What you Need for Your New Pitbull Puppy


Welcoming home your new bundle of fluff is an amazing occasion.

Nothing quite beats the sheer joy that a little pup brings into your life, and the day that they come home, everyone in the family is bound to bubble over with excitement!

But it’s no good just jumping up and down and not being prepared to take great care of your new furry family member.

So, we decided to make you a quick cheat sheet of what you’ll need for your new Pitbull puppy!

Food and Water Bowls

As soon as your pup steps foot into your home, you need to make sure that you have water and food available to him, so before you get caught out – why not pick some up at your local pet store?

Or if you’re really organized, you can buy them online and save a pretty penny!


You never want to switch your puppies food in one go, so if you do plan on feeding him something different than the food he was eating with his breeder, you need to do this slowly.

Usually he will be sent home with a little baggie of food to keep him going for a couple of days, but it’s best to ask the breeder, or rescue center for the name of the food so that you can buy a sack of it prior to his arrival!


As soon as your pup comes home, you’ll want to start incorporating obedience training into your daily routine, and what better way to encourage a puppy to pay attention than treats?!

Pitbulls can be prone to food allergies, so have a word with the breeder and see if any allergies or intolerances run in the family before choosing which treats you’ll buy.

Grooming Brush

Keeping your pup groomed might not seem like a big priority as he’s not the hairiest of fellas, but did you know that grooming a Pitbull puppy is great for two reasons:

  • It’s a great way to bond with your pooch.
  • It encourages blood flow which helps to keep your dog healthy for the long haul.

But make sure that when you buy a grooming brush it’s soft bristled for his delicate puppy skin.

Nail Clippers

Even though when your puppy first comes home he won’t need his nails clipping, just getting him used to the action of picking his feet up and popping the clippers on his nails will make it a breeze when the time does come for clipping nails!

Gentle Puppy Shampoo

Ah puppies, you’ve gotta love em, but you don’t necessarily have to love the fact that they’re inclined to rolling around in the mud.

Keeping your pup clean doesn’t just save your home from getting splattered with muck and what not, but it also helps to defend them from any possible parasites hiding within the dirt.

Frequently washing your little trouble maker from the beginning is also a great way to get them accustomed to bath time!

But don’t forget – buy gentle puppy safe shampoo for their delicate eyes and skin!

Potty Pads

For the working dog owners, there’s an unfortunate problem that we just can’t get around, our puppy’s bladders just aren’t big enough to last for an entire workday.

But potty pads are a great solution, as not only do they allow easy clean up, but they also allow for indoor potty training so that you’re not met with a bunch of puddles upon arriving home from a tiring day at work!


Having a comfy zone for your pup is great for him, providing him with his very own little home, and it also gives you a great comfortable zone that you can pop him if you have guests over, or need to leave him alone for an hour.

Dog Bed

A comfy zone won’t be very comfy if it doesn’t have a nice cozy dog bed in it, and for short haired breeds like the Pitbull; they are prone to getting cold easily.

Pick up a puppy safe chew proof dog bed for your fluff buddy is an absolute must!

Poop Bags

Don’t be one of those dog owners that isn’t prepared to clean up after your pooch, always be ready by buying a few packs of dog poop bags and keeping them in your coat, your bag, your car; pretty much anywhere.

Collar and Leash

Buying a comfortable and well fitting collar is a must, most dog collars will come with sizing suggestions based on your breed of dog, but for an eight to ten week old puppy, you’ll likely need a 11” to 14” collar.

Leads come in a variety of types and are down to personal preference.

Perhaps you prefer the feel of a rope leash, or maybe string leads are more comfortable for you.

Always make sure that when you’re outside of the home or yard with your puppy that you have them on a collar and leash, this is great obedience training as they learn to always stick close to you!

Identification Tag

Every pet owners nightmare is losing their precious pooch, but to avoid a devastating loss, it’s important to be prepared for the worst, and if they do get out and go on an adventure – having an identification tag on their collar could have them back to you within hours!

Pet Safe Cleaning Products

It’s not just cleaning products (shampoo), that have to be pet safe – but you’re cleaning products for around the house should also be pet safe.

After all, your pup when he’s especially young will explore the world as all babies do – through his mouth!

Travel Crate/Dog Guard

Whenever you’re traveling with your pet in the car, you need to make sure that they are properly restrained – not only for their own safety should there be an accident, but to avoid your pup jumping on your lap and distracting you while you’re driving!


When your pup first comes home, it’s a stressful experience for him, and no matter how much love your entire family has for him – there’s still some stress involved with leaving his momma and siblings for the first time.

Keeping him entertained will do a world of good in keeping him happy, and to allow him to bond with you as his new family.


If you want to leave your pup home alone, but don’t want to leave him with run of a room full of things that he could get his razor sharp teeth into; a playpen is a great solution.

Providing him the freedom to move around and play, without having to leave him in a crate longer than necessary (you should never leave your dog in a crate for longer than two hours – even less for a puppy).

Vaccinations Booked In

There are so many horrible conditions your pup can pick up, from internal parasites to viral conditions, but by following a vaccination schedule, you can save your pup from a lot of these.

You should check with your local veterinarian for the rules on which vaccinations are required by law, if any, in your area.

And also inform them if you plan on traveling out of state, as this may mean a few more vaccinations are necessary.


While you’re at the vet, you’ll definitely want to get your pet microchipped.

I can’t tell you the amount of times that microchips have saved the day, and reunited lost pets with their owners.

Obedience Training Classes

Setting time aside for obedience training might seem low on the priority list, but trust me – having a cheeky eight week old puppy might be fine, but as soon as he gets a little older; you’ll wish that you had invested your time into going to obedience training school.

First Aid Kit

Puppies are mischievous little monkeys, always getting into some sort trouble – so rather than needing to spend money on going to the vet for every scratch and cut, why not pick up a pooch first aid kit, and take care of little accidents at home?!

Final Thoughts

Reading through this list, it may seem as though dogs are expensive and time consuming, sure in the very beginning there’s more stuff to buy, but it’s worth investing that money for the joy that dog ownership brings.

There’s a saying “to see the world through the eyes of a child” which means that to an innocent kid, everything is magical, and amazing.

Well, the same can be said for a dog, just you wait, the first time that your new Pitbull puppy sees snows or steps paw onto a sandy beach – you’ll see exactly what I mean!


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