Is a Husky Puppy Right for You?



The Siberian Husky isn’t a large breed of dog, but also he isn’t a toy dog!

While he is officially classified as medium in size, Huskies are notorious for taking up more than their fair share of space.

If you don’t have a rule against dogs on the couch or bed – be prepared to cling onto the edge, or even be pushed onto the floor!

Energy Requirements

This is no French Bulldog that’s happier to nap than walk, the Husky is preprogrammed to need tons of exercise, and I mean three to four hours daily – no excuses.

You can’t decide that you’re too tired one day, because your gorgeous pointy eared pooch doesn’t care – he wants to get up and go!

Photogenic Pooch

Let’s not lie about this, one of the big draws of a Husky is the fact that they’re so gosh darned beautiful.

An incredibly unique and striking canine, very similar in features to the wolf which makes them somewhat photogenic pooches.

If you’re an adventure Instagrammer, you can be sure that adding a Husky into the mix will make for some fantastic photos, but don’t buy a dog for their looks alone – you have to make sure that you guys match up on all other fronts too!

They Talk A Lot

Huskies don’t bark very much but boy oh boy do they whine and howl, which is way more annoying!

They’re just a chatty breed; it’s not that they’re bad, they’re just talking to you.

But if you have sensitive neighbors – I’m not sure that a Husky would strengthen your relationship at all!

Intelligent Beasts

The Husky is an incredibly smart breed of dog; he’s the perfect pooch to train to do a job.

After all, the original breeders of the Husky – The Chukchi People, originally used the Siberian Husky to hunt, herd, and haul loads too.

If you have a job that you can give your Husky, for example doing agility training, competing in dog frisbee or simply carrying a pack while you’re out hiking, they’ll feel a real sense of pride, and it will keep them mentally stimulated!

Incredibly Adaptable

While the breed was developed as a working dog, and they are big balls of energy, they also benefit from being incredibly adaptable canines.

You may be surprised to hear that Huskies can quite happily live the urban life in a small apartment, curled up at their owner’s feet during the day like a regular dog.

That is, provided that they still get enough exercise at the dog park, or on hikes out to the country every single day!

Cuddle Monsters

Huskies love their humans, and they love nothing more than hanging out, and if possible – jumping all over you for cuddles!

Of course, it’s possible to train your Husky not to get all up in your face, but don’t be surprised if he tries to sneak into your bed!

They Like Chasing Stuff

Bred as a hunting dog, the Husky does have a strong prey drive and like chasing smaller animals whenever they get the chance.

If you own cats or other pets – it’s important to introduce your Husky Puppy to them from a very young age and in a controlled environment to teach them that this is not their plaything.

They’re Food Minded

A great trait of the Husky is that they love food!

That, combined with their superior intelligence and high energy makes them an easy dog to train – if you’re consistent and patient!

This is a very independent and strong-willed breed, and they won’t respond to harsh training methods.

Experts agree that the only way to train a Husky is using positive reinforcement, although – to be honest, that’s how you should train any dog!

Escape Artists

One of the side effects of uber intelligence and high energy is that Huskies like to find their own fun – and one of the things that they often find to keep themselves entertained; is by trying to escape from the yard!

Don’t worry though, as long as you have secure fencing, and toys to keep Mr. Husky entertained, you don’t have to worry about losing him…

But definitely, have him microchipped just in case!

Molting Galore

Do you enjoy eating food that doesn’t have dog hair on it, or perhaps you like to leave the house in nice clean clothes?

Well, you better hire a full-time cleaner then!

With all of that hair doing an incredible job of keeping your Husky both cool and warm – there is one flaw, and that’s the fact that it gets everywhere.

You’ll forever be vacuuming and sweeping, that’s your life now, accept it.

Adventure Buddies

You will never find a greater adventure buddy than a Husky, guaranteed!

When you head out on a hike by yourself, you likely stop and appreciate the view, and enjoy the walk.

But when you invite a Husky along, they show you the absolute joy in every second of your adventure, and encourage you never to stop exploring… because they never get tired!

Your Climate

If you happen to live in a freezing environment, this breed is ideally suited, and in fact – anything up to a pretty warm climate will be fine for a Siberian Husky thanks to their coat helping to keep them cool.

But I urge you to reconsider a Husky if you live in an incredibly hot climate, this breed doesn’t do well in extreme heat, and with such high exercise requirements – air conditioning won’t help.

Final Thoughts

As with any breed of dog, there are pros and cons to the Husky – and these shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you have a strong allergy to dog hair or don’t enjoy going on long walks – these aren’t the kind of issues you can ignore, and you should look at another breed.

But if you can cope with the cheeky and exuberant bundle of energy that is the Husky, and love their zest for life, then this could be the perfect dog to share your life with!


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