of it.

In fact, observing a Dachshund in real life, you’ll see the fiery attitude and confidence that appears more at home among lions than miniature dogs!

2. Can Keep Up With The Big Dogs

Are you thinking about bringing a Dachshund into your multi-pet household?

Worried that they can’t keep up with your large breeds?

Think again!

This lively and energetic breed was produced as a working pooch, and his energy levels will likely outlast your other dogs.

3. Great Guard Dogs

These sausage-shaped dogs do not lack in the confidence department, so if they notice that someone is coming to the door – they have no reservations in making their voice heard.

4. Chilled Out Surfer Vibes

Not just an energetic ball of joy, Dachshunds love hanging with their humans, and if that means hanging at the beach, or enjoying a Harry Potter movie marathon; they’ll happily get involved!

5. Very Sociable

The Dachshund is such an adventurous and friendly little soul, and he loves nothing more than experiencing new things and visiting new places.

Start socializing your pooch when he’s young, and you’ll have a great time taking him everywhere when he gets older.

From going to brunch and quietly sitting under the table, to hiking through Zion – your Dachshund is up for anything.

6. Loves Kids

This friendly, sociable, and gregarious pooch gets on with well-mannered children.

He’s not one to take any tail pulling, but then again – what dog would like that?

7. Ridiculously Photogenic

There is no denying how gosh darned adorable this hotdog shaped pooch is, with one particular Dachshund named “Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund” boasting an impressive Instagram following of over half a million followers!

8. Comes in Multiple Sizes and Colors

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Dachshund comes in a one size fits all, oh no, this beloved pooch comes in a bunch of colors, including:

  • Black
  • Black and Tan
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate and Cream
  • Tan
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • Red

As well as two standard size variations:


Weighing between 16 – 32 lbs on average, with a height of around 8 – 9 inches at the shoulder.


Weighing under 11 lbs on average, with a height of 5 – 6 inches at the shoulder.

There is one additional size, known as the Kaninchen (Rabbit) Dachshund, this is most commonly found in Germany and weighs around 7 – 8 lbs, and measures 3.5 – 5.5 inches at the shoulder.

9. They’re Great at Keeping You Fit

When mature, the Dachshund is hard to tire out, as he was bred to be capable of hunting for a full day; nipping in and out of burrows here, there, and everywhere!

For that reason, he does a great job of keeping owners especially active, and with the commonly known fact that dog ownership makes you live longer – it’s safe to say that Dachshund ownership can have an even better effect on your health!

10. They Follow The Treat

When training a Dachshund, you might notice that these feisty mini beasts are easily distracted; and seem as though they’re off in their own little world.

But, fear not – for there is a simple trick to getting a Doxie focused on the task at hand, and it works every time!

And that trick is… Food!

Dachshunds are ruled by their bellies and will do pretty much anything for a dog biscuit.


I know, by now you’re falling over your seat trying to find the car keys so that you can run out and get the nearest Dachshund you can call your own, but stop, before you go – you should read some of the worst things about the Weiner Dog!

1. Yappy Devils

Dachshunds live to bark, they love the sound of their own voices, and not only that – but it’s an inherent trait tracing back to their days of chasing animals through burrows.

This can be untrained to some extent, but you’ll never have a silent dog, so you’d best hope that your neighbors are kind and forgiving people!

2. Prone to Spine Problems

These long backed creatures don’t have a great deal of support, and as such, can easily strain or twist their spines.

Because of this, you need to control the situations that your dog is exposed to, and if he tends to get over excited at the dog park; you might have to decide to not let him off of the lead until he has learned to calm down.

3. They’re Jumpers

As we mentioned before, these tiny pooches don’t seem to know how little they are, and they also don’t seem to notice that they are prone to back injuries – and so, they like to bounce around like a long kangaroo.

Jumping isn’t good for the spine, and you’ll have to take the time to train your Doxie that jumping up at peoples legs, jumping at the door, or even jumping on the couch – is not OK.

4. Greedy Gannets

The combination of having the most adorable begging face in the universe, combined with an unquenchable appetite; means that we often see overweight and obese Dachshunds.

Many owners mistakenly think that they’re kind by feeding their greedy gannet a little more, but in fact, this breed is far more prone to ill health when even slightly overweight, and you’ll have to grit your teeth and ignore that adorable face whenever Rover is begging for table scraps.

5. More Difficult to House Train

Dachshunds are one of the hardest dog breeds to house train, that’s one of the unfortunate reasons that we see a high number of Sausage Dogs being turned into animal shelters, many owners don’t understand the extra patience required to housetrain a Weiner Pooch.

6. Aloof Floof

OK so, they’re not that floofy, but they sure are aloof(y!).

Such independent little creatures, this can make training a tad more difficult as your Dachshund may want to go off and do his own thing.

The best way to go about training a Dachshund is to disguise it all as fun and games!

7. Suffer From Separation Anxiety

A lot of the time, Dachshunds have accidents when left home alone, and the owner assumes that this is a potty training problem – but, in fact – this is most commonly caused by separation anxiety.

Training your dog to get used to being left at home alone can often cure this problem!

8. They Don’t Like Wet Weather

You can’t blame them for not wanting to head outdoors in the wet weather.

If you were built in such a way that your tummy touched the damp and cold ground; you might prefer to stay indoors too!

9. Start an Emergency Back Surgery Fund ASAP

The fact of the matter is, Dachshunds are very prone to back conditions, and with surgery ranging from a few thousand into the tens of thousands – great insurance, and an emergency fund are both a must.

10. They Love to Chase Stuff

Bred to chase badgers, rabbits, and other quick-moving animals – Dachshunds have the instinct to hunt animals.

They can be trained to not do this as frequently by introducing them to the kind of animals that you’re likely to run into.

However, if a new and exciting little fluffy creature appears – he’ll likely see it as fair game and make chase.

Final Thoughts

The Dachshund is both incredible and terrible in his own ways.

But, if you’re looking for a big-hearted dog, with a long lifespan, and unparalleled zest for life – you might have just found your match!

If, however, the cons are a no-no for you, and your lifestyle – I’d get back to the drawing board, and find a breed that is better suited to you!


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