Tips on Hair Care for Labradoodles


Your fluffy Labradoodle has the cutest wavy soft hair you probably have ever seen.

This beautiful coat is one of the things that makes this dog breed so attractive and in high demand.

The coat isn’t just cute, but it’s also considered to be hypoallergenic.

The Labradoodle is a mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.

The coat of the Poodle has an outer coat and innercoat.

The Labradoodle inherited this amazing coat and barely sheds hair on the furniture or around the house.

This is excellent for pet parents that have allergies but still want to own a dog.

A Labradoodle’s coat can be cared for throughout his lifetime by following a few simple procedures.

The following tips will help you maintain and manage your Labradoodles coat.

Brush on a Daily Basis

Your Labradoodle doesn’t shed much but the dead hair remains underneath the top coat.

This means you will need to brush your dog’s hair daily or weekly depending on your dog’s specific needs.

Removing the dead hair is essential to the health of your dog’s skin and coat.

Using a rake brush made specifically for dogs is an excellent tool that helps reach the undercoat and remove dead hair successfully.

Removing Tangles and Sticky Substances

The outer layer of your Labradoodles’ hair will grow long and sometimes get tangled.

This is usually due to playing outdoors, rolling around on his back playfully or just sleeping and sitting still.

Tangles occur whether your dog is active or not. It’s just the nature of long hair.

Combing through tangles carefully and gently when needed is recommended.

Daily brushing with a rake brush will help prevent tangles.

Labradoodles are playful dogs that are filled with energy.

They enjoy playing outdoors which puts them in direct contact with sticky substances such as tree sap.

Sticky substances get easily caught in the hair and quickly get worse by pulling in more hair to the sticky mess.

It’s essential for you to take quick action when it comes to removing stickiness from your dog’s coat.

Begin removal of the substance by gently combing through it with a stainless steel fine tooth comb.

If you notice the comb is tugging at your dog’s hair and irritating his skin you should stop immediately and go to plan B.

You can try plan B, which involves using coconut oil.

Gently rub the coconut oil onto the sticky area and attempt to comb through it carefully.

You need patience when it comes to removing the substance so make sure you take the time to take care of this issue.

If you are unable to fully remove the stickiness from your dog’s coat, you will need to carefully use the scissors to cut the sticky mess off the coat.

This usually ends with a patch of hair being uneven compared to the rest of the hair.

You can easily fix this issue by using a dog hair clipper to even up the area so that the hair is all the same length.

Shampoo and Condition

Shampoo and condition your dog’s coat at least once per week.

This helps remove dirt, grime, and debris.

It also helps keep your dog’s skin in good healthy condition.

Always use a shampoo that is specifically made for dogs.

There are plenty to choose from them when shopping online for dog shampoo.

There is dog shampoo available for every issue including skin ailments.

Choose the right one for your dog that will suit his specific needs.

If you aren’t sure which type to choose, consult with the veterinarian for further confirmation.

Conditioner helps keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

Some conditioners also prevent tangles from forming.

If you choose to condition your dog’s hair, make sure you wash it out completely so you don’t leave any residue on the skin.

Use a towel to dry off your dog then allow him to air dry naturally indoors.

Never allow your dog to air dry outdoors since wet hair will attract mud, dirt, debris, and grime quickly and easily.

Trimming the Hair

Some pet parents take their Labradoodles to the groomer on a regular basis to get their coat trimmed.

This is a nice luxury that most pet parents decide to leave behind due to the expense of frequent grooming.

You can lessen this expense by grooming your dog in between grooming sessions or choosing to do the grooming all on your own.

Once you make the decision to groom your dog at home, you should start immediately.

It’s essential that you begin at-home grooming sessions during the first week your puppy or dog enters your home.

This will help your dog understand getting his hair trimmed is part of his new lifestyle.

Grooming your dog involves investing in a high-quality grooming set for dogs.

These dog hair clippers sets usually include scissors, a stainless steel comb and a variety of size clippers to cut your dog’s hair.

This type of dog grooming set will allow you to provide your dog with salon quality results from home.

Prepare the at-home grooming area in a quiet room that allows you to shut the door.

Sometimes excited or nervous dogs can run around which makes it difficult to catch them and calm them down.

Instead, create a safe calm place in a room with classical music and speak to your dog in a soft voice to help keep him calm.

If your dog gets nervous at the sound of the hair clippers, you can invest in low-noise hair clippers for dogs which is beneficial during the session.

Begin grooming the largest area of your dog with the clipper size you desire.

Once you complete trimming the largest areas, change the clipper to a shorter length that is useful to use in smaller areas such as the belly, ears, mouth, face, and neck.

A steady hand and patience are needed during grooming sessions.

Always avoid grooming your dog when you are in a rush.

You should at least set aside one hour to complete the grooming session.

Creating a Design

Some pet parents become comfortable and confident grooming their dog.

Once you are comfortable you can have a bit of fun creating unique hair designs on your dog.

A popular choice is trimming the hair from the neck to the tail shorter than the length around the neck and face.

This creates the look similar to a lion.

You can design different styles as you go along.

The most important part of trimming your dog’s hair is to do it carefully and gently.

If you are in a rush or aggressive during the grooming session, your dog will sense it and feel it, making him less likely to stay still during the next session.

As a pet parent to a Labradoodle, you probably have already seen a variety of fun hairstyles you would like to try on your dog.

Some Labradoodles attend dog shows and are admired for their beautiful coat.

If you are interested in entering your dog in a show, inquire directly with the show of your choice.

Whether you choose to groom your dog at-home or for a dog show, you need to do it carefully and gently for the best results.


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