Tips on Hair Care for Shih Tzus


Shih Tzus have a soft fluffy coat that has been compared to human hair.

It grows long and quickly which demands regular grooming such as brushing once per day or more.

Regular haircuts and grooming sessions need to be scheduled every four to six weeks depending on the rate the hair grows.

Pet parents who own a Shih Tzu will often say the beautiful coat on their dog is one of the cutest visual aspects.

The hair growth around the head often resembles a lion which has earned the breed the nickname “little lion.” In addition, the name Shih Tzu translates to “little lion.”

As a pet parent, you realize you have a dog that needs lots of attention when it comes to hair care.

Some pet parents choose to bring their dog to a professional groomer about once per month but it doesn’t take care of the daily brushing sessions.

If you own a Shih Tzu, you need to brush their hair daily to avoid tangles and knots from forming.

Many pet parents who live on a strict budget often can’t afford the expensive trips to the groomers so they decide to groom their dog to save money.

This is an excellent option for owners who have a close trustworthy bond with their dog.

If you plan to groom your dog there are plenty of products available online such as shampoo, conditioner, specialized dog brushes, dog hair clippers, and more.

Here is the complete guide for Shih-Tzus.

The following tips will help you care for your Shih Tzus coat and save you lots of money.

Choose the Right Dog Brush

Your dog has a lot of hair that needs to be detangled on a daily basis.

If your dog has long hair you will spend plenty of time detangling when you use a comb.

A helpful tip is to use the comb on the isolated tangled areas then use a brush on the rest of the area.

This will save you time and effort.

Choosing the right dog brush is essential to maintaining your Shih Tzu’s long beautiful coat.

There are a variety of dog brushes available online that will make you feel like a professional groomer.

Bathe your Dog

If you are one of the lucky pet parents who have a dog that loves to take a bath, congratulations.

However, if your dog would rather hide under the sofa instead of taking a bath, you can have a long road ahead of you.

Bathing your dog at home so he can get used to the water from a young age will help him be more comfortable during bath time.

There are a variety of dog shampoos and conditioners on the market today.

Choose the one that best relates to your dog’s skin or addresses any skin issues to help make the experience safer.

Always use a shampoo that is safe for dogs.

Dogs that hate to take baths are often entertained with a few plastic dog toys to play with during their bath time.

You can also bathe your dog outdoors in the warm sunshine to help keep your dog more comfortable.

Brush after Bathing

If your dog has been playing outside all day and got his hair tangled, you need to take care of it immediately.

Allowing the hair to remain tangled will only make it worse.

It will become overly tangled leading to painful detangling sessions for your dog.

One of the best ways to get rid of tangles and knots in the hair is to bathe your dog first, then comb and brush afterward.

Use the comb or specialized dog tool that helps detangle hair first in isolated areas.

You will need to detangle each knot first, then brush afterward.

Tangles and knots that are difficult to untangle will need extra effort.

Placing a small amount of dog conditioner directly on the knot will help moisten the area further and help the comb glide through the hair.

Cleaning the Hair around the Eyes

The hair around the eyes and mouth can get grimy.

Dogs’ eyes naturally have tears that clean the eyes and keep them healthy.

The tears often push eye debris to the corners of the eye where it will continue to accumulate until it gets removed by a pet parent.

It’s similar to humans cleaning their eyes every morning.

Sometimes this eye gunk can cause the dog hair to clump together and become stuck until removed.

If this happens to your Shih Tzu, use a soft damp cotton cloth and hold it over the eye for a few seconds to moisten the area.

Then gently wipe the eye gunk away until it is completely removed.

Cleaning this area during or after bath time makes the process easier.

If dark stains appear on the hair you can use a specially formulated solution sold online to remove the stain.

Always be careful around the eye area, it is very sensitive and requires gentle cleaning on a regular basis.

Grooming and Style

Shih Tzus are one of the most popular breeds seen at dog shows.

They are well known for their beautiful coat that looks tangle-free.

If you choose to show your dog the hair care is going to be a big part of being prepared for the competition.

Keeping the hair in a good healthy condition as well as styled in a particular cut will be required.

Brushing is required daily but beware of over bathing your dog because it can strip his skin of essential oils that help keep the coat shiny and healthy.

Home Grooming

The pet industry has made it easy for dog owners to groom their pets at home.

A steady hand, high-quality tools and a trusting bond with your dog is all you need to care for your dog’s coat.

Consider the following helpful tips when grooming your dog at home.

Purchase high-quality dog hair clippers – It’s easy to find good quality dog hair clippers online.

You are looking for a clipper that is easy to handle, comes with a variety of clippers sizes, has a rechargeable battery and is durable.

You want a clipper that is going to last long-term and can handle frequent grooming sessions.

Find a quiet room with no distractions – Some dogs get nervous when they hear the hair clippers.

If you have a nervous dog you need to create a calm environment before you start the session.

Find a room in your house that you can shut the door, and put some classical music on and groom your dog in a serene environment.

It’s also helpful to buy dog hair clippers that have low noise.

There are plenty available on the market today.

Talk to your dog calmly during the grooming session – Your dog trusts you and wants to allow you to care for him.

However, you need to reassure your dog he is safe by calmly explaining he is safe and it’s just a haircut.

Grooming your dog at home saves money and helps you bond with your dog.

It allows you to regularly groom your Shih Tzu and create hairstyles that coordinate with the weather.

Start grooming today and make a difference in your dog’s life.


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