How to Take Care of a Labradoodle



You have just become a proud pet parent to an adorable Labradoodle.

Your sweet little bundle of joy and energy is ready to depend on you for his every need.

This means you will need to prove to him that you are a responsible pet parent.

At this moment, you might feel overwhelmed, but you don’t have to be.

The following information will guide you to building your foundation as the best pet parent to your Labradoodle.

Puppy Proof the House

Before your Labradoodle arrives in your home you need to puppy proof the house.

Remove toxic plants, small objects that could be choking hazards, and hide electric cords.

You will be surprised how interested your puppy will be when he see’s electric cords plugged into a wall.

This is especially a dangerous situation since it can result in electric shock.

You can hide the cords behind the furniture and electric cord covers to prevent your puppy from thinking they are toys.

In addition to puppy proofing the interior of your house, you also need to do the same outdoors.

If you have a yard, you need to fence in the yard if it isn’t already done.

This will prevent your dog from running into the street or getting far from home and lost.

Also, you need to remove all toxic plants, bushes, flowers, and trees from your yard and replace them with ones that are pet-friendly.

If you treat your yard with harsh chemicals for landscaping reasons such as removing and preventing weeds, you need to switch to dog-friendly options to prevent toxic poisoning to your dog.

You will be surprised how easily your dog can become poisoned by toxic yard chemicals.

Just running around on the chemicals with his paws then licking them is all it takes for your dog to become sick or worse from toxic chemicals.

Veterinarian Care

Find the best veterinarian care for your puppy by searching in your community for options.

Some communities only have one veterinarian and animal hospital while others have a several to choose from.

Narrow down your search based on licensing, amount of time in business, customer reviews, and reputation.

Avoid any veterinarian that is not licensed.

A new option that is increasingly becoming popular is licensed veterinarians that visit the home.

This is excellent for dogs that get nervous leaving the house.

It’s also beneficial for pet parents that lack transportation.

However, if you choose an at-home veterinarian, you still need to know where the nearest animal hospital is located in case of an emergency.

Healthy Diet

Your Labradoodle will require a healthy diet filled with vitamins and nutrients throughout his lifetime.

Your puppy will most likely require specific nutrients and vitamins until he reaches a specific age than the nutritional requirements will change as he ages.

A veterinarian will guide you through this process to assure you are providing the best diet for your puppy.

As a pet parent, you will need to be financially prepared to purchase dry dog food, wet dog food, healthy dog treats, and nutritional supplements if needed.

In addition, you will need to provide fresh water for your dog on a daily basis that is easy for him access any time of the day or night.


Labradoodles have lots of energy that needs an outlet on a daily basis.

You will need to provide 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day.

This time might change under the direction and supervision of a veterinarian.

Depending on health and age, the veterinarian might request more or less daily exercise.

Always follow the instruction of the veterinarian.

In general, you will need to take your dog for a walk every day that is equivalent to 30 to 60 minutes of exercise or you will need to allow your dog to run around in a fenced in yard for the same amount of time.

Allowing a Labradoodle to exercise off-leash is essential to his well-being.

He will need this whether you have a fenced yard or need to take a trip to the local fenced in dog park to provide it for him.

A Special Place in the House

Your Labradoodle will prefer to stay next to your side day and night.

This means that he will most likely follow you around the house and try to sleep in your bed with you.

Even though your dog will be happy being next to you and sharing your bed, he still needs a special place in the house to call his own.

You will need to establish a safe area in the house that can be sectioned off by a doggie gate.

This area needs to feel safe and cozy and have access to air conditioning or fresh air.

A doggie gate allows you to section off the area as well as provides your dog with the option to see out of his area into the house.

Always avoid shutting a door and making your Labradoodle feel like he is trapped inside.

This can result in built up energy that is expressed through destructive behavior.

Dog Bed

Providing your dog with his own bed is essential to his well being.

Even if you allow your dog to sleep in your bed at night, he still needs a bed to call his own.

This bed needs to be available to him any time he wants to rest throughout the day.

Placing it in his special area and buying more than one dog bed so you can place one in the living room, kitchen and elsewhere is recommended.

There are a variety of dog beds available to choose from on the market.

You can purchase it online and have it delivered to your front door.

There are even orthopedic beds that provide stability and comfort for your dog as he ages.

It’s wise to update his dog bed as he reaches each new feeding schedule throughout his life.


Labradoodles are intelligent energetic dogs that require mental stimulation to keep them busy.

Interactive toys such as the ones you hide treats inside of will keep your Labradoodle busy for hours.

You need to also provide a variety of toys including stuffed animals, plastic dog toys, squeaky toys, rope toys, balls and more.

Some dogs prefer one type of toys over others.

Once you notice the type of toys your dog favors continue buying that specific type.


Labradoodles have hair similar to Poodles.

It’s often referred to as being hypoallergenic. Basically, this means he has an undercoat and top coat.

Instead of shedding and making hair go all over the furniture and house, the dead hair accumulates under the top coat and requires brushing on a regular basis to remove the hair.

Some pet parents prefer to groom their own dogs instead of visiting a groomer.

If you want to take good care of your dog’s coat you can do so by investing in high-quality dog hair clippers that come with a variety of clip sizes, scissors, and a stainless steel comb.

Overall, to take care of a Labradoodle, you need to provide a safe environment, healthy diet, plenty of exercise, a dog bed, toys and plenty of attention and love.


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